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Another resurrection, MDS-JB920

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Bought yet another deck to resurect for not a lot, bit easier than the last 920, but faults, 2 of them were similar to the last one, 1. rec level pot loose, different set up to 930 model as on these its a double pot and unlike 930 its the old world slack nut on a plate syndrome, after disasembly easy enough fix, and switch cleaner to finish the job, 2. owh, the metallic part was under the plastic part that its supposed to rest on, disasembled the drive, 3 screws, and careful repositioning of metallic part to the right position, put it all back together and tested, play and record, all good, so a winner. another saved from the parts bin.

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  • Richard changed the title to Another resurrection, MDS-JB920

All in all now ive repaired a few, it always seems to go back to same faults, mostly caused by lack of use for years with odd exeptions, on the mdm7's its the usual belt issues, decks stuck in standby with a disc stuck inside and ribbon cable issues, rarely the laser if ever. on the 5 series drives ive really only encountered problems one way or another with the owh, there is also a problem that crops up with a ratchet mech but i havent had trouble that way yet, so md decks are quite durable as a rule, a common thing on marantz cd 63's is the 5v regulator, in otherwords dead, havent come across anything like that on md decks as yet.

onto the next one whatever that will be ???

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