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  1. I found this extremely funny.. doh! i might have fallen off my chair laughing.
  2. Trying to be a musician but finding it really hard to make even a simple melody sound good. I know what I want to play, but my skills let me down. Getting bugged by people on the street trying to give me a book for a donation then annoying me when they claim that isn't "selling me a book". Man I hate people. And i'm a student of Japanese, I hate being associated with stereotypes and I hate learning this language because I don't know if I'll even use it in the future, but I can't quit because I've gone so far already. Like permanent retard mode. Man, I sound happy.
  3. I thought iTunes used 128Kbps? Either way, all I have in NZ is "coke tunes" and that doesn't even work with my ipod. I don't think I'd pay for a .wma file either way though. I think the price is around NZ$1.80 a song. I don't know the quality.
  4. The numbers game is fairly pointless. I'm sorry for bringing it up.
  5. In the US, iPods are the most expensive mp3 player around. In NZ, they are the cheapest. Go grab yourself a 4G 20GB iPod. It's $400 from noel leeming and bond and bond, and until tomorrow is $387 at dick smith. I wouldn't pay $500 for an iPod. I certainly wouldn't pay $550 for an MD. I don't trust it to last a year. Besides you can resell even a completely dead iPod for at least $100 as trademe proves every now and then. Didn't you know the hard drive in an iPod mini costs more than the iPod mini?
  6. 56k . Unable to get broadband. It's just not available where I live for reasonable prices. Unless you count 256k down, 1GB cap, $150 = US$100 a month, as broadband.
  7. They're still 14.95? A while ago you had to buy five of them to get any at all. I wonder if that's true still.
  8. I just noticed on Sony NZs site an RH910 pop up with no pricing or picture. No RH10 yet and it shares the MD section with the NH800.
  9. But that's a true mathematical statement. Set A=1, B=1, C=1. A=B=C. I'm sleepy..
  10. I had this one. I gave it away because I didn't have any MD player anymore..
  11. luckily/unfortunately skin is a pretty good resistor. 10mA is dangerous, but it can only really penetrate skin above 40V so I've been lead to believe.
  12. guitarist saxophonist vocalist if I could sing. I can't so I just talk the lyrics and hope it sounds good.
  13. I got Ramones "It's Alive", man I like Ramones. My sister bought Sublime self titled and some Cat Stevens collection. I borrowed Bob Marley "Legend" from a friend, with Smashing Pumpkins Greatest Hits.
  14. I got the Shihad Alive EP. Yay for Shihad.
  15. I joined a day or two after it was created. Link from Tboard no doubt.
  16. I believe this is in the setup menu if it's there. I thought it was on all decks. It's useful for analogue recording from noisier sources.
  17. You're missing Pearl Jam "Binaural"
  18. search the forum for "TOC cloning". You'll need an MD deck and an MD with one single track long enough to cover the length of this recording.
  19. The point is that ATRAC3Plus/ATRAC3 are more efficient than mp3. You get more hours from your battery, which is more important than sound quality. I guess their mission is to develop a codec that while still sounding very good (but not as good as mp3 if that's what your taste leans towards) is also very easy to process. As a portable audio player developer, you'd be silly to consider absolute sound quality over everything else. Look at all of these square wave recordings and itunes files being downloaded. Just guessing, but the developers tastes are obviously different to everyone elses. They gotta make it gapless, choppable and also efficient which means [here's the guessing part] they have to make compromises with the sound quality. I'm your average moron and that's my average moronic take on this; ie i'm probably full of toilet product.
  20. I think you could change the sample rate to 44.1KHz, it might like that better. 128Kbps would make the file twice and a bit as big.
  21. me

    Ipod Shmipod

    I'm in this position too. I looked at an iPod mini which can be bought for NZ$320. Then I thought wow, that's $320. And I saw a DNE300 for $149 which is attractive. But it's big and ugly. How's the DNE700? It's $199. That's still $129 cheaper than the iPod, and about 199 times better than my current portable situation.
  22. me

    Mz-rh10 Photo

    The display sure is clear. It's so easy to read from any direction..
  23. There's a whole bunch on photobucket http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v355/mdxmb/1cb2c713.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v355/mdxmb/DSCF0017.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v355/mdxmb/DSCF0016.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v355/mdxmb/DSCF0015.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v355/mdxmb/DSCF0018.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v355/mdxmb/DSCF0001.jpg
  24. me

    Sony Pc-1 Deck

    I had one ages ago. I don't think there are any problems. It's an MDS-JB920 internally. PC link software might suck. ther'es version 1.12J floating around somewhere I think. It's japanese but I reinstalled the english version over the top and it worked. I think sony's software sucked right from the start..
  25. It works perfectly. You only need a gumstick charger. US$50 + shipping
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