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I just Googled this site, "atraclife". It doesn't appear anymore. It used to be the first site. Ten pages in and it still doesn't appear. It did last night, but not today. Only other sites are listed referring to this one. Comments please??? Also look here.

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Hey markey, I can't believe it! What's going on? Is Atraclife dead or something? I know the 'news' section should be updated to read

'old news' since the last time we got 'news', Queen Victoria was still on the throne!

I hadn't noticed Atraclife disappearing from the search because I have it bookmarked, but still. . .

Do you think it's about to disappear for good??

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Hi juli, I guess it's just getting less hits each day. It's ranking has gone down quite a bit. As for the future of this site, your guess is as good as mine. :)

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has any one checked out the Sony Insider site? It seems like ATRAC is dead. R.I.P!!

Yes, the new site looks good from what I can see :) Is there a forum???

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It seems like ATRAC is dead. R.I.P!!

Hey dude, just because ATRAC is "dead technology" doesn't mean it is inferior technology. In fact I still use most of my ATRAC/SonicStage-supported MD/CD/HDD gear as of this moment, and will continue to as long as I own it. I have tons of backup units so I don't think I will be joining the ever-growing and naive flock of iSheep anytime soon, this means Cindy Margolis also!!!

Cindy admitted to having a playlist on her iPod, called "Getting My Groove On", exclusively for sex sessions, I kid you not! She admitted it on Playboy.com in the "Dirty Dozen" segment (kinda like 20 Questions only with 12 instead). Look it up yourselves, as I don't know if it would be against the rules to put up the link to it (don't worry, it has no nude shots on it so I think it would be OK to post it).

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