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Aiwa ADN-1 service manual

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Network - USB produces a digital stream that some standard software on your PC understands? That would be AMAZING. Or is it for recording FROM USB?

I assume for it to make NetMD disks you have to talk to it with Sonic Stage. Are there any instructions about that in the manual (I can't find one myself except in Japanese)?

So - put it to Network NetMD setting, and plug in.

Now you have to go through all the usual pain of installing the 64-bit driver with SS4.3. We have a zillion posts about this, but if you are stuck we can try to help.

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OK. I've looked at your problem in a tiny little bit more detail, and it is behaving as I would expect it to if there were multiple drivers being installable for the unit in question. It looks like it is a Sony LAM-10 device at least electronically.

First step: get rid of all the NetMD .inf files in your windows\inf directory (hint: they will be called oem<nn>.inf , where <nn> is a 2 or 3 digit number and the text Sony NetMD will be in the first line of the text file). They are *copies* of .inf files you have installed from in the past, and have no value ie no need to save them.

Second step: turn on hidden devices (requires two settings in "System" environment: devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices; and devmgr_show_details - both set to 1) and delete (uninstall) anything which says NetMD using Device Manager. (and see below). REBOOT with nothing plugged in to USB.

Third step: plug in your LAM-10 and see if you get a yellow triangle in Devmgr for missing device. Update as necessary. When you have pointed the installer at the NETMD760 files it should install.

I am assuming you have Win64. Otherwise (Win32) start from the top using NETMD052, also in our downloads section. You should have ONLY one NetMD driver in the whole machine. If there are traces of NetMD in HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\USB that look like they're not belonging to your (working eg MZ-RH1) devices, try to figure out how to get rid of them too. Deleting (uninstalling) these from Device Manager should have done this, unless one of them is still physically plugged in.

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You DEFINITELY need to get rid of traces of NetMD for that PCLK install..... and there may well be some oemnn.inf with that PCLK lingering.

Check to see if there's a "bad" device for the PCLK (yellow triangle, and driver file= NETMD760.SYS, I think) and UNINSTALL it please. Then reboot immediately to make sure the uninstall takes, even with the PCLK plugged in.

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