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  1. I understand where you're coming from Ray. As you know the ban was just a temp one and ran out a long, long time ago. You're welcome back there if/when you ever feel the freedom to come back.
  2. Ray, you'll be able to log in.
  3. You should be able to just type http://www.audiotstation.com/forum/index.php?s= into your browser and have it resolve to the TBoard.
  4. I wonder if the problem is due to the DNS change or the IP address change?
  5. I can verify this. The TBoard is back.
  6. Hopefully Kohn will have the site back up soon. In the meantime, look for something new that we're cooking up. Be excited, very excited...
  7. I'm not aware of anyone who can log in and view the site.
  8. Yeah we've missed you. People even emailed me asking about you.
  9. There is a problem with the DNS. Hopefully it'll be resolved soon.
  10. Did you get the USB/analog converter device? It uses a standard USB cable that most printers use these days. There is no USB port on the R900, so you can't connect from it directly to the PC.
  11. I use a Caselogic Neoprene case and it works well for my needs.
  12. I agree. You can keep similar sound quality by going with a Sony flash MP3 player. With that said, the RH1 is an excellent recorder. I use my NH3D and EH1 for playback far more than any recorder I own though. For active situations, like exercise, I use a flash mp3 player.
  13. I bought some stuff from Levanel. He shipped the items out quickly and he's great to deal with.
  14. Be wary. A lot of CX300s on eBay are counterfeit and do not have the same sound quality of the actual Sennheisers. By the way, this information anecdotal. I have a legitimate pair of CX300s that were purchased from a source other than eBay.
  15. There are a few on sale at eBay. You'll pay about $20 for the cable. Search for "NH1 cable" or "N10 cable."
  16. You're correct, the eBay batteries I bought didn't come with the plastic hardcases for the batteries that my boxed HiMD units came with.
  17. The two I bought from eBay are still working great.
  18. I used to have a pair of them. They're very good at reproducing the highs, but they don't have strong bass. They're great phones for someone who listens to a lot of classical music or female vocals.
  19. Happy birthday RainTheory. Enjoy that warm weather.
  20. The blue one was a Japanese only release. You'd have to order it from Japan to get one new, that is if you can still find one.
  21. Someone who posts at the Tboard photoshopped an image of a Smurf onto a picture of a RH10. Is that what you mean?
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