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Yamaha MD8 error codes

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I have two Yamaha MD8 multitrackers, one works fine, the other has recently displayed  "Error 08" and the disc tray can't be opened.  Not a single key on the machine will do anything, nor does unplugging the power lead and then reconnecting. The user manual says Error XX means a "fatal error occurred, contact your Yamaha dealer". Is there anything I can try myself?

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Hello @TOC Reading. I wondered if the Service Manual might shed some light on what the various Error codes relate to but unfortunately it too just states that Error XX is a fatal error and to contact your Yamaha dealer.


If it's any use, you can find a copy of the Service Manual here: https://www.minidisc.wiki/_media/equipment/yamaha/pro/yamaha_md8_recorder_service_manual.pdf


I did find this list of error codes on another forum but unfortunately the links to various Yamaha support pages it included now appear to be dead:


Error Code Description
Disc Error 01 Recording Re-try Failure
Disc Error 02 Recording Data Overflow
Disc Error 03 PLAY Data Lack (to indicate data overflow during Recording)
Disc Error 10 Address Inconsistency during Recording
Disc Error 80 or 08 The magnetic head didn't drop into position.
Error 01 Sled (or laser unit) didn't move to the inside position.
Error 02 Sled didn't move to the outside position.
Error 04 The magnetic head didn't raise off of the disk.
Error 05 Spindle Error
Error 06 Focus Error
Error 07 Tracking Error
Error 08 The magnetic head does not search

An error code on an MD Recorder is not necessarily an indication of a problem with the unit. The error may also be the result of inconsistencies in the MD media itself. Before contacting Yamaha for repair, a different mini disc should be tried. However, if the error occurs repeatedly on multiple mini discs then the unit most likely will require servicing. Arrangements for servicing can be made by contacting yamaha Customer Support at (714) 522-9000.


Link: LINK


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Also found this:



The error 08 generally means that the disk is physically "stuck". This can be caused by the door not being closed completely. So please turn off the MD8 and turn it back on, making sure the drive door is shut ALL the way. Press with a little force if necessary, at least long enough for the machine to recognize that the disk is in so it can eject it. This can happen sometimes when the door is not completely closed, in which case, it's not really a problem - just something the MD8 does occasionally. If you get an 07 error after that, just do the same.




Didn't fix the person's issue in that instance but might be worth a try?

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(chiming in with the alacrity of the profoundly ignorant, as I have never even seen one of these)

Either there's no signal from the head, so the servo system doesn't have the inputs to process feedback, OR the cog on the lateral sled that moves the head is stuck (calcified grease?) or, worse, broken.


If it was recently writing, you are in a pickle because it looks to me (again, ignorant) that the design resembles the portables rather than the decks (of Sony), and there is probably a locking mechanism (on the whole drive) for when the write head is engaged ("dropped" in the words of the manual quoted).


If so, it's very tricky as you will end up taking it to bits before that will release - unless you can find the right bit of metal to push so that the lock comes off. This is how portable units get permanently damaged, by trying to jimmy the locking mechanism. I know, I've done it.


I think you need to see what position the head(s) is(are) in both laterally and vertically. It it possible to show us a picture by unscrewing the protective cover on the drive? Also you may be able to see the problem yourself if you open up BOTH your units in the same way and see what's stuck (i.e. not moving!) on the busted one.


You also need to understand the pictures on page 65 of that PDF (it's numbered "5" so this PDF is several documents in one file). In particular it would be nice if there was a problem with the arm/rod/switch at 160/170.


You might consider something like this (and there are other listings there):




For parts, and the fault, that it has, may well be different from the fault that yours has. In any event the spares will be useful, especially if you have two of these and want to keep them going indefinitely.


Or you could buy the whole MD mechanism (but of course a complete replacement unit may be just as cost-effective). KML 252 AAA.




Sorry this is probably useless waffling by me. Good luck!

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