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Firmware MZ-N10

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Guest Anonymous

Hi all,

My N10 (Japanese import) has firmware version 1.300

Can it be upgraded in the (near) future, or is it 'as is'

Does anybode know the difference between the versions ???

Cheers,  Aad

it's not upgradeable.

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Getting into the Service Mode of an N10 is not the same as for the 707. The correct sequense is:

1 Put the main unit on hold.

2 Keep the 'group'-button pressed while using the joystick do nr.3

3 >> , >> , << , << , >> , << , >> , << , || , || (right,right,left,left,right,left,right,left,pause,pause)

Now you are in service mode.

To 'hold' the display from toggling around, press the pause button.

Leave Service Mode by switching off the unit completely (switch on back side)

Cheers, Aad

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what are the differences between the firmwares?

You are correct. The firmware version is not user-upgradeable and Sony will not release the upgrade firmware and software to the general public.

The firmware is, however, upgradeable on most NetMD units. The service manuals point out the procedure for updating the firmware. It is done with special Sony software only available to technicians and is performed over the USB cable.

As for the differences, well one person's guess is as good as anothers... Since the firmware updates aren't made publicly available, whatever changes were made in each version is also not available. Furthermore some products, even where the firmware is available publicly they still don't tell you what the differences are! LOL.

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