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Looking for Sony magnetic heads

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5 hours ago, Ciurpeq said:

 Hi all! I have several Sony ES decks with same problem: missing or bended magnetic head.

Anyone know where can I find these for sale? They can be used or new. I need these for ja3es, ja30es, ja555es.

Thank you!


I am afraid, you won't find NOS parts these days. The best way is buying used decks from lower classes (you can find them between $5...50, depending on your patience and luck), and salvage the OWH from them. The 30ES and the 555ES should not be too hard, any cheap decks with MDM-5 or MDM-7 drives, respectively, would make it. The 3ES might be a problem though, that's an early model, and those lower-end decks that have similar drive inside are not popping up for sale anymore, for long time now. This does not mean, you cannot find one, just not that easy, like a 330 or similar. If you ask me, I would not bother much with the 3ES, for that old ATRAC "predated the Boer War", unless your goal is to restore the deck to its working order and preserve it like that.

Edit: BTW, if the OWH is "just" bent, it can be brought back to life in most cases. Delicate job, but doable. Even broken ones can be saved if all parts are there, if one has really steady hands and good eyes (or glasses :-) ).

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OWH is a critical component (=many users break it accidentally, not knowing how delicate and fragile it is), that means it is frequently found missing or being busted in machines sold/bought on the internet. I believe it is very rare that someone keeps them "on stock", unless having multiple decks and prepared for the future. Those people who repair decks for a living, will not probably sell either, for the scarce supply of those important spare parts for their work.

Nevertheless, if you don't get other offers that you like, drop me a PM with your e-mail and I explain which way I can try to help you from my end. Please note though, that postal services are suspended to and from certain countries these days, for the pandemic.

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2 hours ago, kris01 said:

Once again the misnomer "over-light" crops up.

Prompts me to tell a story relating to the most successful (non-hiTech) entrepreneur of our times in British Columbia, a certain Jimmy Pattison, he of Scots background and certainly that Scottish austere, disciplined take-no-prisoner approach to business (25 car dealerships at last count).

He also founded a grocery chain known as Save On Foods. However out on Vancouver Island, the stores are still known as OverWaitea (dropped the name when he expanded to the mainland, I guess). Why? Because when he first started in business running a grocery, when someone came in to buy a quarter pound of TEA, he always made sure that they got more than they paid for. Hence "over-weight-tea" became Overwaitea.

And you all thought the name had something to do with being fat (most people here instinctively assume that)! I wish some more business leaders and politicians were good at that sort of customer relations instead of getting fat at our expense.

Sorry for the digression.

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