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  1. I'd say that's a substantial contribution...if RIAA monitors us, government should monitor RIAA. Turnabout is fair play, and that's an excellent thought. Too bad everything else doesn't work that way...
  2. So why aren't they after all the larger franchises that allow the buying and selling of used CD's? As stated before, they're having a great time using p2p networks as a scapegoat, I'm sure all the other companies in the economy wish they had someone to sue everytime they had a drop in profits.
  3. Bazirker

    MD on Airplanes

    Some is developing a technology to see if you accidentally left your cd player on in your backpack? That sounds a bit obsessive-compulsive to me, I've done a lot of flying and I've never heard of there actually be a problem because someone didn't turn off a device. In fact, I accidentally left my cell phone on once and everything was still ok. (Unlike an MD player, I actually do believe that a cell phone is perfectly capable of screwing up an aircraft's radio systems and stuff like that, so I was pretty upset when I found my cell phone on.)
  4. Hey guest #2, your mp3 tags won't transfer if you use dino's method...unless you use this wonderful program! http://forums.minidisc.org/viewtopic.php?t=1815 It will make the whole process a lot easier once you're mastered dino's method, and you will get track titles.
  5. In Nren2k5's defense, if you are on a PC computer, AAC is miles away from being "complete." As he says, there are so many differences between different companies' compression codecs that they won't all play through the same audio player. I have AAC things that I encoded with psytel that plays great in foobar but nero won't recognize (I do have the Nero AAC/mp4 plugin,) I have stuff that nero will encode and recognize but foobar won't recognize it, and so on and so forth. The compatibility simply isn't there. Hopefully some of that will get resolved when Nero 6.0 comes out soon with a built-in, high quality AAC enc/dec. As for the Apple stuff...well, that's great if AAC is the official codec of Apple machines, good for you guys. However, noting that the point of this thread is AAC with NetMD and that Apple computers aren't even NetMD compatible, it's irrelevant whether or not Apple has AAC standardized. Having defended NRen2k5, now I gotta point out where I disagree with him. Comparing lossy and lossless audio formats is not apples and oranges, it's music either way. The lossless audio at what is considered "perfect, CD quality" gives us foundation to judge how well a compression format does its job. I personally find SP quality ATRAC to sound just as good as lossless audio, meaning 292 kbps ATRAC audio does its job and does it well.
  6. Yanno, I actually just got on to make a similar post. Using D66's, I compared the bass of an R700 to an N10 and found that the R700 has significantly stronger bass. While the N10 has clearer, less boomy bass than the R700, it is simply lacking in force. Does anyone have any custom settings for the N10 that will really put some power into the bass without making the music sound like crap?
  7. Future sony programs might support AAC because it is going to rapidly become one of the leading audio formats. But then again, Sony tends to be morons about that sort of thing. What programs are you using to make your AAC files? I've been experimenting with the format but can't really seem to make progress. I can make AAC files, but they don't seem to be compatible with anything other than foobar. Any tips?
  8. Bazirker

    What to get?

    If it isn't compatible with longplay, don't get NetMD. It is designed for MDLP modes, not SP or mono modes. It can do both, but you'd be better off recording in realtime. Just get a model that has a line-in.
  9. Yanno, another thing you guys are focusing on is how p2p networks will automatically result in a drop in music sales. I posted an entire page analyzing figures, and the RIAA's drop in profits mirrors those of the rest of the entire USA economy. In other words, everyone seems to be losing money, but the RIAA has the conveiniece of blaming it on digital piracy. In the cases of nearly every single downloader I know, p2p networks have done exactly what Napster wanted them to do: they have exposed people to more music, raised interest in music, and gotten more artists out on the scene. And, logically following that, people have more CD's they might be interested in buying. I buy twice as many CD's now as I did before digital piracy because I have an easier time finding bands I like. I have actually heard today referred to as the Golden Age of Music because it is so easy to find music you like. And, as stated before, if file sharing is stealing, why isn't selling a used CD stealing?
  10. I want free music???? Would you like me to take pictures of all the CD's that I own? I have hundreds! I'm pissed because some company seems to think they have the right to violate my privacy because I download mp3's that you can't even buy on CD. Did you guys actually read that link I posted about what the RIAA does to the artists? How they sign bands? How the label gets approximately $125 for every dollar the band makes? This isn't about the right to download music, this is about a company that thinks they have the right to violate my privacy and take me to court because I can't afford to buy a $20 CD everytime I want new music. Hell, it's frankly getting tough to find CD's worth buying anyways. As a side note, I am a musician and have some experience working with professional musicians. I understand what their lifestyle is like, what kind of money they make, and the loopholes and crap they have to put up with every day of the week. If you think that I'm some idiot kid that just wants to pirate free stuff and doesn't care how his actions affect others, think again. I don't just want this lawsuit junk to end, I want to see artists emancipated from RIAA.
  11. The thing is that the artists don't make any money off their music anyway. Take a look at the statistics on the very bottom of this page. http://www.negativland.com/albini.html In the short term view of things, the artists are gonna lose a little bit of money if we boycott the RIAA. However, everything is a trade off; if we can successfully boycott the RIAA, it increases the chances of a reform within the system so that the artists don't get screwed anymore. Note that in the final statistics, if the artist makes $4000, the labels make over $700000. Well, the trade-off here is that if the artist makes a little less, the RIAA makes A LOT less. If I was a professional musician (I am a musician and have previously been paid to play,) I'd spare a few hundred dollars and tighten my belt a notch to see a reform in the music industry. The reform is coming. The RIAA is a dinosaur, and it is nearing the end of rule. It needs to either evolve or prepare for extinction.
  12. As many of you know, the Recording Industry Association of America has recently claimed that they are going to begin scanning personal computers and suing individuals they find to have "illegal" mp3's downloaded from p2p file sharing networks such as Kazaa and Grokster. This means that if you use a file sharing network, you might want to stop for the time being to avoid RIAA confrontation. So what's wrong with the RIAA breaking into our computers and suing us? Here's a list. 1. First off, the RIAA is invading your personal privacy. Monitoring the traffic in and out of your computer is no different that spying on someone's house. 2. This breach of privacy continues since the RIAA is likely using programs known as spyware. Spyware can monitor files on your computer and send data via the internet to companies about what files you have, what programs you run, and sometimes even release some of you own private information. This might as well be trespassing since you have unwanted programs that in many cases you did not choose to allow onto your computer. Spyware is somewhat similar to computer viruses; in fact, here are some similarities between the two: they both worm their way into you computer and compromise privacy and performance, programs were designed to block their entry into a computer system, and both frequently cannot be removed without the help of a program. The main difference between spyware and viruses is that spyware is legal. Go to http://security.kolla.de/ for more information on spyware and free programs that battle spyware. 3. The RIAA's purpose in suing individuals is somewhat unfounded. The RIAA claims that p2p networks result in a decrease in music sales, which is statistically an inaccurate claim. Here's an analysis of RIAA music sales that compares them to other large companies. http://www.p2pnet.net/may03/riaaecon.html The page is somewhat complicated, but it mathematically analyzes some statistics and concludes that the RIAA's drop in profits is not unique to them; other companies that have nothing to do with p2p networks have experienced a similar trend in the decrease of sales. As the article says, "The CEOs of Eastman-Kodak are in a nearly identical economic situation as the RIAA, yet do not have the luxury of blaiming digital piracy." In other words, the RIAA is just like everyone else and their decrease in sales cannot truely be linked to p2p networks. (Personally, I buy more CD's now that I have p2p networks to expose me to more music.) 4. To the RIAA, this is about money, not music. Note that the RIAA hoardes the money made off of music sales. For a good summary of the crimes the RIAA has committed against musicians and art, check out http://www.boycott-riaa.com/facts/facts.php 5. Does the RIAA really believe that if they sue me, I'm going to be motivated to buy more of their CD's? "Buy our merchandise or we'll sue you!" You don't see Sony tapping into your computer and threatening to sue you if there isn't evidence that you have bought a NetMD player...What on Earth is the RIAA thinking? Enough is enough!!! Trying to sue p2p networks is one thing, but threatening us as individuals...the thousands and thousands of users on p2p networks...is just insulting. Since the RIAA is about money and not music, let's fight back by hitting them where it hurts them most: their wallets. Avoid purchasing music from any RIAA labels (namely Time Warner, Sony, BMG, UMG, and EMI.) SPREAD THE WORD!!! Feel free to copy any or all of my words here to post them on other forums. Tell your friends and family about the boycott and the threats the RIAA is making to its own consumers. Our success relies on our numbers; the more we can get involved, the better. Someone needs to remind the leaders of the RIAA that "the customer is always right..." Protect your digital rights! Boycott the RIAA! http://www.boycott-riaa.com/
  13. All right! I love it when I find people that know that Greensboro even exists...UNCG, huh? I might as well live at New York City Pizza considering how often I'm there. I just graduated from Grimsley. How'd you end up in Japan? That is a VERY weird thing that happend on your comp. A few questions...did the original atrac3plus file remain, or was it overwritten/converted to atrac3? What bitrate was it displaying on your md unit? (I'd guess LP2.) You said the sound quality was great? Was it better than normal MD sound? I'm gonna do some experiments tonight if I get the chance, I'm fascinated by your findings.
  14. Minidisc players don't use atrac3plus yet, and I don't know if they ever will. At the moment, atrac3 plus is for sony cd players. However, good thought. Atrac3plus does actually sound better than LP4, so if MD's could use it, used be on the right track. If you'd like, you could try playing atrac3plus on your md and see what happens. I'm kinda curious, I might try it myself even though it won't work...
  15. That's a crazy problem...so you're making a disc via netmd, playing it in other players, and then it randomly ends up erased? Do both the other units end up erasing the disc, or is it just one? If you just play the disc in your 710, does it get deleted? I can't think of a way that something is wrong with the discs, since I've never heard of MD's randomly erasing themselves. I also am having difficulty thinking of a way that the netmd recording of the disc is causing problems, since the disc is playing on other players for awhile before deleting. My best guess is that something is wrong with either your deck or player that is corrupting the toc or something like that.
  16. I use EX71's, which I have previously described as god earbuds. They really have a great sound. If you want to go any cheaper, try Sennheiser MX400's. By the way, please try to post in the right forum.
  17. Bazirker

    iPod vs. NetMD

    Hey i_don't_know, how much would you consider selling your 707 for? I think atrac, especially sp quality atrac, sounds better than other compression formats. MP3 isn't as crappy as it used to be, and as Diajoubu says, some people find vbr mp3 created using a lame encoder to sound better. I can't comment on AAC because I haven't heard it yet, although in a few minutes I'm going to check it out. Having noted this, I still like the more "hands-on" feel of MDs, and I hate making playlists. I have an almost illogical liking of md systems over other competitors. It's all about loyalty...
  18. The point was to stop making iPod vs MD threads, I just finished deleting a few and there are more leftover.
  19. That is HILARIOUS. Heh heh, that just made my day better.
  20. Bazirker

    iPod vs. NetMD

    YAY! Joe agrees with me! I know exactly what you are talking about Joe, it's what I was trying to say before.
  21. I'd say your g/f is just silly unless your md player never comes in the mail. Don't worry though, it probably will. I have recently bought an E600 and an MZ-S1 off eBay. The 600 I have gotten and I didn't like so I want to resell it (I had this guy e-mailing me saying he was going to buy it, and I bought the S1 to replace it and right after I bought it he backed out on me. Some people suck...) and I'm waiting on the S1. As a side note...anyone interested in buying an E600?
  22. What if I don't want to work with mp3's and I just want to rip all my cd's to my comp in atrac3 format?
  23. Same thing here. If you want simple burner to "remember" you disc, try making a very tiny change to the disc's titles. For example, try deleting and then re-entering the title of the disc and see if the computer saves it to memory.
  24. Whoa now, run that by us again? You have a way to reset the check-in/out count?
  25. Bazirker

    iPod vs. NetMD

    All right guys, easy now. MD battery life trounces that of any solid state player on the planet. Plus, mindiscs are so much sexier than a hard drive...heh heh. Seriously though, IMO minidisc recorders give this feel to your music that you can't get from a solid state player such as an iPod. Being able to zap all your music from a big computer to a little computer somehow makes the music seem less personal. Making individual minidiscs just has a better feel to me than making playlists on a portable mp3 player.
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