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  1. HEY PhillippeC I have spent a lot of time looking a MiniDisc History, I really do like this format. But I can say I did not find nearly as many as you have. I will be looking through the collections... Thanks for the links Keep Those MiniDiscs Spinning! WHY ELSE ARE YOU HERE?
  2. It sounds like you found something that someone took a great deal of care of. I started with the MZR50, which I don't believe was too far down the line from when yours was produced. You have to remember, other than leaving functions out on various MD recorders for marketing purposes, the ability to reproduce sound would become better as they moved up to the next model production. Thus, the MZR1 was a great sounding unit, but it is blown away by the RH1 or M200, which in my opinion is the best MD recorder SONY ever put together. I had to look at a picture of the MZ1 to see what type of
  3. Odyssey

    MZ-RH1 - WOW!

    I started out with the MZ-R50 also. built like a tank. It is still working, still records, still plays. But, as for what have you missed, well SONY has made a few changes along the way. things got better but it took the RH1 or M200 to finally come out with all the enhancements. Sony slapped the name "PROFESSIONAL" on the recorder and sent it out to market. in my opinion the RH1 / M200 are the two very best units SONY ever made, mostly because SONY stopped playing games and did not leave anything out this production. It is the most complete MD recorder/player Sony ever produced and yo
  4. I joined the MD users with an MZ-R50 and just kept going. It seems after you have your first unit, there isn't any going back. The Cassette was good in its noisy time but the MD is so much more superior. I did not use SS, I have been old school and always recorded with either the mic or Line in and played line out. I have used the opticle on occasion but generally never need it. My recordings are always very good, even my mic recordings of nature sounds. If you still have your damaged unit, there is a guy on this forum that does repair and may be able to help you. I've known a few
  5. MiniDisc is in a sort of NederWorld where sort of just exists. The MD following continues to use the format and are very happy with it while those not aware that it ever existed ( they are out there, I have been asked what I have in my hand and when I tell them a MiniDisc, they want to know what that is ) thanks to SONYs very sparce or lack of advertising. As far as MiniDisc availability goes, the PROFESSIONAL DISCS are already out of production. They are on store shelves at a price of about $6.99 each and are being sold as first come, first served. I think at that price, they will be a
  6. Well MiniDisc users, we are seeing time once again pull at the strings of SONY or shall I say the bean counters are looking for ways to recoup money. Look at this artical and also look at the comments. http://techcrunch.com/2011/07/22/sony-pulls-the-plug-on-8mm-video/ By the comments, this was again another format that the users liked and it performed well as a piece of equipment, does this sound familiar??? I heard that the leaders of SONY were not the learned engineers of old time SONY but accountants who make decisions by dollar signs and graphs. Well, it shows by the decisions t
  7. Absolutely INSANE!!! But understand, the clerk told me they were scheduled to be destroyed...... SONY no longer gives them a value at the SONY STOREs. Keep Those MDs Spinning! WHY ELSE ARE YOU HERE?
  8. Keep Those MDs Spinning! WHY ELSE ARE YOU HERE?
  9. NEVER HAPPEN... the Minidisc has a lot of technology in them and there are a lot of collectors that still use the MINIDISC technology. As long as there are discs out there, the Minidiscs will be there because of the features, portability and editing functions. There has been nothing like it. Ebay is an auction, might as well be a casino, so the items get bid on. Minidiscs still have a high desire by those who know, and so the bids go up. THE BEST PRICE will be found by private parties. Some just want to get their money back or come close and may throw in a mic and some discs. Ebay wil
  10. The SONY STORES are taking the HI-MD discs off the shelf. The store near me took them off a year ago and they were at the warehouse. They were going to destroy them. I had come to the conclusion to start buying them from the SONY STORE at 6.99 each and get a stash built up. When I could not find them I asked one of the sales people about it. They were not sure and sent the manager over. He told me they were moved to the warehouse. I asked if they would sell them and what the price was. He said he had to check and a day or so later called. He had about 125 of them and they were goin
  11. Well the article is OLD OLD OLD, it may be reposted today, but the message is the same. I am glad to hear that the discs are still being continued as for the equipment, I have not seen any other than the RH-1 and the M-200. If there is anything else out there with the SONY tag, its a surprise to me. Tascam is making units, they are the only one I know of. And considering the back luck I had with my SONY decks, they probably SHOULD STOP MAKING DECKS. They are JUNK!. This is probably what the buying public thought as well. Sonys name has been getting tarnished for awhile now and the fact
  12. When Sony abandoned the MD user world, the price of the pre-recorded went sky high. Ebay sellers are buying them up like crazy at the lowest price they can find and are selling them for as much as they can get ( without holding a gun to your head ). The MD recorders are going to raise in price due to supply and demand, and maybe some clever bidding, it is hard to know if the seller is bidding against you, but I would not be surprised. Disc supplies will dwindle if Sony has stopped production. I can't say if they did or did not cease production, I just have not heard any news since th
  13. I don't know much about the cloud but if you are storing your music on a web site ( cloud ), doesn't it cost you in MB not only to up load but also to down load?? even if you listen, you are charged in MB from your provider. is that smart? Just asking... Keep those MD's Spinning
  14. Tape online is pricing the 80 minute sony Gold at 1.95. If you think that is a good price, go for it. TapeStockOnline is offering the 80 minute sony Gold at 1.52 each or 1.42 at 25 piece package bundle. Tape Online used to be my source util they raised the prices of the discs. Now they can choke on them. Keep those Minidiscs spinning. UPDATE: 07/07/2011 Well if this is to be believed, then discs are still in production.... Keep Those MiniDiscs Spinning! WHY ELSE ARE YOU HERE?
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