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  1. My Geforce4 died recently, so I replaced it with an AGP Geforce 6800. This'll last me until I build a new rig with PCI-E and a dual core CPU.
  2. Rather than defragging in Windows, I just reformat a disc if I'm concerned about it.
  3. If MD was gone, I'd get a player that supported gapless playback, As mentioned earlier that means I'd have to use a Rockbox'd iPod or iAudio device if all MD/HiMD was gone. However, by the time No MD gear was available anymore we'd all have 500gb+ flash players that support as as yet unnamed codec with lossless and gapless support, plus video and who nows what other features.
  4. I'm right there with you TBR. The cost savings makes the "fake" batteries too good to pass up. I've had no issues with the two I purchased and they've been in regular rotation for about two months.
  5. I tried a pair of The Plug earphones. They sounded really bad to me. Muffled sound, bloated bass, and no treble to speak of. I was not impressed.
  6. You should be able to buy a 3.5mm to RCA cable and connect the NetMD's headphone jack to an input on the receiver.
  7. Fat Tires


    So what's your beef against them?
  8. Yup Jaylen, you certainly did. Actually, I had assumed you were correct, and my NH3D almost sealed the deal on my opinion, but seeing these pictures has totally confirmed my opinion. The EH1 and NH3D are made of the same materials, most likely aluminum rather than the NH1's magnesium body.
  9. Thanks for the pictoral Bogon. After seeing these pictures, I feel that the EH1 and NH3D are made of the same material. The metal in your NH3D pictures look exactly like my EH1. Congrats on the new unit.
  10. I went to India in April of this year. I think we'll be taking a long weekend to camp/fish/hike/mtn bike in Wisconsin this summer. Otherwise it's a pretty laid back summer for me.
  11. Odyssey, that thread was an April Fools joke. However, I agree with you. The RH1 is a very nice unit indeed.
  12. Yeah, the Portapros are ugly, but they sound SOOOO good.
  13. That cable is not the one that Asia is looking for. He needs the USB A to Sony's proprietary connection.
  14. I can't claim to have listened to every option out there for Triport alternatives. However, alot these headphones would be great choices to compare to the Bose headphones. The Koss Portapros, Sennheiser PX100, and Grado SR60 are all "open" phones that will allow sound to leak in from the outside and let others hear your music as well. Open phones are not always well suited to portable use because of this leakage, but in my oprion they sound far superior to "closed" phones like the Triports. The Sennheiser PX200 and Sony MDR-710 are examples of closed phones. I like all of these phones to one degree or another, and have owned or still own all these models. I still own all but the Sennheisers since I don't like them as much as the other headphones. Koss Portapros Sennheiser PX100/200 Sony MDR-710 Grado SR60 All of these can be purchased new for $40 -70 USD.
  15. Fat Tires

    Is it real?

    For me the NH600D is all about function over looks. It just simply works and that's what I love about it. I don't care that it's the "uncoolest" of my HiMD. It serve's it purpose admirably well, and it has taken a lot of use yet it still as new as the day I got it.
  16. Jaylen reminded me that although I dream about buying a new bike all the time, I've spent about as much as the bike would cost on MD gear in the last few months. Yup, I'm addicted.
  17. Generally, when you pin down a Tri-port hater they'll admit that the phones aren't as terrible as they make out. Most folks I know think that the Triports would be an ok set of phones at a $50 pricepoint. As it is, I've listened to them myself in an Apple store and think they were comfy and with good EQ (not an iPod) settings, they can sound good. You can get much better headphones for less than half the cost of the Triports though.
  18. Bose Triports are $150 headphones. A lot of people praise them for their comfort and sound quality, just as many people think that they are drastically over priced.
  19. That's crazy. What audio player were you using btw?
  20. Famous last words, I never believe them.
  21. FWIW, the Fry's in Downer's Grove, IL has no DH10Ps in stock.
  22. The amp looks good. I look forward to reading more of your impressions. I'd love to see a W1000 pictoral when you get those too.
  23. I've owned as many as 15 (if you count the unit I just bought, but don't have possession of yet) MD/HiMD units. I'm addicted too, and sadly there's no cure.
  24. I've found that these phones don't fit me very well and they get no use, so I've decided to sell them. The asking price is $30 USD including shipping to the CONUS. The packaging for the phones will be included as well.
  25. Thanks for posting the great pictures Jaylen. You make me anxious for a a shipment I'll be receiving in the not too distant future...
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