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Computer Won't See MZ-N505?

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I have a Sony MZ-N505 MiniDisc player, with a Mini-USB connection port on the side, and my computer simply will not see it, as in it simply doesn't show up on the system. I have SonicStage installed, I have the drivers ready to go, but I can't for the life of me get my computer even recognize that I've connected it to the USB port. For reference, I'm using a Dell laptop with 8 gigs of RAM, an AMD A6 chip, and integrated graphics. I've tried to connect to all three USB ports, included the USB 3.0 port, but I've had no luck. Any suggestions?

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Forgive me but I always smell a rat when someone uses the word "just" or "simply". There's nothing simple about it. Usually.

1. Your installation will have likely defaulted to installing the 32 bit drivers

2. You didn't tell us but likely you are running 64-bit Windows.

3. You say you have drivers ready but you don't tell us which ones. You likely need a separate driver from the downloads section either 32 or 64 bit.

4. You need to have a battery in the N505. Generally NetMD machines cannot use the power of the USB though there are some exceptions. This is not one.

5. It may help to have a disk in the unit

Finally you probably have to go to device manager and upgrade the drivers which may well be installed already as either "unknown" or not working (yellow exclamation).

Also you don't mention whether this is "real" Windows, eg on Mac or Wine or VMWare. All sorts of other things can interfere with communicating with the minidisk, too.

So it's not that simple.

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I can answer your questions one by one, if you'd like:

1. I don't know if my installation has defaulted to 32-bit, you're right, I am running a 64-bit machine. I was typing this up late last night, and neglected to mention that, sorry.

2. I have the drivers from this link. Like I said, I'm using an MZ-N505, and those drivers are supposed to be compatible with that specific model.

3. I have a fresh AA installed, mostly because I use my MD player on the daily.

4. I have only connected with a disk in the unit, with the intention of writing to that disk immediately after connecting to my PC.

This post is actually about this last part: it doesn't show up, period. Not as an unknown device, nothing with a yellow exclamation point. Just doesn't show up. This might be an issue with my version of Windows being 64-bit? I'm not sure, I only recently was actually able to get a version of SonicStage working at all, so I'm not terribly experienced.

Finally, yes, I am using a "real" version of Windows. It's the only OS on my hard disk, Windows 10. I've seen several people around the web claim that Windows 10 can and will connect to NetMD players, but so far I've absolutely no luck.


Thanks for responding!

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After the Stephen's checking procedure, delete your driver then restart Windows 10 using the disable driver certification procedure. We have spoken of that many times on this forum. Re install the same driver for Windows 8 / 10 during the session, resart Windows normally. 

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You might have to enable the display of non-present devices and non-installed drivers, too. This requires two entries in the SYSTEM Environment, and will show you a whole bunch of greyed-out (not connected) device drivers. If none of them is NetMD, I bet you quickly figure out which of them is preventing the N505 from being installed.

If that's waaay too condensed, no worries, we can guide you through.



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I'm becoming so frustrated. I've gone through the forum, read a bunch of different posts on disabling driver certification in Windows 10, what to look for, what to do, and I cannot for the life of me get this to work.

Yes, could you please guide me through this? I just want to get my MD playing the music I have on my PC without having to wait an hour and a half for the audio to record through the jack.

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(on boot), assuming you have a normal keyboard.

Or there's some mechanism to do with restart, something like coming back in maintenance mode. Sorry, I don't know much about W10.

And please don't use the word "just".

FWIW, this is a lot of work to enable what has been described by one of our experts (who at one point owned over 150 different players) as almost the worst sound he had ever encountered. Maybe you should consider a new device, they are really quite inexpensive if you look online for second hand stuff.

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At least one person thinks this works:


He said:

"SonicStage 4.3 US Windows 10 Unsigned
found this on the web, it works fine for me with win 10
it comes with install instruction and drivers"

Please be aware I have not vetted this in any way—it's just an opinion. YMMV. If your MD device isn't showing up, the fault may or may not be with SS. I mention this because even a Mac will at least recognize an MD device, including one like your N505. It won't do anything with it, but it's on the bus. Don't give up. keep poking around and success will come.

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