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Victor MD | Victor XM-ZX3-P (Pink)

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Victor MD | Victor XM-ZX3-P (Pink)


This Victor portable from November 2002 was available in Blue, Orange and Pink. The lights on the front illuminate to display the charging status in phases, and also indicate if the unit is playing in group mode. They also spin around and light up when the unit is paused or when it is switched on. 






DSC02840a.JPG DSC02841a.JPG


DSC02850a.JPG DSC02859a.JPG




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22 minutes ago, BearBoy said:

The flashing lights sound like quite a cool feature. Don't suppose they do much for the battery life though 🤔. My new MZ-E720 only has a single light but you can disable this to prolong the battery life.


When a disc is playing regularly, the red light just blinks in a constant, steady flash. I don't think they have a huge impact on battery life - there is a battery save feature, but in my experience most of these Victor player only units have crazy long battery life anyway. Much longer than any of my Sony's. It usually takes me a good few weeks before I need to charge a battery on these. Admittedly I don't listen to them every day... 

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Interesting. Do they use the same gumstick type batteries as the Sony players?


I don't really remember seeing any JVC/Victor players in the UK back in the day, and they don't seem to come up very often on eBay UK either. Were they Japan only? Was a long time ago though so I might be misremembering.

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