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  1. Yes, the EX51/EX71/EX81 all use the same tips. Many other brands of earphones use similar tips that can work with the Sonys. You may want to contact Sony via their site, or buy tips from a web retailer such as Audiocubes in order to buy some replacements.
  2. Fat Tires


    Any decent camera shop will sell lanyards for cameras. One of those should work fine for your intended purpose.
  3. I have a new in the box ECM-DS70P that I do not need as I already have one. I'd like to sell it for $45 including shipping to the ConUS. I'll ship elsewhere but we'll have to discuss shipping options and additional fees. Please PM me if you're interested in purchasing the mic.
  4. You ought to be safe Ray. I've used the view new posts button today with Firefox and had no ill affects.
  5. I traded a couple of MDs wit hsome music on them for a charging stand to a MD recorder. The trade went smoothly and the item arrived quickly and in great shape.
  6. I don't mind being wrong. I'm just happy to see this unit get released.
  7. It looks like the lever to eject the MD, probably like the DH10P.
  8. As many tech bloggers and journalists have pointed out, this probably won't be the case. It's far more likely that Apple and other purveyors of DRM'd media will just stop selling their products in France. There's too much money at stake for companies like Apple to open up their standards worldwide.
  9. I just made it my WP on my desktop here at work.
  10. You can go to Connect.com and download the Connect Player. It's basically Sonicstage 3.2.
  11. I hope you got the AA battery adaptor attachment. The R50 doesn't use a standard battery, and the stock batteries for that model are pretty hardto get these days.
  12. Clip on's might be a good choice. Look int othe Koss KSC-35 phones. They're really well regarded as high quality sound producing phones.
  13. My E710 fell off of an airplane tray table once, other than that, all my MD units have been pretty safe. All my units are pretty much in pristine condition.
  14. I saw National Treasure and Everest this week. National Treasure was a surprise, I didn't expect to like it as much as I did. Everest was a let down though. I expected more than just a 45min travel diary. It was moving though, I do not regret watching it at all.
  15. I've been listening to the Dave Matthews Band "Live at Red Rocks" this week.
  16. ...it came from eBay...
  17. Must be the location, I get great reception using the T610. I still like Motorola menus better, but I can't complain since I got the phone at an unbeatable price.
  18. The two models you've listed have no PC connectivity at all. They can only output music via the Line Out jack to your soundcard's Line In jack. You'll then need to record to the PC in realtime. If you want faster than real time copying capability to your PC, you'll need to get a newer HiMD unit.
  19. I like the name. Btw, I'm not an iPod hater, but I doubt I'll ever make the mistake of getting one again. ...and oh, I'll try to keep the drama to a minimum.
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