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  1. Sorry theres some "smarts" built into the way tracks are imported. I don't think you can get around it except by changing the track titles. If you are importing CDs, you must be toast. By all means poke around inside the configuration menus, but I have never noticed anything.
  2. You will need our one-size-fits-all download (32- or 64- bits) driver for NetMD. You will need to disable driver signing for one reboot cycle. Google it and look on the site, there are endless descriptions of what to do. Good luck!
  3. This is emphatically not a PC forum, and those of us who do know about PCs (myself included) know next to nothing about VAIO PCs and have never had one in their hands. Having said that, I am aware of similar issues in the land of Lenovo/W10. Initially I had the same problem but one day it started working just fine. You MIGHT try installing W7 bluetooth support over top of whatever you have, assuming their bitness is the same (32- or 64-) between the two setups. Certainly a number of other drivers (not BT) have worked for me "upgrading" to W10 from W7. Your alternative is to try and get a patched version of W7. It ***is*** possible. Let your fingers do the walking, no point in posting links here.
  4. Most W10 are upgrades. Not sure how you force W10 to go into 32-bits though. The ones I have dealt with mainly got there because someone had 32-bit Win7 before that, and upgraded it.
  5. Thanks for this - very useful at some future juncture (for me) and for OP if/when he gets a deck.
  6. I'd forgotten all about this and moved on. It's still sitting in the heap of unfinished projects on my messy den floor. Happy New Year!
  7. You've been watching Die Hard 3, I can tell. (calls in a loud voice "J - E - R - E - M - Y"). That woke me up anyway. Stepsimhon
  8. Thank you Kevin This is terrific for those whose machines have parts which simply fail. As i figured out when upgrading the D40 and D5C, the 5V part is actually easier to work with since 5V is already on the main inter-board connector. Check?
  9. Thank you for the much more precise answer Gyula. Hope you had a good Christmas - we are all very quiet and rather lonely here, as despite no lockdown everyone has abandoned social relationships after listening to the prognostications of our top doctors. I was painting a broad picture, and it turns out that the USB devices were all CXD-2664 whereas the PS/2 devices were CXD-2662. I've no idea if the actual BOARD can be swapped though - seems much easier (!) to swap the OWH. Regardless there is likely to be at least an alignment cycle (correct me if I am wrong on this point or any other), so for those without LPM it isn't easy "just" swapping things. My own experiences of OWH repair are in two parts: portables and decks. The portable (MZ-N505) I and a friend managed to repair, it was a nightmare of not being able to see, trying to heat solder without melting plastic, and pure fiddliness. The only deck that I got fixed (my MDM7 in the PX-3) went off to Jim Hoggarth back in the day. I vividly recall my efforts to fix a stuck MDS-JE510 which ended with it going to the dump. There is a bright side to machines (decks or portables) with broken OWHs - they can be used to erase disks (particularly when you have a disk that won't respond to treatment due to copy-protection after transfer by NetMD).
  10. sfbp

    Three wise men !!

    Me three (King's?)
  11. No chance. The 980 needs the USB means of control, the 940 needs the PS/2 style. Not compatible.
  12. sfbp

    Old Vaio VGN-B1VP

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely! I couldn't resist getting that one in in response to your moniker. 1GB of RAM won't buy you the software equivalent of the marmite in a cress sandwich in today's modern operating system. Give up and get busy with Linux if you want to make use of that machine. This is absolutely NOT the place to ask about Vaios but my advice is pretty general - FUHGEDDABOUDID (with apologies to Hugh Grant).
  13. sfbp

    Three wise men !!

    Jim's erstwhile competition! Thanks.
  14. sfbp

    Three wise men !!

    Mine says Gundelsheim on the packet but the guy seems to have run out, if you google him (omit "MD" from your search) and you will find him on at least 3 European Ebays. Your Gersbach listing DOES show option on 17mm ?diameter belt. Maybe this listing is helpful (I don't know about the MDM-X4 but it looks right) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/233834674447 The part number (Sony) is 4-967-656-01 but I have no clue if that matches (they frequently have multiple numbers for the same item). If you have one of the captioned models you can check since this belt appears to be widely available.
  15. It's like most shared open-source projects, you have to go off to github (if not there, somewhere else, you will find it real quick) and scratch your head over that. IIRC dates were not used, period.
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