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  1. Sony MZ-NH600D Issue

    Disc Mode - see the menu on the unit. What is it set to on each unit?
  2. Clone MD > MD

    actually Buyee has been on a campaign to reduce its fees. I know - I got all the emails ;(
  3. Aiwa MD

  4. Aiwa MD

    Huh? 1. These models are large and rackmounted 20 lbs and 15'x10' at least. OP wants a portable. 2. No NetMD on either 3. The models are MDS-E10 and MDS-E12 (there's also an MDS E-11). Made by Sony, OP asked about Aiwa. Please, what's going on? Sounds like you are trying to sell him something that you own.
  5. I recall I went through the stage of trying the FM- transmitting MDX-66XLP(RF) into my factory-installed cassette radio (Chrysler). The result was terrible. It wasn't the transmitter's fault. Is it possible you (and I) had bad results because the spacing of the transmission (and hence the audio bandwidth) is aimed at the North American market, or the Japanese market, where broadcast frequencies are different, see here? Sony's rather clever implementation of car audio (both the Unilink control cable and the decently large analog RCA signals) beat that arrangement by a mile. Of course modern units with Bluetooth are the most convenient of all, but the difference is that BT has enough bandwidth (I'm going by results, not specifications) that my ATRAC tracks play without actually even needing the MD. That's perfect for car rentals in distant places as all brand new cars seem to have BT available in the radio. The only head unit with an MD (as opposed to the 66XLP which still runs in my aging minivan into a Sony head unit) which I ever get to listen to now is the second-hand MDX-CA790X in wife's car. It's a beaut.
  6. Hang about..... is your car old enough to have a cassette in the radio? Then I have a trivial solution.....
  7. The answer is: all of them. However they must be decrypted (unprotected) using the Sonic Stage File Conversion Tool (FCT) that is within SS. I have no idea what's in 12, you should be able to see from the menus. One very small caveat, the default extension for new saves of ATRAC is .aa3, not .OMA. This requires a little bit of messing around. However if you edit a file which is already .oma (or .OMA), it will save with the correct extension. I'm sure you're aware that the metadata for OMA is a minor extension of the metadata for MP3, with MP3 in the signature replaced by EA3.
  8. Avoid converting into WAV. ATRAC is a 24-bit format, make the most of it. ATRAC is the magic that makes MD sound good. Sound Forge is the only one that will DIRECTLY edit ATRAC files - but they need to be decrypted (once only) first.
  9. The problems with Onkyo Hi-MD decks are twofold: 1. No schematics or proper service manual (which has saved so many Sony creations over the years). When it dies, it dies ...... (sigh). Recommendation: don't use the deck (or portables) to do major editing. Leave that to Sound Forge and save your hardware from wearing out. In turn this means you must learn how to decrypt uploaded files (OMA) using Sonic Stage. I have also an Onkyo FR-X-B8 and it started to show signs of being unhappy with being used to edit. 2. No optical out or USB. However this can be remedied by the parallel use of a HiMD portable which can easily transfer music to/from computer. Enjoy! Note that if you stick to standard bit rates (not exactly sure, but 256kbps and 64kbps both work ok), VLC (ffmpeg) can decrypt the files on the fly for playback (or conversion). AAL (Atrac Advanced Lossless) is unknown to VLC but it hardly matters since the AAL files are never encrypted, making them much more difficult to lose outright if your windows install goes sideways.
  10. Sonic Stage not burning to CD

    Most likely some other app has "taken over" the CD/DVD burner. You can reacquaint SonicStage with the drive, if I recall correctly. Probably you need to delete it from Device Manager first so that it reinstalls. Then SS should check it out and after that, presto! Good luck. (there are other more complicated tricks to do with deleting Upper and Lower Filters but I don't recommend them. Probably some reading on Microsoft Tech Net may help).
  11. See the link to our downloads section higher up this thread.
  12. [SOLD] FOR SALE: TDK BIT CLUB 10-pack MiniDiscs NEW

    Buyee is slightly easier to use, slightly more restrictive as to which items you can buy (suck it and see!), and slightly higher fees. FromJapan seems to have a tendency to deliver less-than-perfect goods at lower prices (probably the policies of Buyee are protecting you from this, but what you gotta have, you gotta have....) You should expect a fair amount of spam, so don't use your PERSONAL email for these sites But they both allow access to the motherlode, Yahoo Japan Auctions.
  13. Sony MDS-JE330, MZ-N10 and MZ-N505

    Someone did a review and concluded that the N505 was the very worst of the pack (it was the cheapest!).