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980 fault cured

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Havent used the 980 for a while, no sound out of left analogue outputs, we all know whats wrong there,

cracked joints, i used qed cables on it, they are a tight fit i know, been on and off a couple of times over

the last 12-15 years, so its board out and reflow, cured of that now, the interesting little fact on this is

that the main board clearly says mds je780 on the underside, ahh well, sony cost cutting !!

so the 980 is basically a 780 with 940 chassis, front panel etc

its a cross breed, we were conned !!!!

update on 940, all spotty dog, i'll keep this one

qed cables retired to the bin.

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It’s the same PCB in the 780 and the 980. There will be unpopulated components on the 780 (probably). This is just like the 440 which has a 640 PCB so we can just populate the digital out components (like wot I did wiv mine).


I guess they both have the NetMD/USB daughter card.


780 has the crap ‘e-line’ plastic case. 

940 is different.

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