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Victor MD | ar (エア)- 2004 Series


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Victor MD | ar - 2004 Series


Victor's “ar” 2004 Series came in seven color schemes: Sky Blue, Pink, Green, Dark Blue, Purple, Violet and Orange. The colours were split across the 74 and 80 minute disc types. Both 74 and 80 minute variants came in 10 and 5 packs. The 74 minute variant is shown here (80 minute variant to follow soon). 


These discs also featured Victor's fully enclosed, hinged cases to protect the discs against dust. 


 DSC01567a.JPG DSC01569a.JPG


DSC01556a.JPG DSC01552a.JPG






DSC01563a.JPG DSC01564a.JPG




80 Minute Version - 10 Pack


DSC02642a.JPG DSC02645a.JPG



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2 hours ago, BearBoy said:

Love these 🙂

I bought a lot of JVC MiniDiscs (same company as Victor, I believe?) back in the day as they came with the mini jewel cases. I managed to source some more in a variety of colours a month or so back, although nothing as exotic as yours.


Indeed JVC (Japan Victor Company) is one and the same. Just that they used the Victor brand domestically and JVC outside of Japan. These ones are definitely some of the most colourful discs in my collection. 

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