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  1. I just use divide myself manually after i have recorded vinyl. The 940 is better quality than your portable so i would stick to recording with that assuming your source is up to it. The 980 has slightly better editing features where you can set divide a track and fast forward/rewind skipping if you miss the point. With the 940 you have to come out of divide and skip back. (less convienient) You can use a ps2 keyboard to divide if you havent picked up a big remote yet.
  2. Yes its a large remote for the 920 and 940 i think The 980 had a narrow one. The ps2 will do everything i think if you can find where the keys on the ps2 keyb map to. Have you emailed the seller its possible he may find the remote? or get a discount at least if you dont want to send it back.
  3. As i understand it keeping the same bit depth as your source maintains quality. ie CD is 16bit so have the MD set to 16bit when you record from it. From vinyl 24bit on the analogue inputs.
  4. You could connect up your mp3 player if it has a digital output into the digital in on the MD deck. Then use the analogue outputs to feed an amp. You just put the MD deck in rec pause for it to work as a dac then. Mp3s would have to be converted with sonicstage software to work on MD disks.
  5. It did go mainstrean in japan AFAIK. Did fairly well in the UK particularly within the hifi enthusiasts like me afer v4 of ATRAC came along. The problem was it didnt do to well in america
  6. Hmm surprised that you have fm below dab. FM would probably sound better than DAB nowadays unless you listen to bbc radio 3 which still has some decent bitrates of 160kbps. Since the bbc started one xtra and asian network they have had to reduce the bitrate of their other stations to "fit" them in to the limited band. It will of course depend on the source ie radio statoin and equipment.
  7. Vinyl can sound analytical as well it just depends on your turntable. The michell TTs usually have an analytical sound.
  8. Nice site. You could do with tidying up some of the translation though. for eg RH1 the best rather than the better.
  9. trott3r

    My new MD

    I had a 2.5mm jack on my palm treo 680 phone. I got an adaptor to 3.5mm so they do exist. Cant remember where i got it from though.
  10. MZR50 units are beautiful well crafted machines. Its a shame i had to bin mine years ago. They are so cheap on ebay though i bought another along with the r35. Battleship build In the UK portables are so cheap its not worth gambling on something working when it is stated that it doesnt work. Of course the RH1 is the exception
  11. Interesting read. Just snagged a second Rh1 for £163 S/H only 7 pounds cheaper than when i bought my new one! Ridiculous prices but 163 was a good one in this market for a rh1 in the UK. Oddly there are 1 or 2 going on uk ebay a day but prices still are very high.
  12. There is a guy who advertises his skills on ebay uk. Cant remember his name off hand if you check the minidisc yahoogroup forum it will be in the archives.
  13. "Then you have got the ability to change the level using Scale Factor Edit." I dont even know what that does. Its not present on the 980 but is on the 940 though. "If it were me, I would be sucking it into the PC (by uploading something recorded on MD) and beating the sound to death mercilessly using CoolEdit/Audition/Sound Forge. Of course as you amplify you may find you need to remove background. Tape hiss is actually quite a good candidate for noise removal, but you have to learn how" Not really familiar witj PC editing which is why i still like my Minidisc decks "FInally, is it possible that ALL tape recordings appear to be "attenuated"? If so you may need to demagnetize the tape heads and/or adjust the azimuth. I assume you keep the heads clean - or even playing things may wreck treasured recordings." Thats something i havent done for a while so I think i will try and do that thursday as i am pretty busy for the next couple of days. "(A few minutes later). Aaaah I see, this is a walkman. Are you using Line Out, or Headphone (two separate jacks)? If the latter, this is the source of your problem. That model has a dedicated line out 4.7KOhms with 250mV signal. Should be plenty." Using line out. "But second hand cassette decks are easy to find, for 50 quid or less. That may be safer for your precious recording, now we are 30 years on. (I know, my B&O is now almost 40 years old but so it goes)." Oddly the mechanical button walkman plays a few tapes fine while the touch button sony 611 and technics 465 all seem to chew the edges of the tape. Martin
  14. I am afraid i dont know what impedance,mV are. If its the same across all MD decks then ok i will just have to accept it at the lower level. The tape deck is a sony wmdc6 walkman pro ie arguably on of the best tape decks available The tape was recorded at a low level sadly. Digital amplification? I am recording from the analog input of the jb980, is that still digitally amplified? Not old enough to have DIN equipment thanks Admin note: I think the model is WM-D6C (predecessor was WM-D6).
  15. Hello, I am recording from an old tape to minidisc using a jb980 minidisc recorder. The recording level is set to +12 but it is not getting near the 0 db level. Does anyone remember/or can briefly test if the ja20es or jb920 had a greater analogue recording level than +12db. They are in the loft so it will be a pain to dig them up if they are the same (+12db) as the 980 and my 940 i normally use. thanks for your time Martin
  16. I expect you are correct with the more features means money not being spent on improving sound quality. There is also the possibility that having wifi bluetooth is putting interference into the analogue part of the playback system. "The march of progress is not always forward" - I think that sadly sums things up in portable audio. Plenty of people buying second hand walkmans as well like the sony DC2. Martin
  17. I found the ja20es when recording from vinyl had better grip or a firmer expression of bass. This is in comparison to my my 980 and 940. I am not sure if I liked this difference in sound that the 20es provided so I cannot be certain if it is better or not. The 20es is packed away now in favour of a 940 full size deck. I record vinyl on to my mzrh1 in PCM format now.
  18. Sadly due to rights the sports program is not broadcast on the internet
  19. Thanks for the figures. So its possible that mine are too high but Do you record from radio at all? I wonder if its due to crappy station engineers boosting low sounds so they rarely get low. +1 for analogue line in. Track marks work fine when done from cd or music from a pc via a optical out.
  20. Not sure what bit rate Full PCM/WAV is, but that is what i use to record vinyl on to my rh1
  21. Hello, I have had my jb980 minidisc recorder creating tracks in the past for radio recordings. I have noticed recently that i get just one continuos track rather than tens of tracks over a 3hr period. I looked in the settings and have noted that the lsync is set to -20db. It is so long ago since i set it i dont know if that is what used to work or if i have reset it somehow. Maybe radio has just got more compressed and so does not drop low enough in volume to create a track mark. What do other group members have there track marking set at (-xx db) for radio? Martin
  22. I would try another usb port on your computer. Otherwise use a powered usb hub.
  23. I deleted all netmd or other minidisc related drivers in device manager under hidden devices. I will have to manually go through all 70 odd inf files then I might be some time.... Martin
  24. downloads ok for me may 2011
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