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    I know this sounds silly, but I kept getting those messages relating to 'can't import tracks which are not registered to sonicstage' as well. But it just turned out that I'd imported them twice by accident. First I'd dragged them over and because I didn't see them appear in the library - I dragged them over again - which is when the message popped up. When I looked in the library again, I found they were already there from the first 'drag' but had a slight delay in appearing. So when I dragged them the second time - it couldn't import them because they were already imported. As I said, it sound silly and that may not be the reason you're having that problem - but I only get those error messages when I've impatiently dragged songs over twice without waiting for them to appear in the library!
  2. Ok, great. You've convinced me. I'll get them. Like I said, the NC is not an issue for me as I don't travel regularly enough to need it. Thanks so much for the help and prompt reply. Long live the internet!!
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    Equalizer in NW-S706

    Sorry to be ignorant, but I need to adjust the 5-band equalizer to reduce the volume of vocals. For some reason the vocals on nearly all the tracks seem overpowering compared with the instrumental part. 1)Which slider should I adjust to reduce the volume on the vocals? I don't want them to sound muffled or bassy, just quieter. I'm getting 80% of the sound at the top of my head and the other 20 in left and right channels. I just want to be able to balance it better as it hurts to have everything so overpowering in one section. 2) The clear bass slider - is this different to the bass adjustment on the equalizer itself? I thought the first 2 sliders (from left to right) were to adjust bass and mid bass so I'm confused as to how the clear bass fits in! 3) On the equalizer - which is the 'flat' setting? Is it with all the sliders in the middle in the same place? And it it has a 'flat' setting, does this mean that clear bass does not affect it? Thank you for any help in advance!
  4. Thanks so much for your help. It's much easier to understand when someone has actually tried the headphones side by side. I guess I was expecting the mdr-ex90 to produce quite a big difference, but from the sound of it the phones are quite similar. One thing I need clearing up - you said that the mdr-ex90 is unable to cut ambient noise (because they're not noise cancelling like the nc-022) but I still didn't quite get if the sound would be like the nc-022 with the NC switched off. You said the nc-022 provided a bit of a better 'seal' with the NC switched off than the ex-90, and when you say the ex-90 feels 'lighter' do you mean the fit feels 'looser' - and so it would let in more noise anyway? Do they feel as if they would fall out? The nc-022 feel very secure in my ears so I wouldn't want to swap for phones that I had to keep adjusting. In your opinion, can you tell a clear difference between the nc-022 and ex-90 if you didn't know which phones you were using? My headphone listening is mainly acoustic and classical - and I listen to rock on my home system so that's not a problem if the bass is lighter on the ex-90 -I just wondered if you considered them much better than the nc-022 or just a little better! So - if you were in a quiet place and swapped between headphones, would it make a noticeable difference? I can always use the nc-022 for trains, planes etc - but my main listening is at home where it's fairly quiet, and that is what I would buy the ex-90s for. Thanks again for the help!
  5. Hi - I'm new here and would really like some advice please! I've read all the comments about the nc-022 supplied headphones but still have some questions! I have the nw-s706 with the nc-022 headphones and wanted to upgrade the headphones. I tried the super.fi 5 pro ones and although the sound is much better (and louder!) than the nc-022, they're not as comfortable as the nc-022 and I had quite bad earache in my left eardrum after using the super.fi's even at low volume for less than an hour. Although the sound quality was great, I actually prefer the more 'compressed' sound of the nc-022 as opposed to the strange 'wideness' of the super.fi's. I read the comments about the ex-90's only being a 'lateral' move from the nc-022 - can someone please explain if they: 1) fit into the ears the same way as the nc-022 (which I find pretty comfortable) as I keep reading that they let in a lot of outside noise. Is the 'outside noise' the equivalent of using the nc-o22 with noise-cancelling swtiched off - or does the leakage come from the fact they fit differently into the ear than the nc-022? I'd like to know as I don't tend to use the noise-cancelling facility anyway so wouldn't mind if the leakage was the same as NC off. 2) as the ex-90 and nc022 are both 16 ohms impedance, does that mean they're as 'loud' as each other? Someone mentioned the ex-90s had a wider range and reduced the hiss on the unit. I can cope with the hiss but wondered if the actual sound quality is better than the supplied headphones. I do like the nc-022's but wanted a slightly better (clearer?) sound perhaps at lower volumes. I know one reviewer Zizone said they were better, but didn't quite explain the differences in a way I could picture. So, if Zizone is reading, can you tell me a little more please? How much better are the ex-90s in comparison with the nc-022 and if anyone else has been able to compare them directly please tell me. Are the clearer, louder, same fit etc? The photo shows a slightly different housing so I want to know if they fit the same way as the supplied phones. Sorry to go on for so long, but it looks like a really informative site so I hope someone can help. Thanks in advance![
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