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  1. Now that you mention it, I haven't tried to put them on a NetMD yet. I have listnened to the wav file, via Sonic Stage, and it sounds fine. I might be starting a thread about AAL. I was amazed at the fact it is virtually lossles upon testing.
  2. I am interested in Hard Day's Night, that would be a good one for something like this I think. I'm looking for some Chuck Berry, Boston, Miles Davis, Everly Brothers off the top of my head. I'm a huge fan of 80's New Wave and have a growing collection in that genre. Let me know if there is anything you need, I have some stuff that is getting harder to find. That book had renewed my interest in new (to me) music and I'm buying more CD's than ever before, even looking at buying a new CD player I hear it said that in 3 years you might not see CD's for sale everywhere like in the past. Sound familiar?
  3. This is the third time I've duplicated the test results, I have Nero installed too. My guess is it's your drive. what kind of drive do you have?
  4. The focus is on the whole album, to really experience the whole thing.
  5. I really like that timeline, Jimma. Is there somewhere I can get a hi-rez copy, I'm working on a display right now and it would fit in nicely!
  6. Thanks AZ, I really hate to part with it but I hate the idea of it sitting idly in the closet even more. I finally got around to uploading one of the Peter Murphy discs you sent me. I saved them in AAL format and also made mp3's from them for computer listening (M-Crew). I really like the song Crystal Wrist and probably never would have heard it if it wasn't for you. Thank you sir! I made a mix of some of my favs from your disc and along with some ABC and Howard Jones. Let me know if you still feel like trading, been the most fun I had with this hobby
  7. It's up on Ebay now http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sony-Handycam-DCM-M1-Camcorder-Rare-MiniDisc-Collectable-/300658780813?pt=Camcorders_Professional_Video_Cameras&hash=item4600a8ea8d
  8. I wasn't attacking the concept, just offering my opinion.
  9. I find it telling that the really advanced computer users don't want to use a HTPC. I myself have started a quick listening session only to have a miss-boot or some other niggling little failure that made it pointless. I'm looking hard at getting a receiver that has a DLNA client. I have some old HP MediaVaults that are superb - only limited by disc space. I think for the amount of money and more-so time, HTPC is a huge waste of time and electricity. I will continue to use MD/Hi-MD for as long as possible. The quality and combinations of features, along with having a physical medium, is close to perfection in my mind. It's funny how some really good formats have fallen by the wayside only to be replaced by disposible junk. And I find the idea of paying for bandwidth to play your music laughable. I do have hope though, the folks at the-impossible-project.com bought up Polariod and are now making their own film stock. One guy i heard about made his very own 35mm KODACHROME film making machine. Maybe, there is enough interest in MD for us to do something like that? Then again, I like under-dogs and lost causes.
  10. I'm not getting PM's for some reason...
  11. Up for sale is my DCM-M1 MiniDisc camcorder. I've been getting a piece here and there for a couple of years and have now decided I just dont' use it enough to justify keeping. Hopefully another collector can put it to good use! The camcorder is in excellent shape, in fact the whole package is close to new. The only thing that I can find fault with is one of the extra lenses have a few scratches. It does not really affect the picture quality when in use so I've kept using it. I fired everything up today just to check operation and it ran fine. Gave me more than a twinge of buyers remorse too. This camcorder can take still pictures, video & audio, or just audio. In fact it will even play standard MiniDiscs. Not Hi-MD, which would be even more cool, but the MD Data 2 discs are 650 gb in capacity already. It will record video in two modes: SP & LP (sound familiar?). The bitrate is 8 mbps/4 mbps respectively, for a recording time of 10/20 min. It has very impressive image stablization too. It makes filming while running in place look like you are barely nodding your head. I have the remote and it's a must have. Great for operating it from a tripod but even better for watching playback when it's hooked up to a monitor! About the only thing I don't have is the ethernet cable but that is still available from Sony for about $100. I'm throwing in some cables that the previous owner included even though they don't really go with the camcorder, maybe they will be of some use. One is some kind of power cable and the other is an ATI cable with analog and digital outputs. I am including 3 batteries and a small charger. The batteries still hold a charge, 2 were new, old stock from Radio Shack bought last year. Here's is a quick run-down of what's included: camcorder 3 batteries & charger 2 extra lenses, one wide and one zoom with storage bags Remote Carrying case 9 MD Data2 discs, 8 new in the wrapper, 1 in the camera. These were over $20 new - I don't know if you can even find them anymore or how much they would sell for now... Make me an offer before I post it on Ebay, I'd like to give someone here first chance at it! As with all used electronics this is sold as-is and guaranteed not to be dead on arrival. I'm a serious collector, know how to package things and have !00% feedback on Ebay for 11 years. You can buy with confidence.
  12. Is that the one that went fro $500? Nice unit but man, that's some dough...
  13. Andris, you going to sell some of these when they are done? I love what you are doing with this!
  14. Just listed an MDS-JE480 with several MiniDiscs this week! Nice machine too!
  15. I'm pretty sure they won't work as is, thanks for the reply!
  16. Bump for the last chance, you just don't see these much anymore...
  17. Sfbp: do you really have that JB940 running off of M-Crew? I'd love to run mine that way but so far have had no luck getting M-Crew to recognize the deck. The PC3 worked great until it died, and also connected to a JE470, no problem.
  18. I used a system called "Grid Beam". It's very good for prototyping things and of course adjustable and reuseable. Of course my piece needs finishing panels and touches, I just wanted to get some feedback before I went any further.
  19. Technics ST-9600 - PC3 (top) MD-133 MXD-D400 - MDS-JB940 MDS-JE470 - MDS-JE480 HP WHS - HP 30" Monitor - HP 8200n Media PC CD Ripper - DVD Ripper - Audio Computer STR-DG510 IBM 255 server
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