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Does anyone have a genuine iso rip of japanese sonicstage?

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So I know this is an odd request but I bought a bunch of minidiscs from japan and I was going to label all of them with their tracknames as the previous owner didnt name anything.  I have a ux-Q1 in my room that I could use to name every track without being able to copy and paste things but in not knowing kanji and also knowing the long and strenuous process I think since its around 10 discs Id much rather use sonicstage.  Unfourtonately I need to get japanese sonicstage in order to do this but unfourtonately this is going to be hard as the discs cost 9$+ on zenmarket (including the crazy expensive shipping) and the installers I can download using web.archive.org require a server with the files which unfourtonately are not available as of 2013.  I dont really mind having a copy of sonicstage which I can read as I already have an english copy on one computer.  I dont really mind which version of sonicstage it is but if someone has a ripped iso of japanese sonicstage or an offline installer they can provide thatd be awesome.  Im aware of the fact I gotta modify the ini file but the only thing on my mind about this currently is finding a copy online.  Again any help would be awesome,


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There's a download of the Japanese successor to SS, which Avrin managed to get some updated modules from when he assembled the version we have here (don't ask me, that's completely beyond what I know how to do). I did download it (you can search for X-App) a long time ago, but as I don't read Japanese it didn't make a lot of sense and I have no idea what I did with the pieces.

I didn't realise you are Japanese, sorry. You might have more luck in a forum over there.

good luck!

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Forgive my curiosity, but how do you know what to write there? Will the cut-and-paste mechanism even work with a US English version of Windows? This sounds like a most interesting challenge...... For me an impossible one since I cannot read Japanese at all.

There are definitely people around here who may be able to help you. I need also to recall their names and send you a PM.

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I know this is an old topic, but in case anyone is still reading it, there are a number of solutions:

  • Download X-App and run it in a Japanese version of Windows (this is what I use)
  • Run X-App in English Windows but through a locale emulator
  • If you have a working version of English Sonic Stage, you can also run it through a locale emulator

If anyone wants any info on these options, just let me know. Regarding the UX-Q1, this won't title in Kanji, just katakana or roman alphabet.

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