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  1. Perhaps the Sharp MD-MT190 is right up your alley. It has the most powerful amp of any MD currently around. (excluding much older models).
  2. Of course, the disc doesn't have to spin all the time - really only on start-up, and when the read-buffer needs filling.
  3. You get only mono because you plugged it into the PC's mic jack! If you plug it into the line-in jack you'll get stereo, regardless is your unit has line out or not. To the point, no it doesn't have line out. If you plug something into line in, you should hear sound from your speakers instantly - you don't need any special programs.
  4. You can't hack it to Type-R! You can hack it to have an R900's features, but not a newer ATRAC version. I reckon you should read this MT190 review by Braver: http://www.minidisct.com/forum/showthread....&threadid=13396 And despite what others say (hello Leland! ) Sharps do have an edge. If you read over at Head-Fi, you'll see that most agree. And they don't all use W1000s, Braver used cheap (but good) MX400 earbuds! Buy the Sharp.
  5. Probably a dirty laser. Try a can of compressed air, or if you're cheap, a bicycle pump. You can also buy laser cleaner MDs, but they are fairly expensive.
  6. These MD nay-sayers - once they've heard MiniDisc, they fold faster than Superman on washing day. :wink:
  7. 1. Yes, in a way. If you get a budget Sony, or a Panasonic, it will lack line out, and you must use headphone out. Sharps and high-end Sonys have a combined headphone/line out jack. 2. Yes, you will need to go analogue from portable units. If you get a deck, or a first generation recorder, you can use optical out. It's all in real-time too. 3. Firewire? What for? Anyway, no such luck for you. None feature firewire.
  8. If you're not interested in MDLP or NetMD, grab the Sharp. While it is almost impossible to get a unit without MDLP these days, you can still get them without NetMD. Sharps are regarded as better for live recording, and are easier to use. If your EMC717 has a standard 3.5mm plug it will work with the Sharp. (ie. if you used it with your R55, it will work with the Sharp) No problems at 48kHz, as I believe almost all portable recorders (and decks) feature sample-rate converters.
  9. G-Protection to me means fancy name for 40 sec shock buffer. I can run with my Panasonic and Aiwa with no skips at all, and Sharps would be the same.
  10. It's probably the microphone in's preamp that caused your hiss... Anyway, Cool Edit 2000 should be what you're after.
  11. Simon, I used to use my Panasonic SJ-MR200, then my Aiwa AM-HX400, and now I use my Sony MDS-PC3 deck. Guest, yes you can use your N707's headphone out.
  12. Check the portables section of www.head-fi.org/forums . **Most** serious uses choose MD as their portable format (there are quite a few MP3 fans, but every exists happily ), and some prefer old-school MDs to old school PCDPs! :shock: It's not just portable either, there is a large number who swear by their ES or QS series decks, and I know one particular poster who has gone nuts over just how good Sony Professional MD decks sound. Anyway, check out Head-Fi. It surprised me too to see that audiophiles were actually using and liking MD. Although LP modes don't go down as well as SP.
  13. You'd be surprised at how many "audiophiles" use MD as their portable format of choice and sometimes for home use. Tape can sound excellent, as long as you don't bother with Type I tapes.
  14. Mystyler

    Which Deck To Buy?

    I've heard of people attempting this JE440 mod to their JE470: http://www.minidisc.org/sony_mdsje440_opti...al_out_mod.html I'd suggest running the JE780 on it's rated voltage - you wouldn't like to fry your new toy, would you? The pro decks usually have SCMS control, that is you can set it to ignore or recognise it. I don't know about an IR remote. You might alternatively want to check out the E12, as I think the E10 lacks MDLP.
  15. Yes, it's quite possible. Also not that the remote connection housing on the G750 and R700 remotes are slightly different too.
  16. www.audiocubes.com sells the remote you want.
  17. Whoops - I had assumed (bad!) that since my Panasonic Portable and Sony Deck had combine, so would Sony units, forgetting they had T. Mark...
  18. I'm sure you could use the 907 with a preamp, but I'm not totally clued in when it comes to mics, so I'll say I'm 99% certain. Usually SNRs are given for decks only (I've found), but try here: http://www.minidisc.org/equipment_browser.html You might find something. Yep, Sony has an inferior line out, 194mV, as opposed to 250mV.
  19. Check out the following, Sharp MD-DR7, MD-MT888(770), MD-MT190.
  20. The EX70s leave lots to be desired, compared to the D66s. Soundstage, smoother treble and more of it, it has real bass, which is something the EX70s lack. The EX70s have more of a bloated mid range, which then overpowers anything else. The EX70s win hands down for isolation, though. Nothing like plugging up your ears to block the outside world. You cannot compare the D22s and D66s, really. The D66s wipe the floor with the D22s, in all respects, except for colour choice.
  21. That combo should work for you, just remember it's the MD-MT190. You do know that all recent portable MD units (except the $1500US HHB model) lack digital out?
  22. You can't. The radio remote draws extra power from the unit, which the R700's remote jack doesn't allow for.
  23. If you have used Sharp for live recording stick to it. They are much more highly regarded for live recordings, and better suited. What you could try: Get an external pre-amp and record via line in. or Try it out with a battery module. These are generally used to record louder sounds and to prevent distortion, in the small chance it isn't your internal pre-amp. If you have the money, you might want to check out more recent Sharps, including the MT888 and the new DR7.
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