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SonicStage 2.1 English available at Connect.Com

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My installation was destroyed.

It said that it failed to download SS2.1, so i proceeded to remove SS2.0 with all its componets hoping this might resolve the issue.

It didnt.

Now im stuck with no SonicStage.

BTW: SS2.1 installation thinks i got the openMG secure model still installed even though i do not.

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Tried, its no use.

Sony can't program a reliable & clean software to save their own life.

My only hope now is an older manual build.

Iil have to find a download link.

EDIT : For now, i am meeting success with SS2.0 europe edition, i think something is wrong with the US installer or that europe one actually installs everything without scanning for componets first.

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I had problems the first time around as the software tried to remove 2.0, then apply a botched version of 2.1 mission all the major bits.

It then deleted the temp folder, restarted my PC and complained that the temp folder was empty when it re-booted.

Did the same install again (click re-install when it says its already installed) and it worked fine.

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Well, the upgrade actually went really well for me! Did the backup, after the reboot, no problems with starting up the software.

Interesting fix: I can now write CD's that are 80 minutes in length (or at least close). It properly shows the available space on the blank CD-R. So "Yay!" for being able to create a full CD. smile.gif

It seems a little bit faster on startup, but hard to tell.

Here's some info about what you can transfer to a Hi-MD: (directly from the Help file. Not sure if it was there before, but it's here now)

Change the transfer mode, if necessary.

With the default settings, tracks in the following formats are transferred in their original format and bit rate (Standard transfer mode).

OpenMG Audio (PCM)

OpenMG Audio (ATRAC3)

OpenMG Audio (ATRAC3plus)

OpenMG (PCM)


OpenMG (ATRAC3plus)

That's all I've found for now... looks like they offered this update for those who will be getting the new NW-HD1 and finally some of the newer Hi-MD units. What have others found in 2.1?

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There is a way to get all the install files. Download the installer then download the installation files. When those are complete but befor it starts installing the files restart your computer. You can then go to your temp internet files folder (C:/Documents and Settings/Username/Local Settings/Temp Internet Files). Then you can move those files to anouther foldet and burn them to a cd.

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The downloader actually makes a temp file in your temp folder.

I let the downloader download the files & at the first screen when it asks you to click next to install I copied that folder into a new one & then let it install.

I now have a copy of the install software (Its big) incase I need to re-install at any point.

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I had a problem installing this as it choked on OpenMG secure module.msi. It had apparantly deleted this after restart and couldn't find it. I had to grab that part of the install files by starting the install again and copying the file from the temp folder, put it where I knew it was, point to it when first running sonicstage then when it finished the installation and appeared frozen, clicked finish on the window BEHIND the progress bar. Finally, it actually worked. From the shinanigans I went through, I was surprised it worked, but it did. Frankly, all around this required some bravery and what I have come to call "poking" at windows xp (or 2000 or 98) but it worked. The average user who may be less computer confident would have had real trouble. Sony needs to hire some better programmers.

Key difference is the ability to write a normal audio CD from my library. SWEET! Also can write ATRAC cd and MP3 CD. I was already able to do this from my home computer because it is a VAIO (sony) but to be able to do this from any brand computer such as my IBM laptop is very cool. I have not explored other differences yet.

Now I am ready for my NW-HD1 to arrive Tuesday, with SS 2.1 already installed. Cool! :cool:

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Hmm, strange...

On my machine, the install went through without a hitch. 2 Minutes, +download +a restart.

Stability is much better, the 210 track-problem is gone as well. I think, I'll put it through the paces now. One serious problem hasn't been fixed: It still doesn't like my DVD-Writer.

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Yeah, but what about all these headache? I like the convenience of download one big zip file and uncompressed it.

However, I supposed if someone has gone thru these tedious steps and made it to work, it would be nice if someone can tabulate that step by step so it is easier for amateur like myself to follow.

Thanks for that guys. I transfered all files from Temp dir onto my laptop,and did manual installation of each component. 

Works Great.


PS One question! What is the difference between SS2.0 and 2.1??

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However, I supposed if someone has gone thru these tedious steps and made it to work, it would be nice if someone can tabulate that step by step so it is easier for amateur like myself to follow.

I had no problems when I upgraded to SS 2.1. I just downloaded and installed it from connect.com like Sony wants us to do (no fancy tricks used). It should work as is if your machine isn't borked.

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