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  1. Good question...I've never seen BeatJam nor heard anything about it. Anyone know anything about it? I'll see if I can download a copy from somewhere and write a short report, although I have no idea where to download it from...
  2. I don't think acidpro works with NetMD. However, the new Sound Forge 7.0 does...
  3. Bazirker


    What you need is a male mini-stereo jack (1/8th inch size) to male mini-stereo jack. Basically it's a cable that looks like it has the plug for the headphones jack on both ends. You plug one end of the cable into your md unit's headphones jack and the other end into the computer's line-in jack. Turn up the volume all the way and turn off any bass boost stuff on your 505. On the PC, you can use about a zillion different free programs to record from the line in. Nero 6's wave editor can do it, I think Musicmatch and WMP can do it, winamp might even be able to do it with the appropriate plugins.
  4. This thread has officially been hijacked! Tying the current discussion back to the original topic... You guys missed one of the best ways to convert mp3's to ATRAC3...it's the one thing minidisc can do that ipods and mp3 players can't....realtime recording! So Berky, an MD unit actually can record from not just any computer, but any stereo, any CD player, any PS2, anything that has an analog or digital output. Most MD units can also record from a mic too. Can the mp3 players and portable HDD's do this? Just like NetMD, most of them can't just plug into the computer and go, they require software too. Point is that NetMD isn't the only way to get mp3's on a minidisc (unless you have a unit like the 410...but I don't really consider that a recorder anyway.) For the first 8 years minidisc was around, the only way to get mp3's on a minidisc was through realtime recording. This is why minidisc has such a following...not because of NetMD, but because of its versatility. I'd actually venture to say that while NetMD has certainly brought more people to the minidisc format, it has taken emphasis off of MD's original strengths and possibly weakened a lot of peoples' loyalty to the format. So, you can convert mp3's to ATRAC format in several ways...you can have Sonicstage convert a batch of them all at once and save them on your hard drive, you can do it on the fly through Sonicstage and have them saved on your hard drive, you can do it on the fly through Simple Burner and have no files saved on your hard drive, or you can have your MD convert the files to ATRAC3 by making a realtime analog or digital recording. I prefer Simple Burner and realtime recording myself because I don't like the track protection and hard drive usage that Sonicstage requires.
  5. That seems to be a relatively common problem that we haven't found a good solution to yet. I suggest upgrading your software to whatever the latest version is. Also, if you still can't get that to work, try making a minidisc using Simple Burner (using Dino's method, if you want to copy over mp3's) and see if that works. I doubt it's a driver problem if you've been able to make MD's with that driver before. Oh, and your caps lock key is on.
  6. Wow, Sony changed their support page, they used to have the drivers.... Well, cause I was wrong, and went and found them for ya. Has anyone ever seen this link before? Looks like a goldmine if you ask me... http://www.vchewjr.addr.com/download.htm
  7. Have you tried making a realtime recording with the unit? The problem might actually have to do with the NetMD transfer, not your unit's converter. When you do a NetMD transfer, your computer converts the audio to ATRAC3, so that could be where the problem is if you're having troubles with both sound quality and file titles. If it is the chip, I doubt it's possible to switch the chips out yourself unless you have mad skillz with a soldering iron. I'm not positive about this, but I think the ATRAC Type-S chip has stuff like the D/A converter built directly into it, meaning if you wanted to replace the converter chip you'd have to replace the entire ATRAC chip. I have absolutly no idea how to aquire a new chip either, they're not something you can pick up at the local Radio Shack... Oh, and welcome to MD.org, we're glad to have you!
  8. What programming language was this program created in? Is the source code available? As I've been saying I was going to do for over a year now, I got to college and took a programming course and now have an elementary understanding of what makes computer apps tick. I'd love to see how complex (or basic) m3u2sb is.
  9. well, or just search your computer for a folder that is rapidly increasing in size, heh. You could also just transfer a track with SS/OMG and then use Windows search to find all .omg files or files with the name of whatever mp3 you transferred.
  10. Sony should definetly have the driver on their support page, give that a shot.
  11. Naw dude, if he uses m3u2sb properly, he should be getting the track titles from the mp3's. I've found that for me, I need to have only the virtual image mounted in any of my cd drives and I have to have m3u2sb open Simple Burner itself. If I do this, I always get track titles copied over from my mp3's to Simple Burner then to my MD. If I open Simple Burner manually, the "refresh simple burner" trick does nothing and I don't get the track titles...gotta use the open simple burner button.
  12. Bazirker


    Yeah, I think Berky's right. Look at the file size, it's way too big to just be an update. However, if you read the stickies, you would've quickly and easily found this link: http://www.my-minidisc.com/download.html I suggest installing Sonicstage, then Simple Burner, then just using Dino's method instead of Sonicstage.
  13. It highlights the black letters with a black background? I've never heard that one before, but Sony software never ceases to amaze me with things like that.... If a reinstallation of Simple Burner doesn't help, try maybe changing a color setting or two on your computer to see if that can at least temporarily fix it. That's such a weird, random problem...maybe there's something messed up with the disc itself, have you tried a different minidisc? Are you using the driver that came on the software disc that was packaged with your MD player? Maybe the update would help you out.
  14. No, there are patches to SS v1.5. Like for example, my current SS version is, and that may not be the most up-to-date version. I think mine is patched...I can't remember if I've repatched it or not since reinstallation.
  15. Just don't use Sonicstage or OpenMG. Instead, just use Dino's method and Simple Burner. I never, ever use anything but Simple Burner for NetMD because I hate all the protection mechanisms involved with OpenMG. Have you tried patching Sonicstage with the latest patch, and does this conversion problem happen on all your files you try to convert? You might just have one bum file.
  16. OpenMG is terrible software, and this kind of thing is relatively normal. The most common way of fixing this kind of problem is to either try to download a patch to update OpenMG or try to download Sonicstage. Hunt around a little, you should be able to find downloads for both. I'll help you track down the links if you can't find them.
  17. Excellent work, it looks professionally done. I might take a shot at that some day when I get some free time....
  18. Sweet mother of all the is holy! That is damn cool. Where'd you get that remote from, and how much was it?
  19. One of my friends tried to splice the wires on a set of buds and is now telling me that it isn't possible to do that...and I know it is. So technically speaking, what's the correct way to splice headphone wires? Just the same as a normal wire (minding of course that there is a left and right channel to the buds,) or is there some trick?
  20. NRen2k5 is right. The point of making a digital recording from a digital source is to maintain signal quality. With digital, you aren't transferring a wave like you would with analog, instead you're transferring 1's and 0's like your computer would if you were downloading a track off the internet or something of the like. Sometimes the 1's and 0's aren't transferred perfectly, but when that happens it very rarely results in any kind of change that we can perceive. As for "digital to optical" and the reverse, there is no such thing. Optical is digital, it's simply a method of transferring the data. Optical lines carry 1's and 0's from one device to another, nothing more.
  21. Bazirker

    help!! Newby

    I believe the MZ-R500 has automatic volume levelling from the line-in, so to get the levels right just either use a line-out from your radio (if it has one) or turn the volume on it up all the way and turn any kind of bass boost or DSP off. As NRen2k5 said, if the recording is distorted, it's because the signal was too high...if that's the case, just slightly turn down the volume of your device's output. You'll probably want to do a short trial recording before you actually do your real recording just to make sure you're getting everything right.
  22. I know that Radio Shack sells adaptors that go down to 1.5 V, but I don't know if they sell one with the right plug for your MD model. Try hunting around on their page a little and see what you can find, cause I know they have the right plugs for Sony models.
  23. You're from Russia...well, most of us aren't, I don't think many of us can speak or read Russian, so that link doesn't really mean anything to us...
  24. EX71's stay in my ears really well, I've never had trouble with them simply falling out. I've worked out in them before and they're great. I think normal buds usually fall out... As for those clip-on ones, I personally dislike them and think they bounce around during physical activity, but I've seen people work out with them on before.
  25. Next year? Have they actually set a release date? I. WANT. IT. NOW. I haven't actually played the N-Gage, but I've heard it sucks in a big way. The screenshots may look nice, but keep in mind that the games on it are four or five year old games that weren't designed to be played on a handheld; in fact, I've heard that many of the games are exactly the same except lacking features or moves because the N-Gage doesn't really have a way of replicating them. You have to take out the battery in order to switch games, which is simply ridiculous. I've also heard that they break easily. If they want to do a cell phone/portable gaming combo, instead of turning a cell phone into a gaming device, they need to turn a gaming device into a cell phone. Think about it, which is more complicated? I don't really think it'd be that hard to turn a GBA SP into a cell phone...just add a mic at the top of the screen, a keypad on the back, and an antenna, the appropriate firmware and then you're good to go. Well, whatever. Oh, and if you hadn't noticed....THIS THREAD HAS BEEN HIJACKED!!! HAHAHA!!!!......errrr....ummmm....nevermind.
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