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9 hours ago, sfbp said:

That's an exceptionally high international shipping fee but isn't that because you bought a very heavy deck? The other fees from Buyee are relatively insignificant based on your given numbers.

The deck is heavy, yes. It feels heavier than the 7.5 kg it is listed as weighing. I thought it would all add up to a bit less...in fact, somehow the total shipping cost kept increasing as the process evolved. And the deck, supposedly in A-1 condition, had to be repaired to work properly. (That was done with help from these quarters and elsewhere.) I wasn't really complaining about it, though, just answering the question. You don't see very many JA22ESs around here!

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20lbs is getting up there, but I there exist heavier (probably the 555ES takes the cake at 15.3kg but I have not done an exhaustive check). BTW there is a choice of carriers - so far I always used SAL, if I recall. Fed Ex or UPS will likely be expensive, but DHL sometimes has a cheaper international rate (I speak generally, nothing to do with Buyee).

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