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  1. A dying Laser and/or Dirty Disc? Try openIng the shutter and look for dust. Iam on that Board too :-) It is very unlikely to be a Bad Disc. I would Look for the recorder First. Dust/dirt inside the Unit? You should try Qhimd as well. Are you in the EU? If so i could maybe give it a try to up these discs ;-) Greetz
  2. Hi Forget about Parts ... Sorry. I already changed some oled for the RH1. These can be changed or disassembled at each side.But that is not easy. I got some spare Displays but i think most of them were half working or just dark. GettIng parts means buying a 2nd RH1 :-/ So considering the Oled there is no fix rather than usIng a spare one and that is hard to get.
  3. Dl the driver to your desktop. Go to device manager ( with the netmd attached ) right click on it and select driver update. Choose the one previously dl to the desktop and ignore the warning that it isn't signed. Now it should work flawlessly..
  4. I'd like to know that too. Besides that contagious promoting.. I don't get it. Sorry for any cynic words ;-)
  5. Hehe Sergio ;-) That Site of yours is still growing -that's nice to see. I really enjoy browsing through every time.. GreetIngs ;-)
  6. That is just a factor of light. There are 2 NH1 . One is the common Silver and there is a golden one.Looking a Bit like the champagne ES Decks imo. ;-)
  7. You cant edit tracks transferred from Sonic Stage on the device. So you have to connect it each time.
  8. Shall i sell you one? I got many of these Pm if you still need one
  9. The spray iam talking about is "Tuner 600" Very well product..Leaves no residents on the contacts and all my Units don't smell :-D Therefor I actually like its smell when spraying ;-D Just google for it and you'll see what this one actually does.
  10. Hell yes.My mobile got stolen and i had no other online Connection for some weeks. Ill reply your PM this evening. Thx
  11. I recommend contact cleaner spray.You can use an old toothbrush and a small screwdriver to scratch off the corroded parts. ;-)
  12. I own both 333ES and JB930/980 and i can't figure out much difference in the SP recordings between those.Usually i record with the 930 and Play in the ES. I think measurements would precisely give pwnage to the 333ES. Listening mostly via Headphones could be a Point why it is hard to decide.I should give this a try on my Hi-Fi next time.But regarding the recording - to compare that you would rather have to do measurements than listening A-B i think.
  13. I think i got 2-3 thousand used blanks and a couple of 100's new wrapped. Maybe 4 or 500.. :-D Concerning the Units iam right now clearing my stock a Bit. If one is in the need of getting a Hi-MD Unit just ask ;-) I think i got enough .More then i could ever use for sure :-P Cheers :-)
  14. Haha if you ask Sony i would bet they won't do that because they don't know how . My N10 still plays well..but don't get used much. I hope the best for you if you ask Sony :-)
  15. Yes These Need to be discharged before getting charged again. I reconmend a better charger then the Unit itself. Usually i let them loop through an alive Programm every Time.That gives me great results.. As i got enough NH14 i always Carry 3-4 @ full charge when iam on a Ride ;-) I can charge them at a maximum of 1250 mah. And those were near 12 years old. They last ages when used for Playback. I don't Record anymore with NH14 when iam outside so can't speak for that.
  16. The Jog forces to self destruct because dust and other small particles get in there. Disassembling the front and the Jog itself to clean it with contact spray and a toothbrush can help ^^ I've revived some of my RH1 that way. But don't be surprised how small and sensitive these things are.
  17. Ho Sergio Ya old collector ;-) Between my previous post and my knowledge i did read exactly that sentence on your page. Thats why i know about the release Date of that unit ;-) Thx for all that work and for providing us with all that in between Knowledge ;-) Cheers
  18. And you were right again.That was exactly the one i was about to ask to confirm. Its a funny thing being unsure about the difference in quality.being not able to figure this out by listening closely makes it somehow being .. Uargh .. Dunno. I would for sure be glad just to know that my ES Decks perform on a theoretically ,not in every case bearable higher level. That's what they were Build.To be honest -> the quality of these Units is its Magic too, isn't it? Cheers :-P
  19. Haha I share your thoughts by every word. The colour came out wrong , i think due to the light or the Camera.It's a Silver one ;-) I would also like to get the bronze one. Surprisingly there is no indication on the back of the Unit claiming its amp. Other Portables got that usually. So iam unsure about its amp now. But it sounds like a blast.so nevermind :-D @slugbahr can you confirm what amp was used in these early Walkman? Not much Info alt all in the net about it :-/
  20. Write Protection enabled? The small white shutter at the front ? Maybe the disc was recorded through Sonic Stage? Do you try to edit on the Rh1 itself?
  21. I Could do the Job but iam in Europe . Its your Choice.Maybe there is someone coming up to help from the US..
  22. Yes this is the first ever released Hi-Md portable afaik. And to my surprise it has a HD Digital Amp. I bought it defect for about 40$ and brought it back to Life :-P Easy work cause i really only had to clean it from all that fancy dust that was inside and greased all the stucked Mechanics.They were somehow stuck so that "No Disc" appeared and no noise was heard first. That was it.It plays just perfect.Even the redinig goes that fast after a new disc is inserted that i was surprised as how fast it can be in a Hi-MD unit. So if ever anybody wants to share a Charge stand.. i´ll gladly take it cheers btw i edited a picture of my unit in case nobody knows it
  23. Does anybody else here in the Forums even own that Unit I guess i should try learn japanese to get some spare parts ^^
  24. If this is the only unit to try you should do it.There´s no point in my knowledge something could horribly go wrong. I never tried any of the multiple Methods for Toc cloning myself- there was no need to it. At least since i know about.. before that i could have recovered a very important recording that was lost due to a worn oout battery in my old old sharp recorder in the 90´s. did you erase something by mistake as the battery drained out while recording ? wish you good luck
  25. Who said that all Decks with Type-R produce the same quality recordings ? Opening up an ES Deck to take a look inside will give you an impression what the difference is. Likely all Type-R recordings should bve the same i guess they aren´t. Unfortunately i was planning to do some test recordings on various Type-R Decks but didn´t finish yet. I was about to clarify what differences do appear between the JA333ES and the JB930QS recording SP from a digital and analog source. By all means i was just recording and somebody else should have figured out all the rest If i can get the time i will get on soon to finish this. cheers :-P
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