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DHC-595MD or CMT-PX3 (same thing)

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Anyone in the UK who would be interested in one of these, let me know immediately. It forms part of my father's estate and is in very good condition. I personally have one of these and it's a terrific combo unit. At this point I need to check if it's got speakers but I think it does. I will also make sure the CD and MD both play (and I'm pretty sure the MD will record). I'll check everything else about it whilst here (for the funeral) such as the remote. I'm guessing it might need a clock battery.


It's way too much hassle to send abroad. Best of all would be someone willing to pick it up from my sister's in Surrey.


I'm thinking 80 quid.


Stephen (temporarily in England)

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I bet y'all forgot about this

My original plan was to get the MDM7 fixed myself (the usual belt problem but I verified that it plays and records MDs just fine), but it looks like I won't make it to Sunny Surrey until at least September.


It's way too heavy and too much of a nuisance to be posted, but if you UK-resident MD gurus want it, it could be picked up. I saw it and it's in better condition than the unit I have here at home (which is incidentally a JPN version). The CD was very slow to play but it was stored somewhere quite cold and I bet just taking inside would make quite a difference. It even has the tape deck that goes with it, TX-MD595, complete with the interface box.


Currently we don't know where the remote is. But it's pretty clean, and apart from the belt and/or possible CD issues (I was able to play a CD after it warmed up), is in excellent shape.20211006_183317.jpg20211006_182956.jpg20211006_184320.jpg20211006_183925.jpg20211006_183307.jpg20211006_183233.jpg20211006_183009.jpg


(*Note: there's also an MDS-S707 which I didn't think was of any particular interest. But the speakers and tape deck go with the main unit, they should stick together, I think).

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Well, I've now taken delivery of my Dad's PX3/DHC595 and fixed the (infamous) loading belt for the MD drive.


There's a completely unexpected (and new to me) fault, however.


When I try to put a CD in, it goes through the motions, and then ejects the CD.


Interestingly, if I press --> (play) for the CD when the drive is open, even if there is NO CD at all, the unit closes the door and then ejects.


Whoa! My existing PX3 is doing the same. With a commercial (ie not CD-R) disk in each case. What the heck is going on? Did Cinderella's coach turn into a pumpkin on a certain date? I know I had the existing one working (there was a CD in it), and I recall that inserting that exact same CD (one of my dad's) in the DHC595 when I was over at my sister's 18 months ago.



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Very interesting! but sooo stupeeed.......


There's an explanation for why they both failed around the same time. Aging rubber band again for the drawer open/close.


All fixed.

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nyah, nyah


spent a day and half messing with what I thought was a dead CMT-HPZ9 (aka HPX7) in the hope it would enlighten me. But was a boondoggle as we say:


1. The HPZ9 is still not working (though sort of better!?) after replacement of 3 drive belts (the k7 section definitely works now - took me 5 minutes to get rid of the puddle of carbon from one belt piece from the kitchen floor, sigh.
2. The CD head section (that goes up and down in the stocker) is different (though I do have a spare new one that works in PX3, D5C and PX7)

3. Exactly the same fault as before. I note that about half the ones for sale are 'repair only or parts" reporting the same fault.
4. I can only work on it at midnight (since we are close to longest day) because in the daytime I really cannot see th display which I suppose is OLED - but I don't know much and haven't checked.


The PX7 is not making funny grinding noises since I replaced all known belts on the 3CD in the satellite unit. The console on the main unit doesn't open, so I suspect there's a belt there that needs attacking next. However still not much action on the MD stocker. Time to get serious about the master methinks. This unit is the B*hkm*t of MD repair.


Thanks for asking, though

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