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  1. I'm sorry but it doesn't See here if I missed something:
  2. Tkx! It's the second day I tried and it's the second time I gave up lol
  3. I've tryed everything and I still doesn't work with my A806. Also tried with a PSP and it didn't work either. The reebot doesn't do the trick Might it be a problem with my windows? It doesn't work on my laptop or my desktop :S I follow all the rules. In the psp I just copy pasted and Even doing that it keeps showing "Removable Disc". I'm all up of ideas
  4. I had a PSP but the games were so few and the quality so bad I sold it and used the € to buy an A806 to replace my E405 lol Can't play games like in PSP (but actually I rarely played at all, it was just sitting there..) but now I have more space for music and I keep watching video I just wished my walkman had the music visualisations like winamp that PSP has
  5. I tried Vaio Music Transfer and it worked with my A806. The setback is that after transfer it disables advance mode and only works in simple mode so i stoped using it because i like the advance mode features like ratings, bookmarks and which tracks I heard on each day of each month.
  6. Men... This is getting better by the day looooool :S
  7. We'r not even sure if it will come out yet lol
  8. Someone said that the 800 has continue video playing option and that the nano only stops in the end of a movie.. It may be importante for some people...
  9. That's another news we'll just have to wait and see.. (just like the firmaware lol) Can't know in advance
  10. GusG

    DVD Video onto A80x

    I just put Full lol But I don't know if it's better or not to do so.. :x
  11. GusG

    DVD Video onto A80x

    That's the profile I was using too. The version of the program was the latest one (v.4.0.80-something) Now I tried with a previous one (V.4.0.43) and all went well lol It converted the whole movie and the size of the file is 751MB (not the 350MB) How can someone understand this loool Oh well I'll just use the early version. Has a third of the number of profiles but the ipod (30) is there so I don't need any other. Many thanks for the help cc@mp0s.cl!! Really apreciate it!
  12. Is there any link to that news?
  13. GusG

    DVD Video onto A80x

    Well it did split into 2 parts but while one is 300MB the other is only 32 MB (the missing part until half of the movie... again..) I think I'll try another program :\ I already tried handbreak but it doesn't work with original DVDs because of the anti-copy protections
  14. GusG

    DVD Video onto A80x

    In the config there's nothing about a max size and in the split menu it's selected "infinite". I really don't understand why this is happening because when it's converting it goes beyond the 50%.. When it finishes the size of the file drops to about 300MB and only has half of the movie. I'll try spliting into two 300MB parts
  15. GusG

    DVD Video onto A80x

    I'm using Imtoo Dvd to mp4 converter and it is registered. The problem is when it finishes converting the entire movie the resulting file only has half of it. Why is that? I tried with another title ( also the entire movie) And happened the same thing.. Can't get this to work :S
  16. I too am glad Mine shows that it is in advance mode and only shows A-Z because I dont have many albums (I think lol) But it shows the ratings. (didn't quite understand if your's show or don't)
  17. Glad to help. =P Try it out and tell us if it worked or not
  18. Mine only has A-Z in the album section too. The various letters only show up separately in the song and artist sections. Didn't know it was suposed to be different until I read this thread though Maybe it changes to A-M N-Z if we have really a lot of albums.. Don't know... But 60 is a lot
  19. I dont understand very well that logic. If they wanted a new player they wouldn't use the carcass of an old player... only diference is the firmware. I bet inside it's exactly the same lol It doens't even have radio just like the "old" one... And how does the "someone" knows if even the Sony representatives don't? (some say yes others say no lol)
  20. Let's just wait and see. Don't bring bad fluids lol We hhave to keep our faiths alive!! Alas I love my walkman and even without a firmware update it will have the same usage has if it had one! =)
  21. Sorry for the ignorance but what is exactly the gapless playback? no breaks between tracks?
  22. I think I would go for the S618 because I already have a pair of Sennheiser CX-300 lol Screen smaler but has FM radio, possibly the same quality sound I presume & the colours are more vibrant. The only one I like in the A800 is black but I can't decide which colour of the S610 I like the most lol
  23. GusG

    New Walkmans (NWZ Series)

    I like it too. It's cute lol I looove my A806 but I found it a bit too slim. The acrylic case took care of that problem.. This one is less slim so i think it's a bit more ergonomic for the hands. The colours are more vibrant and I like them plus the Radio. If I didn't had the A806 I think I would sacrifice a bit of screen for the radio and go for the S616 blue one... I don't care about the phones because I have ones better... But it will only convince me when I have one on my hand.
  24. If that's the respect Sony has for recent consumers than I take Your words mine! Bye Sony real fast!
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