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  1. I can't reeealllly imagine audiophiles buying MD in place of CD though, as you can notice the difference if you've got a good enough system. But "Compact Disc" is an oxymoron if I ever saw one!
  2. Yes, I'd say that SCMS would be your problem, because the C41 error message (which IS in your manual!! ) says the digitally dubbed material cannot be recorded digitally. I have no idea why this is happening, though, because I have had no problems, on my PC and my friend's. Usually soundcards ignore SCMS! (As well as trackmarks...) What type of sound card are you using?
  3. Arrogant? Try ticked off, it is a pet hate of mine when forum users correct someone, without elaborating further and assuming a one-liner will be sufficient. If you had mentioned a model number and year in your "correction" post, then I would have been happy to be corrected. I'm not afraid to be wrong, as long as I am corrected, and not simply told, "that is not true...". Unless you consider early models truly portable, I don't see how I'm incorrect. But I must admit, I never really paid attention to the R30, regardless if it is a Sharp klone. See? I'm happy.
  4. http://forums.minidisc.org/viewtopic.php?t=429 That it?
  5. You get an N1 for cheap, functionality wise. That is what the hack is about. Users have said it looks hard, but it rather simple when they tried it. But If you're not comfortable, don't do it. I don't own any portable Sony gear, so I can't help you there. Everything I own is in my sig.
  6. Read, read and read. http://www.minidisct.com/forum/showthread....&threadid=10585 :wink:
  7. Yes, any AA battery, from rechargable NiCds, all the way up to the mega-expensive use once Lithium AAs.
  8. Do you have an AUX input, or a tape deck? Or is CD the only input?
  9. Truly portable units with digital out don't exist, and never have. Of about the five that had optical out, they were bricks, or needed docking stations. Perhaps you'd like to help David out, so be a man and rattle off some models (not Sony MZ-1 clones, or the M11's clones), that are PORTABLE, not luggable. If I wanted a luggable unit I'd carry my MDS-PC3 with me, and would have recommended it to David.
  10. Yes, there is the Sony MZ-1. However, it is a brick, and 1992 vintage. Since that, no true portables have a digital out. The best way to do things is to get a portable recorder and a deck with optical out. Search ebay - there are usually loads going around.
  11. See if you can grab a Sharp, they have higher powered line outs than Sony. Check for these: SR50/60/70/75 MT831/832 MT170/180/190/200 MT877
  12. No. There was a time when MD Data drives existed, but Sony stopped making those circa 1996, and they are rare to find even second/third hand. Why? ZIP disk won out over MiniDisc for Data storage.
  13. No, the disc filling up would not cause any crackle. It is more likey the audio itself, or a poor ATRAC encoding, caused by a poor source.
  14. Yep, but you'd be paying $5000US for a hacked MD Data drive. So in reality, no. The only option is to record your MD to PC and then burn to CD, in real-time. It's not that bad, I do it alot. If you can fork it, a deck would be ideal - better output, and on some models digital out. All in real-time still, of course.
  15. Yes, I doubt you'll notice these days. All newer models sound virtually the same, so it won't matter what unit you use to record.
  16. Check this: http://forums.minidisc.org/viewtopic.php?p=5439#5439 Hopefully it helps a bit. The DSE preamp would work, but don't expect brilliant results.
  17. I'm only going with what I've been told. If I am wrong please correct me. It makes sense though - I've tried recording with a battery powered mic via line in, and got really quite results, even from loud sources. The battery module, (again, AFAIK) is only there to power the mic and increase sensitivity.
  18. Try looking at some Sharps: MD-MT190: Top-tier budget model, with mic input and remote MD-MT888 (MT770 in Japan): 2001 flagship, all inputs and LCD remote and a rec button on remote, however has a simplified main display but possibly the best remote made. MD-DR470 (DR7 in Japan): Considred to be the best recorder available at the moment by many, sonically, build and design wise. The next generation Flagship, takes over from the MT888. Nothing these days quite edits like the F70. All have manual rec levels, MDLP and MONO but no auto levels AFAIK. Sonys have AGC (Auto Gain Control), which is good for voice recording, but manual rec is more of a hassle on the Sonys.
  19. Mystyler


    Japanese technology, Japanese built for high-end models, or in "cheaper" countries for budget models. The cost of making units in the UK would make them far to expensive. However, some blanks are made in the UK.
  20. Mystyler


    It's digital - less chance of dropout, cleaner signal and the wonders of synchro recording. No crackle or hiss, like that caused by analogue connections.
  21. Mystyler

    R55 AC adapter

    Nothing less than 500mAh.
  22. Take a pill, all of you. Here, some more info: http://www.minidisct.com/forum/showthread....&threadid=10585
  23. The Sharp IM-MT880 is Sharp's answer to the N1, and costs almost half as much is some shops here in Australia.
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    254 Marks!!!

    You gotta check the little box next to "login".
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