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  1. Ok so you should take a look at the stored entries in the Service Mode.Thats what maybe points out the right way to start with. Are the Discs enpty in other devices too?
  2. Hi could be very likely that your unit is dying somehow.And that the Ribbon cable is from the OWH is bad and therefor deleting yout discs when editing. This is a known issus of the R900 afaik. You should try search as well .. did you already clean your laser somehow ?
  3. Afaik that lubricant is a silicone grease and therefore water + dish soap can´t wash it off. I´ve washed that many discs.. really old ones i´ve recorded in 98 and none ever had caused problems afterwards. Have you ever experienced a bad disc cause of washed or worn out lubricant ? and btw the owh doesn´t get in contact with the disc at all when recording.
  4. the discs don´t like water ? where do you think do you know this from? I´ve cleaned a lot of old discs in the dishwasher and they started to work afterwards in case they had read errors for example. I don´t think a magneto-optical disc can be influenced by water.how could it ? ever had a wet cd-r? and see what happened after it dried ? i guess nothing^^ so listen what to do with that particular discs that don´t play or record well -> try to clean them with water and/or dish soap. After they´ve dried i assume they´ll be playing and recording nicely. Just try out .. ps: that won´t be helpful if your device is in fault of course
  5. punkrockaddict


    Iam going to sell one of my beloved RH1´s. Of course the RH1 works flawlessly.There are some scratches but nothing serious. Anybody interested ? PM with your Price suggestion. Ah i forgot the pictures :/ will post them later today.
  6. At least gogle points to that Error EE in a link to the SM .Try gogle yourself.^^ But i couldn´t locate that in the Service manual. You should explain a little more, don´t you ? How old is your Son Taking out the Battery could indeed solve this. I am looking forward to get an answer.. and.. good luck.
  7. I have a D-EJ885 which i bought new back then.This one also runs from 2 NH10WM. I remember the sound was not that "full" and the volume was low- otherweise it still is a fine machine with digital out.Damn it don´t use MD link feature..
  8. Ain´t this the common failure of a broken cog that many early sharp units suffer from ? If so this could be fixed with a new cog. I remember this that way.. not sure if its the same issue you are suffering from.
  9. Yes that is exactly the device iam talking about Behringer UCA 222 Iam unsure it will work because as i said i heard of ppl recording audio to their tablets and a friend of him tested it on his cellphone and that didn´t get any signal. You would have to try or just search a comparable device that is known to work with any Usb input or device that is not a Pc and needs no driver to operate. I hope this helps out a bit :/
  10. Just give a Shot to One of those Behringer Cinch->USB Adapters. They provide Audio to USB from a cinch line in source. Maybe this works out of a box I know ppl that Record from a Mixer right to their tablets. On another cellphone this dOn't work. But if your Usb ist just awaiting Data to be written to md it won't work either. What do you mean with Sound from the pc can be h3ard? Playing a Song in Sonic Stage??
  11. Yea he said that already. The DSP´s used in the 90´s had digital in. I used to have one back in the days ...
  12. hehe great Now you are infected as it seems. Let us know how your devices work when you get them
  13. HI there My own 333ES had Relais clicking too and no display would light up. I was able to fix it easily by checking the Ribbon cables and just seated them into again. The one that was bad seated was the one where the flexribbon w cellotape is sticked to the Board. ( right behind the AMS jog ) Also considering the C13 i already fixed some Decks.All with the same issue.. a little thing. I located this by comparing two identical Decks next to each other. Damn i don´t have pictures anymore. I try to get a picture .. maybe they are left on some usb stick around It was a bad seated ( too low ) plate on that stick that drives the disc.Just where the disc gets seated into to spin, u know what i mean ? I recognized the faulty ones with C13 were somehow too low and just pulled them up.That was it ^^ Disc inserted and olá it was working like as if there had never been anything else. Maybe you can compare with another Deck and fix this easily. greets
  14. Last night i even saw my NH3D demoing OK i was not already sleeping ; just looking at the 40EL remote and thats when i saw "Demo" After some sec of dumb looking i pressed play and there was no disc in it. I think its getting done another way then with the DH10p because i´ve just tried and it donßt come up. Anybody got an idea how to do this ? ps: my original LIP4 from the NH3D don´t charge anymore.. i think maybe thats why it went into demo ?
  15. did you install FFMPEG lately ? I once had trouble with it and was fine after putting exceptions for Sonic Stage . Maybe that is the trick. But its rather because of the changed Hardware . As you say "its licensing informations... " that means SS thinks the files are from another system and don´t play them back. Yoou could go for tools -> options -> advanced settings and try optimizing database. But iam not sure if that helps out
  16. I would go for a NH700 as its easy to use and performs on AA Cells. Can be cheap if you find a good one. Why do you think you need Hi-Md ? IF so you should go for a walkman for portable use and/or just listening outside they´re the best choice.Especially in Terms of Battery not running out that quick. EH50 - EH70 are the ones you should look for. There´s an EH930 too but this is hard to find and rather expensive I´m glad i got one by myself Once infected in all these nice MOdels you´ll be looking for a SP walkman too i think Greets
  17. It is necessary when Recording in the dark. That is exactly what i use it for. Of couse you can use it a defect or dim Display. It even works when the display is taken off :-D But you don't want to try.
  18. Toc cloning is better or easier done with a deck. Some Portables can be used too but that is tricky. I think you better ask someone to do so.. I could give it a try but you would have to send the discs over to the eu :-)
  19. Iam not sure..maybe one could write down all values off the SM to fit into yours. That would be what i would try. That is of course not the best Solution if at all. I guess Sony would charge you quite a lot.If they are even able and willing to do it. Why not just ask them?
  20. I did yea.I also took the Oled Board from a half dinmed right side and put another proofed working Board to both Oleds. I hoped the small Board itself was defect but it turned out it wasn't. Sad but true... I think i got 8 or 9 RH1 in total and 1 really looks like brand new but its Oled is 100% dark. Another One with the most usage is 50% dim at the right side. Maybe i should sell some before they wear out :-/ but i can't :-D I just love em too much
  21. Putting a 100% dark RH1 Display Board to a working RH1 didn't light it up.It was just äs dark as before.I think it just died cause its age and of much usage.also half dimmed ones acted just like in their original Units. So why should this be a power Problem? It simply points out to a dying Oled. Most dim or dark displays i've ever seen came from really used Units. This might be the Point...
  22. Alright.. When recording with that Sharp Unit you mentioned and there happend to be a power loss there would have been no toc written. So the Track is not playable. Now there is a Chance to rescue it by cloning the toc from another disc. But the chances to get 100% the original files are not always given.Was the disc new? Then it could turn out well - if there had been older recordings that have been overwritten the chances to get a good result by cloning the toc are smaller. Several Units allow cloning.. You should look the Forums for it. ;-)
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