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Daiso MD | Natural Series (2021 Revisited)


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Daiso MD | Natural Series (2021 Revisited)


Daiso's Natural Series is available in five color schemes: Blue, Green, Pink, White and Purple; and in both 74min and 80min variant. Made by Saehan of Korea, they are very similar to Saehan's own Natural Wave series. Only the text on the disc itself is different and the wrappers have been adapted for Daiso. 


The 74 minute discs were only available with individual cases and wrapped as single discs. The 80 minute discs were only sold in retail hangers without cases. There was also a slim case 5 pack version. 




DSC01849a.JPG DSC01851a.JPG


DSC01852a.JPG DSC01853a.JPG


DSC01854a.JPG DSC01856a.JPG


DSC01857a.JPG DSC01858a.JPG


DSC01859a.JPG DSC01861a.JPG


80 Minute Retail Hanger Version


DSC01862a.JPG DSC01863a.JPG


DSC02586a.JPG DSC02585a.JPG


DSC02587a.JPG DSC02588a.JPG





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13 hours ago, BearBoy said:

Nice clean, simple design. I like those.


Don't recall blank MiniDiscs without cases being a thing in the UK. Long time ago though so I might be completely wrong.


I don't think so either. It was more of a budget range type thing in Japan in shops like Daiso and supermarkets. There were not that many designs without cases. Interestingly Daiso also sold the cases separately as well in case you needed replacement ones. Not to mention various kinds of storage boxes. 






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