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  1. The 4pole adapter is for "line-out " into an amp only. See the manual ;-) any standard 3pole headphone can be used with the 1Bit Sharp Units.
  2. Hi Folks i got a spare JE470 which is defect.. Now as i already took all parts i needed for a different project i was wondering if the PC-LINK part could be used to fit into the JB930? I remember that Stephen said that the Board connections are the same as the A1? Could be this was a long time ago OK i lack the PCLK-M20 too but i´d like to get this done if possible as the 470 Deck has no other use anymore. Does anyone know if the PC-Link plug can be attached to the Control AI port on the JB930 for example ? I´m also looking for the PCLK-MN20 so if one wants to part with his i´d take it ;-)
  3. SoundForge costs me 10$ so that was no problem. It is called AudioStudio iirc.
  4. Did you press the button in front of the unit for NetMD ? One has to press to activate the Decks NetMD mode first.. The 780 does work with the supplied driver here.Iam running my 980QS too
  5. Yes it will.That is like every recording .
  6. :D my Denon MD Replicator does the Job as he does everything i put into on a clone MD even MDLP and whatever
  7. I´ve added the Panasonic SJ-MR250 to my NetMD760 yesterday. In case anybody needs it here is the VID %NETMDUSB.DeviceDesc%=NETMDUSB.Dev, USBVID_04DA&PID_23B3 ; Panasonic SJ-MR250 Of course it works.. :-)
  8. Depends on how old it is and how it was stored. All my LIP4 are in the freezer compartment.
  9. punkrockaddict


    Hi FOlks just received a new toy and to my bad luck it won´t do anything other then "Error" in the remote´s display. No Disc spinning :-/ I bought this little beauty , it is an MZ-E710 imo one of the most beautiful Walkman out there , defect and knew it could be worse. What does bother me is that i never knew that Error Message before. What i did till now - complete disassembly and cleaning/regreasing including all the Boards cleaned with Isopropyl alcohol - checked SM but there is no error history on that device I pulled out the Laser section and turned it on but it still repeats with Error. I didn´t have the time to do any further testing.Pretty disappointing though Any ideas what to check before it gets finally stored in a drawer ?
  10. Damn you threw away that box :-O What a pity i could have used that many parts from these Did you keep the battery from the RH1 ? Iam always in the need of these ;-)
  11. Hi-MD is necessary for PCM recording only imo. That is exactly what i use them for. Ok there are some with audiobooks and others with compilations but among all the PCM Discs are 95% Prices are up to 30$ a Disc.
  12. Could it be just the transport plate is set too low ? That is what i would look first.
  13. IS that the same unit we have discussed before ? that was dropped down a table or something ? Or where the kids played with ?
  14. Ffs! Where the hell did he get this o.O? I could imagine it would sell for more. Description is really funny "nerdgasm" :D
  15. Ah that is you ;-) I saw this on Fb. I really wonder why those cases haven´t been more popular. Besides that i got a case that originally sold with 4 lumina discs that is at least compareable to that one. I´m sure everyone knows those 8x cases.But this one is looking way better made.
  16. as cd-text is from sony only cds from sony do have this.And i may be wrong but i think they don´t release any since some years. you may want to try burrrn. I use this to make flac->cd. It is freeware and suports replay gain too.Very good burning soft imo
  17. That rotary knob is very nice.The JA333 has it too ;-) kalkie what do you mean by "are all gone ?" The RH910/10 often suffer from that problem.I´ve been lucky to get one working again lately. The buttons are covered by a plastic film on the board which makes it more difficult to clean them. In case there is dirt/dust the electronical resistance is influenced and changed the buttons don´t work as they are controlled by that resistance. Do you need any help to get them repaired ?
  18. i´ve not been able to hear a sound difference in my JB980 compared to the ja333 when playing MDLP. In general most units support MDLP that were made from 2000 on. 440/640/470/770/480/780/980 I recommend the JE640 as it has many many nice features.Ok it is not Type-S .. Did anybody ever notice any sound improvements when comparing type-R/S Decks in MDLP mode ? When budget is not that problem i would go for a JA 333 of course. Imo the best looking Deck too :-)
  19. Looking good. how do these stock on your Mds ? Are they adhesive ? and btw survival of the fattest is a nice sampler.I remember when i bought it in the mid 90´s very Punkrock.. ;-)
  20. Hi Folks i´ve done several RH1´s Oled repairs too. I was hoping it was the Board itself at fault but to no luck. There are more RH1 dying that is for sure. Seen so many dark RH10 and now it gonna be worse. Heres a picture of the OLED Board ;-) Indeed only some replacement OLED has helped to get that RH1 workk again.
  21. I got a RH1 for sale so PM me if you are interested.
  22. tell me.. how much is such a storage unit? just for the printer costs.. looks awesome.. great job ;-)
  23. No a tip at all but i know these boards die because they arent protected that well in the unit. There should be bad soldering spots for exapmple when the unit wot power up. You should look into SM to know about the fault. There´s stored memory codes for the failures. All my E10 i ever had , and there were by 3 , were all defect and unrepairable for myself. Not any good news i know.. sorry for that ;-)
  24. The Oled is organic.. so it is not calibrate- or repairable.It is simply aging and getting dimmed after time. I used to set all my RH1 and of course RH10´s displays to auto off when iam not looking at it. Such a nice display should be used imho. That is the one and only reason iam using my RH1 for taping.
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