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SonicStage and Zune

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Sorry, but "probably" is not a good answer, anywhere. That is a joke. :excl:

It wasn't supposed to be an answer. I will provide you with one though. Sonic Stage is intended for use with Sony products, so it will not work with the Zune. I would imagine that you would have to use the appropriate software :)

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Guest Stuge

Hello, Does anyone if I can send MP3s from SonicStage to Microsoft Zune. I don't want to install the Zune Software.

I couldn't stop laughing after reading this .hehhehe :lol:

Please use Zune software instead .

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While we're at it (all these questions are based on true stories, really!)

Can I play my VHS on a DVD player?

Can I play my DVDs on a CD player?

Can I play my NES games on an ATARI?

Can I play my Playstation games on an Xbox?

Can I play blu-ray/HD-DVD on my DVD player?

Can I play MP3s on my (legacy)MD player?

Can I play my MDs on the PSP?

Of course, the famous "Can I run windows on a Mac?" is now true. :)

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ohhh c'mon guys...

Didn't even one of you know the rule ''stupid questions don't exist''?

The guy just doesn't know anything about electronics. I know plenty of people that don't.

I'll sketch a random situation:

the guy had a walkman (Tape) for years and wanted something better. The guy was never much involved in electronics and as a result doesn't know anything about it. Let alone computers and software. He bought a zune and came up with this question somehow.

is it then such a foolish question to ask?

I mean, he could have searched the forum or internet first. But he's just asking a question.

He came to this forum for his question thinking we (a sony forum) should be able to help him and then we just start laughing at him?

I know we all like a good laughter from time to time but just act serieus to new members so that they'll pass on a good word about atraclife and don't give the the feeling that they are complete idiots just because they don't know the Zune can't cooperate with Sonicstage.


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The best I've ever heard is someone asking a garage attendent 'how much '710' do I put in my car'? The puzzled attendent asked her to show him what she meant. On looking under the bonnet he realised that the 'OIL' filler cap was upside down..........................................Welcome to ATRACLIFE zoomhummer.

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