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Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

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I have ignored your advice before and I will have to continue ignoring it as I don't have another HiMD unit to replace the RH1 in field deployment scenarios. Try not to take it personally.

I am not sure I understand why I need a new remote, perhaps you can enlighten me in this regard. To the best of my knowledge, there is no way to change the remote language of the RH1. If there is, the instructions above do not address the RH1 model.

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Oh, sorry if I was being harsh!

I must say the device is performing admirably in aggressive field deployment scenarios, for both recording and playback.

I haven't run with it, but I do walk with it, with the player bobbing up and down in my pocket - not even a single skipped beat.

Its survived a couple of falls already (maybe even three or more), to the point where the battery compartment would open and the battery fall out.

We even recorded a DJ set in the middle of a field in Ankara, powering the device by a pickup truck/inverter combo:

All smooth as silk!

Enjoy the sets,

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