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  1. Don’t be daft. Good to hear the 909’s already been put to good use. 

    Not sure how I missed that 980 either, although I’m generally a bit nervous about going after faulty decks even if they sound like a probable easy fix. Would have taken a punt for £30 though. 

  2. 48 minutes ago, kgallen said:

    Would coax output be of interest to you? I could probably design a PCB to support both TOSLINK and coax if of interest. For the D4 I want to make a dual-TOSLINK [Note 2]. However maybe I could do a PCB that is single TOSLINK+Coax if this is of interest.

    TBH, I'd had a momentary brain fade when I asked the question and was labouring under the misapprehension that my MDS-JE500 was lacking an optical output. It isn't 🤦‍♂️ What it is missing are any coaxial digital connections. This isn't really an issue as I only really use that deck for wiping protected MDs that I've received bundled with players I've bought on eBay.


    Where I do have a "gap" though is that my MDS-JB980s are lacking a coaxial digital output (it's one of the things Sony seem to have dropped for cost saving reasons after the MDS-JB940). In order to connect my MDS-JB980 to my PC I need to use a small convertor I bought that converts the optical signal to an electrical one, as my PC audio interface is coax only. It's not the end of the world but would be neater if the 980s had coax outputs.


    TL;DR You can never have too many connection options imho 🙂

  3. Haha. Brilliant 😂


    The MZ-R909 is a nice looking machine. I'm pretty it's one of the models I've got a watch list set up for on eBay but I'm doing my best to ignore the notifications at the moment... Which colour did you get?


    On the earlier theme of MiniDisc storage, I'd been looking for a while for something to keep my MDs in and recently picked up a couple of TJENA boxes from Ikea. They're only cardboard but are pretty much a perfect fit for MiniDiscs in their cases. I'll post a picture when I can but it's these ones: Ikea Tjena Storage Box 25x35x10



  4. Is anyone else having issues posting pictures? 


    I keep getting an error message:


    Sorry, an unknown server error occurred when uploading this file.

    (Error code: box.jpg could not be saved.)


    I have tried multiple jpg files and none seem to work. The size of file or length of file name doesn't seem to make a difference either.


    I have managed to successfully post pictures since the forum was resurrected - e.g. here: 



    Any ideas?

  5. On 9/15/2021 at 4:29 PM, kgallen said:

    It's oh so quiet... (Rich's Disc Pictorials don't make no sound!).


    I have a niggle that I need to look into a little more. Sharing it for chatter. Let's talk SP (various ATRAC1 versions) vs LP2 and maybe even Type-S:


    The only MD-CD I have is Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds. But you know that. Depending on which date in the booklet is relevant it's either 1995 or 1998 so could be ATRAC1 v3 or ATRAC1 v4 maybe, but not later. Probably not relevant. It's two SP discs. The other week I did an MD-MD copy using my MDS-E10 into (one of) my MDS-E12 via coax digital so I could take a copy to work. I've been using LP2 a lot, so that's what I used to get 2xSP onto 1xLP2 disc.


    Listening back I wasn't happy. After Richard Burton's intro speech, we launch into the big orchestral[*] intro: "Duh, Duh, Derrrrrrr..." ([*] ok, I know it was probably synths.)


    Click. That's what I heard on the first "Duh". Click. The LP2 copy has a click right there on that orchestral strike. The LP2 encoder couldn't handle it??? Took another disc and recorded that part again in LP2. Click. Record that part in SP (will be Type R on the E12). Perfect. It's real - the LP2 encoder can't handle it!


    So am I imagining it?


    Any ideas? Is this a pure LP2 thing? Or is this an SP in ATRAC1 v3 (or v4) decoded and then re-encoded into LP2 artifact?


    Anyone had any similar experiences?


    Experiments to do:

    (1) Does using a Type-S decoder help here and avoid the click? (480 or B10 to try)

    (2) Do I have this album on CD (maybe?). If I repeat this recording do I get the same "click" in LP2?


    For now I'm sticking with two discs of SP Type-R.


    Also I bought TWOTW "New Generation". Nah, not up to the original in my view (although half of it seems to be the same instrumentation from the original version!). Discuss!

    Further, that "same" strike from TWOTW NG - from CD - doesn't cause LP2 any problems...


    Very puzzling!

    I don't have any pre-recorded MiniDiscs (just a cleaning disc that has a short amount of audio on it) so I have never tried copying one. I have, however, Made plenty of LP2 recordings from CDs and never noticed any audible clicks.

  6. 13 hours ago, kgallen said:

    Those budget ones look like they have metal shutters. The Sharp one that arrived inside my recent E12 has a plastic shutter. I’m not keen on those at all (reliability wise - looks like a disc jam waiting to happen…).

    I was always a bit suspicious of the plastic shutters on Maxell and Sharp discs so I tended to avoid buying them. Having said that, I don't recall ever actually having an issue with any of the ones I did have.

    Funnily enough I bought a pack of Maxell discs recently. I haven't opened them yet so not sure if they have metal or plastic shutters but I suspect they might be plastic. I think I'd seen you post some of them Kevin (they're colour ones with butterfly patterns on them)?

  7. 14 hours ago, Richard said:


    Not that I've ever noticed no, the discs and the cases are good. The labels and overall design can be a bit plain design-wise, but I never had any issues at all. Most of them are made either by Saehan of Korea who also made discs for Victor / JVC, Axia / Fuji and others or by Ritek in Taiwan. I would say of those two manufacturers, Saehan are probably slightly better overall in terms of quality of the shells of the discs and cases, but I've never had a single issue with any of these kind of discs. 


    The TDK's, Axia's, Maxell's etc.. just have more interesting designs for me and much more attention to detail on the labels, cases and index cards (especially Axia), but I quite like the "nostalgic" feel of some of these discs. 

    Thanks Richard. Was just asking as I'd never seen any of these discs/brands and I don't remember any of them making their way into UK shops.

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