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  1. Hello again! I have for sale my Sony MZ-N10 It is in lovely "as-new" condition - just check the photos. Lovely magnesium body. Fully kitted out MDLP with Type-S, NetMD and Acoustic Engine, more info http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_MZ-N10.html I include the original remote and the instruction manual. Sadly I have no means of charging the built-in Li-ION battery and I do not have the AA sidecar so I must specify it as "untested" however from memory I believe it worked fine. It has just been sitting unused for years. Photos: https://imgur.com/a/Gl4Gw Please PM me for offers!
  2. FOR SALE: Maxell plain style 10-pack NEW

    Hello! I'm asking for £45 Inc postage. Thanks
  3. FOR SALE: Maxell plain style 10-pack NEW

    Hello again! I have a brand new unopened 10-pack of the Maxell plain style minidiscs. Simple and elegant, these were only available in Japan. Not sure of a fair price so please PM me with offer. I am based in the UK but I can post internationally. Photos here: https://imgur.com/a/c8MLO Thank you
  4. Lrp55 - Good A+ buyer

    Hello All, I recently sold a 50 MiniDisc bundle to forum user Lrp55 He paid via PayPal promptly and responded promptly to any updates I sent him. Very happy to deal with him anytime
  5. Hello once again! I have a bundle of 50 minidiscs of various brands - Maxell, Sharp, BASF etc. They are a mixture of 74 and 80 minutes discs, most have sleeves. I'm willing to split them into 10-packs. Not sure of a fair price so please PM me with offer. I am based in the UK but I can post internationally. Photos here: https://imgur.com/a/vmpes Thank you muchly
  6. I may well go for a MZ-RH1 using the proceeds from the eventual sale of the BIT CLUB. Should I Philippe? Always wanted one, I love the understated look of it and those VU meters.
  7. Hello all again! I have a Sony MZ-R900 in Electric blue. Just the unit, no AA sidecar as in photos. My nickname "Arr-Nine-Hundred" refers to this, my favourite of all the portables. I'm just having a clear out is all. This unit plays and records properly. It is in good condition for the age. Lovely all-aluminium body. With MDLP. One of the last models made in Japan. Not sure of a fair price so please PM me with offer. I am based in the UK but I can post internationally. Photos here: https://imgur.com/a/9TUCA Thank you
  8. Funny you should say that as I was using RocketPlayer on my other phone yesterday and decided to stream some music wirelessly to my portable bluetooth speaker. I marvelled at this technology and for a moment MiniDisc seemed like ancient stone tool in comparison... ...however I just like the process of creating compendiums with MiniDisc. Crafting a disc by recording music in realtime is just a fun activity for me. So the MiniDisc stays! By the way - discs are now SOLD
  9. Thanks for the compliment Philippe - I think camera's on phones are very good these days. I used my new Nexus 6P which has an amazing camera. I did a test compared to my Panasonic Lumix compact (with Leica lens) and there was a lot less noise in the Nexus photo.
  10. Hello! I have a brand new unopened 10-pack of the TDK BIT CLUB minidiscs. These were only available in Japan and are a limited edition. Not sure of a fair price so please PM me with offer. I am based in the UK but I can post internationally. Photos here: https://imgur.com/a/7yAtH Thank you
  11. FOR SALE: TDK BIT CLUB 10-pack MiniDiscs NEW

    Haha - thanks Philippe! They do look very cool. Don't tempt me to remove the sale
  12. Minidisc Deck JE770 Eject Belt Fix?

    Hello All! I just bagged one of these guys yesterday for 10 of your Earth pounds It has an eject disc fault which is down to the drive belt. A common propblem from my 15 mins of research! It plays a disc fine (seller demo'd that) but requires the unit to be turned upside down and subjected to a few bouts of "percussive maintenance" before the disc will eject My intention is to fix is as part of a fun project and I might learn something along the way. Has anyone fixed one of these or a similar one? Any tips/tricks to be careful of when embarking on this mission? I've seen a seller on ebay selling the exact belt I need and they say it's compatible for the JE770 so I will probably go for that. Apparantly most Sony decks used the same drive unit so I could find another broken one with a different fault and swap them over. Thanks!
  13. Hello All, I'm after a new deck to add to the collection! The two in my sights are the Sony JB-930 (or 940 which has MDLP) - this is a premium Sony deck and I'd be looking for one in black with the red "UK tuned" emblem. I think it also has a PS/2 port so a keyboard can be plugged in to aid MD titling. The Tascam MD-350 is a German made beast, which I understand was designed for long haul professional use in a rack - it also has metal gears inside to improve robustness. I really like the sound of the Tascam, it reminds me of a German premium car or something. The Sony though visually looks better and is probably more consumer-friendly since I don't use it professionally. It's just for occasional recording and playback. Any owners here of the respective models? Thanks!
  14. Minidisc Deck Recommendations - JB-930/940 or Tascam MD-350?

    That is a really good summary dude, thanks
  15. Minidisc Deck Recommendations - JB-930/940 or Tascam MD-350?

    Many thanks for that bluecrab! I'm leaning heavily towards a "UK sound" 930 as it seems a bit cheaper and I'm using SP more these days (I've too many discs to use up now - haha) Good to see you still posting around these parts too
  16. Minidisc Deck Recommendations - JB-930/940 or Tascam MD-350?

    Yep Freddy, I'm hoping to find a JB-9x0 deck with the eject problem so I can buy and fix cheaply. I have already done a drive belt fix on a JE-770 deck I bought for £15
  17. Minidisc Deck Recommendations - JB-930/940 or Tascam MD-350?

    The swift-tagging is a useful feature but... I'd have to use Sonic Stage and therefore keep two copies of each file right?
  18. Minidisc Deck Recommendations - JB-930/940 or Tascam MD-350?

    If I had to chose one of the decks - Tascam MD-350, Sony JB930, 940 or 980 - then which should I go for? I mainly record via optical from my PC (mp3's and YouTube) to create compendiums. I use SP mode more and more these days for MDLP isn't as important.
  19. Minidisc Deck Recommendations - JB-930/940 or Tascam MD-350?

    Thanks Philippe - holy heck though - the JB-980? That looks like something to aspire to own
  20. The gallery was at https://picasaweb.google.com/vanillakitty2009/MD# Had a quick Google with the username "vanillakitty2009" but found nothing I was updating my little wiki of MiniDisc resources https://opticalgarbage.com/wiki/index.php/Main/MiniDisc
  21. Minidisc Labels / Stickers

    Does anyone have a good source for stickers/labels for minidiscs? I'd prefer either online with shipping to UK or a real shops based in the UK. I was going to check out Hobbycraft for something suitable. I'm after something that will fit the front-half of a disc that designed to have a label of some sort (it's a 3cm x 5cm rectangle approx). Slight lines (like the ones given with new blanks) or blank is fine, lighter colours preferred and it would be nice to have pastel shades rather than white for a change!
  22. Whatever happened to this Google Picasa Photos Gallery of MiniDiscs?

    Damn. I also tend to save websites if I think they are too niche and self-hosting on my wiki. I won't give up on this, imma gonna try and get in touch with "vanillakitty2009" somehow...
  23. Recent Gumtree Find - Sony MZ-R50

    See photo! Seller was local to me (Portsmouth) so I made an offer and got this beauty for £20 along with everything pictured (except the curious cat, he's mine) It's in good condition for it's age, has a really nice crisp loading and movement mechanism. I was intruiged about the R50 since minidisc.org has this little gem in the description: " Considered by many to be the pinnacle of Sony's Minidisc development in terms of ruggedness and usability " http://minidisc.org/part_Sony_MZ-R50.html I normally go for MDLP units but lately I've been burning more SP discs so lack of MDLP is not an issue for the moment. It's heavy though! I took it on a walk and had to switch hands while holding it after 20 minutes!
  24. Minidisc Deck JE770 Eject Belt Fix?

    Thanks! I got the replacement drive belts earlier this week (2 for £5 from eBay) and they seems good quality and the correct size. I had time today to attempt to replace it... it was a bit fiddly but I managed to replace the belt and my JE770 now ejects smoothly! I'm really happy - so total cost of a working JE770 was £15 plus some of my time. Here is a photo of the old and new belts side-by-side, you can see that old belt (left) is a good bit thinner and felt more "weak and tired" in my hands: While waiting for the belts I picked up a JE470 locally for £40 - despite being a decent unit it lacked the sound level meters on the digital display which the JE770 has - I think they look really cool so the JE470 has gone into storage to be replaced by the newly working JE770!
  25. Minidisc Deck JE770 Eject Belt Fix?

    Thanks NGY, useful info! Do you know which other decks have a MDM-7A drive? I could always buy a damaged unit with a working drive and scavenge it. That said, I've just ordered a new drive belt from eBay and will give this a go next weekend. As for drive belt-refit, this video was given to me by the deck seller as a good guide: