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Afternoon all, the spares or repair 480 has arrived, stuck on standby and has a disc inside, oh goodie, a freebee, for the non edcucated in this procedure, the disc is very easy to remove on the mdm 7 varient drives and the deck wont switch on because it dosent know what to do, so to remove it you will see two white bits on the back of the drive, give the larger one a wee push, from the back towards front, its the one that puts the disc from play position to align it to eject position,only quarter to half an inch dont force it, when it stops,it stops, then push the narrow one just to the right the one with the teeth, until the disc comes all the way out, thats your feebee, of course the cause of this fault is very common,the belt is shot, there are a couple of ways discribed on this site on how to replace that, safe to say that if you do it from the top when it comes to the plastic latch that holds the top part in place, if you go too far and it breaks your totally screwed, so most people tend to go through the front. anyway here's a pic with disc in place, i'm off for my covid jab now, so hopefully later will go into testing it a bit with the 21'st century jig so kindly gifted by guyla.


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in the meantime heres another pic of an area that can cause issues on the 480/470 models that i know of, behind the black earth wire there is 2 larger solder connections, they are for the ams, lack of ams function means that these can be dry/cracked and reflowing will be needed, the ams switch will need some cleaner also, there are sometimes hairline cracked tracks in this area, wire links will be the way to go if thats the case, ive had it on a 470 in the past, the only check ive done so far is just to check the hours play and record, which is 43hrs rec and 455 hrs play, so far not too bad as this ones ams functions correctly though a little stiff so some switch cleaner is all  that is needed.


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jig has now been employed on the 480, set up and operation has been well documented on this site previously, so no need to go onto that this time,unlike the 5 drives i find that its easier to lift drive out to an angle to get the ribbon into its slot and re install drve back with its mounting screws as ribbon is no problen to remove afterwoods, this chap reads on play 0.93mw $11 19.0 and record setting 7.25mw $8f 52.9 sticker says 52.4, iop read is 53.6 / 52.4, not a bad buy it seems !


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On 3/29/2021 at 1:16 AM, M1JWR said:

and compaired to the other 480 i have, s/n 6682482 0.93mw$11 17.9, 7mw - 50.4(no sticker), rec time 25 mins, play time 239hrs, i'll ratch it out and get the iop read tomorrow.

just checked this one on iop read, its 50.1/49.1, so appears decent too.

who would like to risk it for a biscuit on this one on the bay just now, it has c13.  https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sony-Minidisc-Player-Recorder-MDS-JE480/114752586294?hash=item1ab7c98236:g:z70AAOSwM-VgaZTK

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