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  1. An N707 costs about US$200, I think. It's a good unit, although a bit bulky.. All MD's have the option to control the record level, i'm not sure which can adjust the mic sensitivity, I know the high end Sony's can, but they're closer to $300.
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    yet another newbie

    I'd take an R37 over an N707 any day.. I mean, the 707 without the battery bump is about 5mm thicker . Add the bump and it's over twice as thick. The battery life isn't terrible, I get 8 hours playback. I love mine.. I probably won't bother get another portable recorder. However, it's still obsolete. If you can snag one on ebay for US$40... How about these sharp models? www.minidisc.org/part_Sharp_MD-MT170+MT180+MT190+MT200.html
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    Eternal TOC Edits

    I'd say it wasn't the isopropyl that killed that N1.. Unless he was careless and sloshed it around too much. It helped my E900 (I think it's got a defective motor now). It's recommended for cleaning CD players lenses (www.repairfaq.org
  4. Yeah, but the ER4 are more than double the price of the junior Shures.. Although apparently Shure ripped Etymotic off. Meh. Now if they could just lower their ER6 to $99 and make it have a 60cm rather than 120cm cord..
  5. Impossible. You're not meant to use a rechargeable AA in it, anyway (Or is that a NiMH problem?)..
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    MD-Editor 1.12E

    Gave up on linux.. Hey, can you bug Sony Central for me? BTW, the cheque really IS in the mail now :arrow: I deleted the linux partition :devil: I think i'm going to install Bluescreen '98.. **sigh** lousy 5 year old Sony software... At least I don't have a NetMD.
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    help please!!!

    minidisc.org is the god of manuals.
  8. Oh.. I suppose it's good for practise, but if it was a concert (a one off sorta thing) it would ruin the track..
  9. Theres an even cheaper option, Shure E2c (or something..) US$99 at www.headphone.com There was something going on about Shure ripping off etymotic, though.. According to head-fi.org, the ER6 are sometimes difficult to insert. There's not much choice between canalphones though.. theres EX70, ER6, E2c, ER4P, and HPVX100.. **sigh**
  10. I'm picking up a nice new non-shrunken lens E710, for only 22800 yen. Joy! (well, i'm picking it up from her when she gets back.. Double joy! ) I don't think I like the idea of owning the smallest MD in the world.. I mean, I could accidentally swallow it Oh, and if you think australia has rip-off prices, you haven't been to NZ :twisted:. I think next time I "upgrade" i'll go to Japan. I'm deadly serious, too.. If you want an AC adapter, then any old international one would be good. And would also work for any other product you import, too, so it's not a one off like the BC-7HT (only good for gumstick batteries from MD/CD players..)
  11. me

    MD-Editor 1.12E

    English version of MD-Editor 1.12J BTW, it's nothing to do with NetMD, or M-Crew.. I'm having trouble as the unit is from 1998.
  12. You don't value your hearing, do you Volume 30 will cause damage, yep. I'm wondering whether i'm causing damage at 18/30, on an R37 (quieter than the New Units) myself.. (recording level set at approx -2dB). May I suggest noise-cancelling 'phones (yeah yeah, expensive, but not as bad as losing an ear or two!!) or some canalphones like Sony EX70s or Aiwa HP-VX100s?
  13. Anything pre-R909 needs to be in rec pause to adjust the level. I think Sharps way is kinda stupid. Why would you want weirdo levels on the actual recording?! I mean, if you were recording a band, and say there was a sax solo or something, you wouldn't amplify the sax solo part.. I don't get it.. Then again, I agree with end search.
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    MD-Editor 1.12E

    Send me a copy? Sony Japan supports old products, but Sony NZ and Sony Aus couldn't care less it seems. They didn't even mail me back. Sony, if you are listening, I am pulling the middle bone at you right now . Sony Japan: arigatou!! (unfortunately I can't use 1.12J..) So, any helpful people out there with 1.12E around? Please? Thanks.. *sigh* should have saved for a JE780.. [i know I posted in the other forum, it was a mistake. Delete it, thanks!]
  15. I wanna go play with an R910! Actually, what I want to do is go into SonyStyle with my E710 and hang around the MD section with the dudes who own jaguars and the like.. In sandals and boardies and a skater shirt :twisted: Holidays, are Shweet. Apparently, the E505 is a 2002 model? is that correct? it seems out of place.
  16. If you could use winamp, theres a plugin 'gen_pause' which automates the process http://home.bip.net/urbansan/gen_paus/
  17. me

    Newbie Question

    I'm not sure about great results out of a cheap soundcards analogue out.. Cheap soundcards with optical out are pretty cheap, too. Mystyler, you're turning american. "analog" hehe. Sorry.. (at least I don't go around stealing my avatar :roll: )
  18. No. R90 and R900 are a generation apart... Even the high end R90 doesn't have 8 step bass + treble, or any of the new stuff in the R900. FYI, the R70 is R90 generation
  19. I like the T-Board Yellow.. And I hate dk3.com style boards.. so..... I tolerated minidiscussion, but shifted to t-board after one load of spam (although I fought 'em off with some others for a while..)
  20. me

    Newbie Question

    There is no way to upload with minidisc. However, you can record onto the computer by: 1. Take R900. Stick an analogue minijack to minijack cable into it's headphone out socket. 2. Take other end of minijack cable and stick it in line in of soundcard. 3. Open Cooledit (or any other music recording software, many demoes on the internet). 4. Set R900 to line out mode, and then press record on the computer. Press play on the unit. Now you hopefully have some .wav on your computer.. Either keep as they are (requires a large hard drive or use LAME to encode them into .mp3's.
  21. Are you forgetting something? An R700 is soo huge!! I prefer my R37 to an R700. At least it's about as slim as an R900.. I'd easily fork out for an R900 (wow, they're so expensive :roll: ) than have a bulky R700. If I had an R700 already, then yeah, I'd do it. Providing I didn't press pause in the wrong place <-- Damit, I hate DK3.com emoticons.. :evil:
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