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  1. I use all of my RH1 for concerts and so on. That is what is intended for .. I could not use any other Walkman because of the display showing me the levels in a dark enviroment. But its really nice to know what others use it for. reading about ppl recording bird calls is the first time for me ;-) Nice though.. I could take a look if i got a spare Jog but i don´t think so. And i guess there is more to be replaced then just the visible part of the Jog if it broke that way. Ive never heard of that before.. If youre in the need of another recorder i could get you one.No problem as i got some ( lets say plenty )
  2. you think he has got a spare Jog wheel ? I would be surprised if he has one.. but hey just ask ;-) And how can one loose the Jog wheel ? ffs have never heard of that :-D You must be rude to your walkman ..
  3. do you still got the jog or is it broeken into some parts? I don´t know if anybody got a repair service for that particular thing.. regards
  4. Hi Folks Does anyone have this software called "AC-19" that is used for professional Denon MD Decks? I recently got a defect DN-045R and repaired it. It is the MD-Replicator. Cool Unit.. It even copies MDLP with no Problems. Iam hoping to be able to try it with a Usb-RS-232 Adapter. Any help is very appreciated ;-)
  5. HI thx for that fast reply. Of course i use a 100V converter.How could you even think i wouldn´t I know of some ppl having no issues with a 110V one but i rather invested 10$ more to get the right one. So to be clear -> fixing the Onkyo units without service manual wouldn´t be possible^^ at least i don´t even know how to get in service mode.. Can you provide ma a link for the SM ? I could ask some ppl to translate.. I would appreciate any help on fixing that 105FX DEck iam speaking of.
  6. Hi If this helps i could provide you some spare parts for that unit. i got a working board left where i ripped off the drive. I used that for a defect RH1 which is working now. Concering your display you are, sadly, out of luck.I do got 2 displays as spare parts but they are partially dim too.I think one was completly dark. :-/ this may be a bit off topic but.. Has anybody ever done an allignment on Onkyo Hi-Md Decks? Iam having issues on reading Hi-Md 1GB discs.At least most of them do play ( not all) but they never be recorded by the unit. imho the Lasers Focus is bad as the Laser is having problems on finding the Focus point.This can be heard as it gives a constant clicking noise before playback starts. Service Manuals don´t even exist for Onky.. or does anybody know of ?
  7. Quite pleased? You would have scored the same without the discs i think.
  8. oh not ton but quite some. What do you mean with japanese shops. Do you know of Hi-Md storage for the old Hi-Md cartdriges ? The dark ones ..
  9. I think ll reg up on his site. He does a very good job for what he does.Always interesting to read.. Did he post results anywhere? I had a hard time learning french in school so i need to get this translated but that sucks to read. I could supply a Sony PRMD or TDK Studio :-) for his testing purpose.
  10. To be clear i think about another programm that has more editing functions in terms of that cd text. I usually use burrrn .. and thats the hell of a software.Very good and reliable. But if it is true what you said about the ascii code / the table of used letters in the code then i should have to go that way by another programm where that could be set up. At least iam hoping such ones do exist.. The manuals all refer to a specific <2m cable with a defined resistance for the control A1. My cable is <2m but about the resiatance idk. Iam not giving up yet. There has to be way Anybody got a recommendation for a plain Sony Cd player with Control A1 ?
  11. Does anybody know of Hi-Md storage solutions for the older bigger cases ? Iam wondering if these ever existed. Iam also looking for a storage box for MD Albums as these cases don´t fit my boxes either.
  12. One Question in advance.If one is doing a cd Sync recording "with" Cd text on whatever unit will the text be displayed at once at the Md Deck? As if track 1 is being recorded and still playing does the Deck show the Title at once ? OK i had another go on this with my 333ES Deck. I experienced that when i set up the Changer (CDP-CX455) to Control A1 II it does the Job as usual and puts the 333ES to rec/pause and so on. Everything is fine except any popping up of Cd-Text nor any error message. That should be the right config as the 333ES does have Control A1 II and the Changer does too. Now.. if i set up the Changer to the earlier Control A1 and do a Cd-Sync recording the 333ES shows up "Text protected" .. I don´t get why it doesn´t show up that error when connected properly as stated in the manuals to Control A1 II. Nevermind .. iam running out of ideas what to do. Anybody got an idea of what software to use to burn Cds? I usually use burrrn...
  13. The only way around is a MZ-RH1 to upload the Discs. All other Hi-MD units do only upload Hi-MD recordings.. So consider buying a RH1 or do RTT via line in to your PC.. soryr for the bad news
  14. Well i´d love to get some too. Maybe we should calculate how many to order at once for each of us ? If 1000 is the minimum order then we shoould plan to do so, shouldn´t we ? Iam in Germany.. if that helps out a bit Thx for making this possible :-) greetings
  15. I thought the used key is a masterkey? Did anybody ever tried FFmpeg to playback ? It would be worth a shot..
  16. You could playback with FFmpeg and then record it to your Walkman or whatever. I guess this should work at least
  17. These look good ;-) think you got some nice blanks left, do you?
  18. Hi open the lower case and you´ll see the Belt.Take it out and replace. Not difficult at all
  19. Hey guys i got a mint JA20Es and had to rework the mechanics of the tray. Same thing as OT had as i suppose that his (BU- has broken too. My Deck is making sttrange things now that teh tray does work. I turn it on and it comes up with blinking "close" . After pressing open and close again .. it directly states C13 read error ( i love when this shows up ) and opens automatically. Now.. if i close it it again "Toc reading" shows up and the Disc can be played back with no Problems. I tried shortening the BT Board pin 1/3 ( where the Battery is in ) as stated in the SM but to no luck. What the Hell is going on.. did i miss something ? When i first plugged the Deck in the Display was dark and it was constantly clicking and whirrling because the BU-B had broke loose and some other mechanical parts were broken. I fixed all this.. but now iam out of ideas. So does anybody got a clue what is going on in the unit ?
  20. copying cd text is done by attaching a sony cd player to an Md recorder via A1 Cable. I have tried that several times but all i could reach was a text protected message. That feature is nonsens since most even self burned microphone recorded files are protected. I was never trying this with a coax cable..just with toslink.But that shouldn´t matter since the data gets transmitted via the A1.
  21. Ffs i was wrong. Reballing can´t be done cause its no bga chip. I´ll have to try with other chips first to get things working as i want to
  22. I have one of these machines, sure. There is no problem getting the chip out and back in. Oh and i got that many Decks.. it won´t be a problem to slaughter a DEck for testing
  23. I won't solder.A reballing machine does that work. If the connections are the same (just a guess) i could imagine it to be working.
  24. Hi Anybody ever tried to do this ? Iam thinking about replacing the Atrac Chip from a Type-R JA20ES with a Type-S ( and MDLP capable ) one from a JE480. What would happen if the Chip would be perfectly replaced by a reballing machine ? Any possibilities it would play MDLP afterwards using the "new" Atrac CHip ? OK i would start with another Deck to try.. not an ES one at first attempt Think I´ll have to read into Schematics in the SM to be sure it could fit in. Any ideas ?
  25. Hi Sergio Nice new pics ;-) What kind of tdk lucir discs do you got? I discovered only two Blue 74/80 Are these all? And are these rare? Greetings ;-)
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