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Minidisc backlights on units

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Dear All,

Hi I am new to all This, however I have loved minidiscs since 1998. My portable units have all broken at the moment. I always remembered them with backlights, but all the reviews say otherwise. I had a Sony R55 and I think the R900 and a basic sharp one too.

I have looked everywhere to find a portable unit with a backlit screen. Does anyone have any ideas, Sony or Sharp would be preferable. 

Many many thanks,


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Hello All, many thanks for your replies. What I meant was I first got a Md unit in 1998 so that' when I got hooked. Are the one with the kindle type display good in the dark? I was looking at the S1 but it only seems to be avaliable in the US to get nowadays. Dunno maybe I'm wrong there. 

Is there anyway I can defrenciate the ones with he kindle backlight from normal ones without anything on the unit. My song MZ R55 had a light on the remote but no kindle technology on unit. 

Once again, thank you for all your replies.


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