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  1. Hi. I seem to have returned to Mini Disc.....

    Fair enough.... but why does it seem to be a completely separate organization? (or perhaps it is not)
  2. Hi. I seem to have returned to Mini Disc.....

    Hmmm he didn't seem to have much luck selling before. And does one have to join up? What is "kleinanzeigen"? (as opposed to real ebay)
  3. Unplayable OMG files

    Please tell us more about these executables. I think it's highly unlikely any of them is other than a wrapper around AVLib or FFMpeg (which is what VLC is). Cosmo, surely in this day and age you know better than to put links to random executables that might destroy people's computers. TILT!
  4. Unplayable OMG files

    Oh dear, SS V.2 I bet you have no chance. Should have exported them to WAV if they were original recordings (I know that's no comfort) whilst you still could. My comments (and knowledge) apply only to later versions of SS, specifically V 4. C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Sony Shared\OpenMG\OMGRIGHT and C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Sony Shared\OpenMG\procfile The OMG/SS database stuff is at C:\ProgramData\Sony Corporation\SonicStage However the only time anyone ever reported doing something with these was copying the backup versions to the current ones. Those are kept somewhere else. If you are really going to solve this, you will need to know all about EKBs. There's a paper somewhere. Each device type is a leaf on the Sony Btree, if I recall. But first you would have to figure out the conversion, and you likely cannot do that until after you decrypted something. Catch-22! You'll need access to the source to ffmpeg (AVLib) and QHiMDTransfer. If they are really valuable, try writing to Sony. If you have the original discs, then is a lot better. Perhaps the best chance is to rebuild a copy of XP around the contents of your hard disk.
  5. Unplayable OMG files

    They should play just fine in VLC. I didn't know that files ending in ".omg" were ever made by recent versions of Sonic Stage (what version did you use?). Perhaps it is as simple as renaming them to ".oma"? There are some files which are stored on the same hard disk you extracted the music files from. These files are the keys for the rights system as it pertains to the Windows install that died. I'm not sure they are any use to you, but you might want to hang on to that disk for a while yet. You should, with some study, be able to batch-convert the music files using ffmpeg.
  6. Unplayable OMG files

    Your question is way too general. We need details. PS. there's a program omg2oma.exe which comes with a new SonicStage install.
  7. Service mode, not test mode. I don't remember, but there may be a difference. Test mode is (for decks, anyway, I don't recall portables) read only. If you are mechanically minded you might want to open it up and check there isn't something (congealed grease for example) on the lead screw. That might be the stop that you are seeing.
  8. You need to do an alignment. Self-alignment, in fact. All you need (for the MZ-N1 and other legacy i.e. non-Hi-MD units) is a virgin blank disk that doesn't mind being written to. It's called overall adjustment mode. Granted there may be mechanical error (friction, warp) but just as likely is everything simply aged. A word of warning: do NOT try and adjust the USB (VBUS) parameters. Generally they are hard to do and require tons of gear that you don't have specifically TWO regulated powersupplies, not just one.
  9. Best sounding Minidisc portable?

    While we're on the subject, in many ways the first gen Hi-MDs seemed the most reliable. Especially the NH700. The NH600 is close but the jog wheel sometimes gets unreliable.
  10. Best sounding Minidisc portable?

    I really like the sound from the 2nd Gen (RH10,RH910) and apparently this may be because it's analog (!?). The problem with the RH1 is that it's very clear but the sound enhancement may have helped to fry my ears. Hence the EC's insistence on volume capping many are anxious to remove. The player-only models EH930, EH50, EH70 are all good too.
  11. Great! But where is it? There's no link (that I could see). The links that WERE there was broken ("User has removed their video'"). Sorry for any inconvenience... it's definitely nice to know you are still with us.
  12. WHAT'S GOING ON HERE? Cleaned up as the latest videos seem to be "removed" and wondering if Octave had someone steal his account........
  13. ONKYO N7TX = Hi-MD ! in Vietnam

    The closest you get is the LAM-X1 which has PC->MD transfer for both HiMD and NetMD. Jim had one apart and said it was very cheaply constructed. I would assume that you can get USB->PC transfer for HiMD provided the tracks were not locked to a PC with encryption already.
  14. ONKYO N7TX = Hi-MD ! in Vietnam

    The only out is from the CD. So if you hoping for MD out, tant pis. However, hooking up any Hi-MD portable (by USB) to a PC achieves this. AFAIK there does not exist a HiMD unit with digital out.
  15. ONKYO N7TX = Hi-MD ! in Vietnam

    I'm a bit puzzled why the N7 is apparently a lot smaller than the B7 with identical features. You bought this?