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  1. It could just be the analogue signal - cracks, pops, etc are to be expected from analogue, unless you have spent $$$ on a proper setup. But do turn down the source volume a little - sometimes the signal distorts before the last bar.
  2. No way. My D66s left my EX70s behind, a long way behind. However, if you like bloated bass, grab the EX70s. The average Joe "Bass" head would love them.
  3. Yep, the RM-MC11EL should work for you, but they cost a pretty penny!
  4. Mystyler

    Optical Recording

    There is a cheaper option - Hoontech make digtal I/O addon cards for the SB Live! family of cards.
  5. I think I'd buy the N505, 100GB HDD and some D66s Eggos for $89US. I'd still be $133US in front, and that means I could spend $50 on blanks and be set for a long time, with $83US left over.
  6. You might be using a mono cable to record from your SB - although if you do this, you usually get the left channel. What does the plug on the recording cable look like?
  7. For portables, check these out: http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sharp_MD-MT17...T190+MT200.html The MT190 is what you'll want. http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sharp_MD-MT770+MT888.html http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sharp_MD-DR470+DR7.html For info on all units, click here: http://www.minidisc.org/equipment_browser.html
  8. sound trap, you are right about the MT190. Sharp units also seem to have this nifty feature that wil auto-switch to line out when turned to 30/30, bass off and if the load is great enough. Whatever it is, Sharps have superior line levels compared to Sonys, 194mV V 250mV.
  9. Mystyler

    Optical Recording

    AFAIK, that MD software is for inserting 2 second gaps in songs for analogue recording. Yup, you're stuck. I also own the 5.1 DE.
  10. Mystyler

    MD on Airplanes

    You'd be surprised at the interference an MD recorder gives off - and that is why all MD recorders have remote tuners, as a built-in tuner on the main unit either interferes with the MD, or the MD interferes with the tuner. I can't remember which way it is. So, turn the things off at TO and landing!
  11. Mystyler

    Optical Recording

    Is your card just the basic audigy? If so, the digital out isn't optical, but electrical, which is what the MD needs to record digitally. Also, *if* the digital port is like those on the Live! cards, it is a proprietary port, which is designed only to work with Creative speakers...
  12. I'll say the Panasonic SJ-MR200 in white/orange, Aiwa AM-HX400 in red, Sony E700 in white/purple, and the Sharp MD-MT888/IM-MT899.
  13. Mystyler


    They are far less toxic, have less voltage drop or memory effect. NiCds hold charge better over the short-term, but NiMHs win long term. Capacity doesn't have much if anything to do with it. There are high capacity NiCds and low capacity NiMHs.
  14. http://www.minidisct.com/forum/member.php?...nfo&userid=3276 He runs the US service you speak off.
  15. Check the manual - the error code is in there. If you are still having problems, then come back here and we'll try to help.
  16. Let me guess, the offending unit was a Sony? Only Sony portables do that, it's called end search, and while it can be defeated on newer Sonys, I don't understand why they haven't eradicated it completely. To my knowledge, NO other brand does that - they all record from the next available blank portion. If I understand your question, you can TOC clone and get back the everything BUT the five minutes you have accidentally recorded.
  17. Silence, all three models, except when I have paused the MR200 and am using the remote: you can hear slight clicks as the LCD display flashes, but no true "noise" at all. Using MDR-D66s.
  18. I was using, I suppose what you'd call a "Radio Shack" equivalent until it died, and now I'm using my Panasonic's adapter.
  19. Mystyler

    sony mz-r91

    It should slide back. Why not try it?
  20. Type-R and Type-S really aren't the same thing, so you cannot compare them. Type-R affects the encoding in SP mode. Type-S uses Type-R for SP encoding, but it also improves the decoding of LP tracks.
  21. There are reviews, and most if not all microphone, etc. shops and websites recommend Sharp units over Sonys for live recording.
  22. NetMD is great if you own MP3s or wish to copy CDs fast, but the best quality you can do is LP2, as NetMD's "SP" is an upsampled version of LP2, designed to work with non-MDLP units. NetMD also allows you to title all discs via your PC. If you want NetMD+Sharp, the the IM-MT880 is the Japanese model, and the IM-MT899 is the rest of the world model. It is really an MT770 (MT888) that is slightly redesigned and includes NetMD. And Sugo hit it on the head, all non-Sony NetMD units download at half speed, AFAIK. Sharp Australia recommends $829AUD for the MT899, but you can find it for around $580AUD. So, assuming you don't pay full Sharp retail, you'll be looking at around 190 Pounds?
  23. I don't use my Aiwa's adapter, and it charges fine...? Perhaps try some service centres and see if they can order a replacement for you.
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