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Sonicstage 4.3 Japanese for use with W52S

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Darth Starscream


I recently purchased a new Sony Ericsson W52S cell phone. It came with Japanese Sonicstage 4.3 software to install music. When I try to install i get an error message that reads "cannot install with this windows language (20993)." I'm using English windows XP. I installed the english version of the software, but it won't recognize my phone when I connect it to my pc via USB. Please help.

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I dont think you shd bother using sonicstage. drag and drop should work.

create a folder named MUSIC , (all caps), drag and drop your music files. similar to psp approach.

I am using sonyEricsson so903i in japan from docomo, the above procedure works fine. In my phone cd too there is sonicstage, I struggled the same way. But found that drag and drop works. I am 99% sure it will work for you. none of my SonyEricsson phones depend on sonicstage

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I just brought the w52s home to upgrade my w42s.

For the phone to be read as a drive/external device, you have to install the file for USB cable from here. This will allow the phone to be detected as an external device.

If you want to store music on the built-in memory, you need to download the AU Music Port/Lismo. In that software is the driver software that will allow you to use the phone for music storage.

The internal memory can only store Lismo music files...not Sonicstage files.

You can put a 2gb micro-card in the phone but Sonicstage music files will only work with the Sony M2 card.

Fanboy...are you transferring atrac files to your 903 on an English version of Vista?

Now, I'll find out if the 52 has improved over the 42 by allowing atrac3+ files to be used instead of the ol' atrac netmd files that max out at 132kbps.

(edit) hot dang...the w52s plays atrac352 and all other atrac 3+ bitrates. Too bad the Sony card is only available in 1gb size but that will change soon enough. Darth, make sure your version of au music port is 3.1; 3.2 is for Vista. I'm walkin' on sunshine with this 352 bitrate...

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I was able to install it by doing the following: (you'll need an unpacking program like winrar or somthing that can extract .exe files)

1. Instead of autorun, right-click on the install cd and click explore

2. Find the folder with the sonicstage install.exe and then extract it to your hardrive, ie your desktop.

3. Find the .ini file and right-click and select "open with" notepad.

4. Should look like this:


; LISMO Port 1.0 launcher script

; Copyright 2007 Sony Corporation

; Version



fontname =FONT_NAME

applicationname =APPLICATION_NAME

applicationver =1.0

supportos =0xc0

language =Japanese

supportoslang =Japanese <----------------------------------------------Replace "Japanese" with "English"

mainsection =SdWelcome

instlpver =1.0

mtdbver =3.1

uninstlp =0

supportwxpsp =2

needsysdiskspace =200

needram =192

needramvista =448

Where it says "supportoslang = Japanese" replace Japanese with English and save.

5. Now where all of the rest of your extracted files are find the .exe(the one that was extracted not the original from the install cd) Chances are you won't be able to read anything so click "a" for accept when the gibberish liscense agreement pops up and "n" for next and it should install.

The program still works just fine just doesn't always display unicode characters properly.

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