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  1. -The oem.inf file i found by filesize and deleted after opening it to check its a minidisc driver. -Deleted the netmd tree in regedit -Copy n pasted the NETMD052.INF -found the .sys and .cat file by searching my current xp install and copied them elsewhere. So from what i can tell i am up to the part of reboot and install correct? Martin
  2. Right uninstalled all netmd in usb controllers in the devicemanager. For oemxx.inf do i do a find files for oem**.inf? and delete what i find on the windows install? "thenetmd052.sys" That is in the NetMDusb.zip (old NetMD driver) i expect. Martin
  3. Right i am confused. I have a mzrh1 and a jb980 ans win xp pro sp3 32bit This thread relates to rh1 users which have other minidisc units and changes the drivers so both units can be used without uninstalling the last set when switching. Is the above correct? Has this method not been finalised? Since i dont see a download link to the drivers set were i would modify the .inf file. thanks Martin
  4. Ahh, I didnt know the early HiMD models didnt deal with legacy MD recordings. Martin
  5. You are referring to the upload protection I assume? True enough the MZRH1 is the only one that does unrestricted uploading but since the OP only wanted to upload his own recordings it should work fine. Nice for portable and playback use though. Martin
  6. Bah about half the price a mzrh1 goes for looks like you got a bargain there Phillipe Martin
  7. Ok thanks for that I need to be gentle with the jog wheel no matter how i use it. Martin
  8. thanks for that i see its a joint line out along with headphone socket and so must be switchable in settings. I miss the days of my mzr 50 which had a separatae line out and headphone socket Martin I havent heard of the jog lever issues. This is the button/lever that does enter and play? To take care of it do i need to press it gently or is it a case of not moving it up/down to far? Thanks for the info Martin
  9. Ok so it would be the nh900 then. Not had problem with the rh1 as yet. Looking for a backup rh1 but it looks like prices second hand in ebay uk are only
  10. Because computers are noisy and i dont want to buy a quiet one just for music. As too tape, media which can cope with higher recording levels like tdk ma tapes reduce hiss significantly. Dolby S also does a good job but anyhow tape is more rare to find than MD so its more relevant to people who already own a good tape deck. Martin
  11. Hmm not sure about LP minidisc beating analogue cassette. Something like the Sony 611 with dolby S costing
  12. Time marks? do you set track markings after a set period of time? I only ever do it by ear myself which means hitting the t-mark button rather than looking at the display. Not setting the clock would be bad as i doo like to know when i recorded a MD. thanks for your time Martin I checked my MZRH1 and it was set to on rather than "auto off" but i cannot be sure if i changed it. Can someone have a look to see if it is default? But yeah that does sound promising that it could be user error. Yes i am in the UK but up in the NW bolton as it goes so no chance of a hand over. Thanks for the offer anyhow. Martin
  13. "the main display tends to go off from time to time,but the one at the remote control works perfectly,so you can see the titles without problem" This is what i have seen in a uk ebay auction. Has anyone lese come across this problem? If so does it mean the whole unit is on its way out? Any other problem that might arise from this fault? I am after a spare mzrh1 for when my current starts to fail. Its running fine so far but it does seem to have a fragile case. thanks Martin
  14. Hmm the 333Es possibly the best fullsized classic MD there was. bid for one on uk ebay recently but the price went up to somethin like
  15. No its not correct. You just close the lid and it stays shut. I suggest you contact the seller and ask for some money off if it still works ok. I guess the spring in the catch has gone awry. Martin
  16. Lo, The link in the sticky to himd icons doesnt work it just reloads this forum again. Do they not exist now? thanks Martin
  17. http://www.superfi.co.uk/index.cfm/page/category.cfm/category/88 Pretty sure i bought my last battery of this type for the rh10 here and it was fine. Martin
  18. Same here in the UK a few months ago the sony centre had them on the high street. Can still buy online from various online retailers in the UK as well although bizarrely its cheaper in the Sony centre store. Martin
  19. I have exactly the same problem with my jb940 which i bought new and eventually it doesnt keep what you record on ejection. I just use it as a playback machine nowadays. Its the only full size deck that i have had problems with. Used a jb920 the 940 and currently a 980 alongside the portable HiMD mzrh1 Martin N
  20. Hello, I have been recording digital radio on my sony pvr via freeview due its higher bit rate when compated to DAB radio in the uk. I cannot get a digital output from the sony to work with the the sony jb940 MD and have had to resort to analogue only. I have tried switch to pcm output in the pvr settings but i cannot see a bitrate setting to change it to 44khz? so the MD can pick it up. I presume its outputing at a different Khz than 44 which is why i cannot record it. Would the sony mzrh1 have a batter chance of working? (I try to use it infrequently since its the only one that sidesteps DRM) Has anyone had success? thanks Martin
  21. At what stage do i use the file conversion tool? I ran it over my current library and now i cant transfer some mono recordings I made over microphone back to NetMD. It would go back to NetMD until i used the file conversion tool to decrypt the library. Doesnt make sense to me that. I am not doing CDs at the moment though just an mp3 album. Okay doing that so far. That good to know, so i am stuck with LP2 with sonicstage? Yes it does look like SP on my jb980. Hmm bummer, does this also apply to the "no limits" MZ-RH1? I could transfer the mp3s to my western digital media tv and play them with that through the optical into my Jb980 as well then. Otherwise its the PC route which i am not familiar with. thanks for your time Martin
  22. So i am doing it the correct way in sonicstage? I dont see how the second way would be any better. It is still recording in lp2 and so still lossy the same way as transfering in sonic stage. BTW in SP the album is 1h 20mins 39 secs which should fit on a 80mins 59secs minidsc but sonicstage says the last track doesnt fit! :0 Martin N
  23. Hello, I have until now used minidisc as a long running tape recording from analogue in or digital in. Until now, when i want to transfer a unprotected mp3 album to minidisc audio that I can put into any minidisc player that supports LP2 I want to know if i transferred it with minimum loss since this is my first encounter with sonicstage V4.3.01.14050. I imported the mp3 192kbps files into sonic stage and selected netmd as the destination window. The transfer settings were set to recording mode LP2 stereo. I used LP2 as the album is 1hr 20mins long and I wanted to use just the one disc which would of been 80mins in standard mode. Then i just started the conversion process with my netmd mindisc recorder attached. It did the conversion and transfered across to the recorder fine and plays fine in my JB980 machine. I was wondering if i missed any tricks? that are needed to avoid any lossy compression in the process to maintain quality as high as possible. thanks for your time Martin N
  24. So the recording to CDR that the manual says will not work? Would i be able to record from Netmd to the rh10 in HiMD away from the PC and upload that? Martin N
  25. Could i use the burn to cd-r option instead then rather than the file format transfer? Martin N
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