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  1. Some people who have RH1 can do the transfer for you. http://olx.pl/oferta/przegrywanie-minidisc-CID619-ID6kseN.html I do it, but I keep the discs in return for the transfer.
  2. I can't see any HiMD's. When was the list last updated?
  3. It worked about a week ago, I used to read it through Google Translate. I think it will come back soon.
  4. Be patient, it will pay off. Here is what I bought in January, there is still a chance for a reasonable price.
  5. I just got my new unit - it's MZ-RH1! As usual I made a deal with a person from tablica.pl - I can give you a direct link, it should be working. http://tablica.pl/oferta/sony-mz-rh1-kultowy-nagrywajacy-minidisc-walkman-CID99-ID4IdZR.html There are very few HiMD units available in Poland, because at the time they were manufactured the price was really high for us. The problem with RH1 is that on international auction services prices are going up and up - and the same situation is beginning to start in Poland. You can see it on Polish ebay known as "Allegro": http://allegro.pl/listing/listing.php?string=mz-rh1&utm_source=opera&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=opera There are two units for 1500PLN/360EUR/490USD and 2000PLN/480EUR/655USD. So the person I made deal with probably didn't know what he was selling. First I thought that the price of 750PLN/180EUR/245USD is a trap, but I took the risk. I asked the seller as much details as he could answer to, then I just waited for delivery (it was done by Polish Post, because seller lives 500 kilometers from me). So when the unit arrived I was very surprised. Everything works perfectly fine! I also got: - RM-MC38EL remote - LIP-4WM battery - earphones - power supply - stereo microphone - microphone preamp (I don't know why the seller even bought it.) - three HMD1GA discs, one Premium 80 min disc - CD with SonicStage and all the papers including instrucion manuals and... ... an invoice from Polish Internet shop dated to 2007 with a price of 1100PLN/265EUR/360USD for brand new MZ-RH1 Everything was packed in original RH1 box. I think it was a really good deal and of course a bargain. I didn't even expected to buy MZ-RH1 when I began my MiniDisc adventure, because of the high prices. Right now I'm using it and listening to "Digital love" from Daft Punk's "Discovery". I will inform you when I buy next MD unit. Poland seems to be a good MD market if you are patient. When the spring comes I will try to write something about my analog Sony devices. Stay tuned.
  6. Losio

    mz rh1 problem

    It should work without battery, it can be powered via USB. If everything is OK, "Walkman" should appear on left screen, and unit should work as USB drive then, displaying "Hi-MD" on the left and a row of 9 dots on the right screen. Maybe there's something wrong with USB cable or your USB socket - maybe it doesn't give DC 5V 800 mA to the unit, try checking your power scheme settings. I hope your RH1 isn't broken, check if it works as soon as the battery or power supply arrives.
  7. The same situation in Poland. I've noticed a slight increase in prices and lack of new offers (especially in HiMD equipment). You can compare prices to yours. First link is "polish ebay", second is "polish gumtree". http://allegro.pl/listing/listing.php?string=minidisc&search_scope= http://tablica.pl/oferty/?q=minidisc Arr-Nine-Hundred, as you mentioned watch alerts on tablica.pl are great, you don't need to read old offers over and over, you just click "show new unseen offers" and specify a region.
  8. Do you consider shipping to Europe?
  9. How much is shipping to Poland?
  10. Try to buy used MD walkman with working LCX-5R optical pick-up and then do the swap following service manual from minidisc.org. I did this with my MZ-B50 when I removed broken LCX-2R OP and installed working LCX-5R from MZ-N505 which had problems with disc spinning motor. My MD voice recorder works perfectly now. 1) Yes, it can be calibrated in service mode, but don't do that if you haven't done it before! You also need laser power meter which is not cheap equipment.
  11. I've got only one HMD1GA and use few regular MDs in HiMD mode, but 1GB HiMD is perfect for long term data storage. You propably know the advantages of Magneto-Optical disc technology.
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