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  1. Nice collection! I dig the carpet too. Now post your gear
  2. Derg and me have started trading and I got my first batch today in good order. Even came with a printed track listing and cover art!
  3. I would just use what ever is simplest. I doubt there will be any discernable difference with either method. You could always try one song through each method and review the results. With that said, maybe the "warmth" you are looking for is best achieved going through the DAC, recorded in analogue.
  4. If you can use VLC to play the files, I think that is going to be your only option.
  5. Nope, not much on the main-strema bands reissues. I have more Indie stuff and New Wave.
  6. I've been trying to figure out if it would be worth the effort to buy one from Japan but after my MD-133 quit reading discs I'm not too keen on spening a lot of money.
  7. Great work. I wish I could find one of these to play around with but no luck so far.
  8. I'll go out on a limb and bet you can't tell any difference between the 555 and the 940 using digital output. Really, the audio hobby is chock full of snake oil.
  9. That will be very cool, I can't wait to get started with trading again!
  10. I am thinking of building a HTPC that runs both Windows Media Center and all my legacy MiniDisc programs like M-Crew and Sonic Stage. I was looking at Windows 7 Ultimate as I'd like to be able to connect to the machine via Remote Desktop. I'm probably asking too much out of one machine. Is anyone running M-Crew on Windows 7? Any advice is most appreciated!
  11. Maybe there is a plug-in to put a pause between tracks like Winamp, to give you the track marks? I know nothing about Apple stuff however.
  12. Whenever I pull mine out in front of a twenty-something to change the disc they always look at it like it's from the future. I could really string them along. "Ya, I work for Sony. This is a new format that we're developing. It's top secret, hasn't been made commercial yet but keep a eye out because soon they'll be everywhere." :-) I got a chuckle out of that one, thanks!
  13. Why not record the FLAC files to SP in real-time, from whatever playback method you use, and skip a few steps? Sonic Stage SP is only 132 kbps and is not the best option. In fact, unless you plan on making LP2 mixes with Sonic Stage I'd skip that step altogether maybe. I always use digital for real-time recording. I know some folks say that analog recording might be better but I'm not convinced. In the end let your own ears be the judge
  14. I rip everything to a 24 bit 48khz file, then compress from those: AAL, MP3, CDDA. You are correct in suggesting wav or lossless, just wouldn't make sense to do it the other way around, in any language
  15. Could you try the disc in a player and post the results?
  16. Ok, could you try reading a disc with a player to see if the CD-TEXT can be read?
  17. Is that button on the face of the deck or the remote? I'm not tracking...
  18. For the really good stuff I use SP but I really like mixes in LP2 for portable use. With headphones it is a very good compromise bit rate. I'd be interested in that Everly Bros. greatest hits CD and Animals from vinyl. I don't have much recorded from vinyl and the results can be very good.
  19. Those facts make me want to try it out. It is too bad the playback wasn't the greastest as I remember. I might have to do some more listening tests before I make a final decision.
  20. I was thinking of using AAL for all my rips too. However after having been burned by Sony's proprietary formats in the past I'm a little shy on it now. I could always upack them back to wav format I suppose. Do you have any idea on the space savings you are getting? What settings are you using?
  21. I have some Pink Floyd that was recorded from vinyl onto MD that I got with some hardware. It is one of my prized MiniDiscs. Unfortunately the stylus must have been worn or not adjusted correctly and there is some sylibance. I still kept it however. Now that I think about it, Every Brothers and Beatles would be very cool to have recorded from a turntable. Lately I've been trying to get the whole series of: Just Can't Get Enough: New Wave Hits of the '80's from Rhino Records. If you have any of those I would be most happy to trade. What are you looking for? I'm hoping that out of over 5,000 CD's we dont' have too much overlap
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