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M-Crew / PC Link Video

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(I heard that) One thing I noticed was he was using XP. Has anyone tried x86 (32-bit) Windows 10? The only versions I have had running are hosted (VirtualPC) XP. I did the 32-bit experiment a while back with mixed results (the machine was so slow that I really don't know if the problems were because of that. IIRC it does work, but I absolutely won't swear to it.


I don't have a dedicated Windows-32 to try it on.


The functionality chart shown in the Video confirms what I have always thought - the MDS-PC3 is rather a special little device. Mind you I am looking forward to getting my hands on the PX7.


Maybe you (Kevin) should try the approach he uses at the start of the movie, playing around with WAV files he's loaded into M-Crew's library.

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