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  1. Most recording studios have a DAT deck, maybe you could rent studio time, or deck time, and direct transfer DAT to HI-MD. Other than that, I think finding a cheap dat deck or drive, transferinf, and reselling would be your best option. Bob
  2. Unfortunately for now we have to make do with a line in cable, casette adapter, or radio adapter. Other choice I suppose is to get an older deck, and record in net, defeats the purpose of H-MD that way though. Welcome to the machine. Bob
  3. I use the case that came with my MZ-N707, NH1 fits nicely with room for a disc or two, very little bigger than the player, and hooks into belt buckle etc.
  4. Looks very nice, will have to keep a look out for it. With the I-pod thingey, will you be able to go I-poe to Mini Disc, and vice-versa? Don't really like I=pods, but would be neat to trade music forth and back!!
  5. bobt

    Avatar Thread!

    Just using a pic of one of my favorite cars, had a couple in the 70's.
  6. Has anyone tried BeatJam with a Sony unit to see if it works?? Could be interesting. Bob
  7. Hi There, Got 3 a couple of weeks ago, Puratorio Tangerine Dream Wass Denn Nina Hagen Greatest Hits Lene Lovich
  8. They will play virtually any format, but said format gets coverted to one of the flavors os Atrac
  9. Hi There, Your easiest method, although timeconsuming, would be to upload your tracks reatime int the input of your soundcard, or mic input. I don't know if you copy the tracks to a Hi MD recorder if you would be able to digiatally upload the songs afterward, but the recordings on mic input should work, Good luck, Bob
  10. A goth sampler I made up with Lacrimosa, Inkubus Sukubos, Rammstein, Nightwish,and Within Temptation
  11. The Man who would be knig, for the first time last night, what a movie.
  12. Hi, I,m into a mix, most trance, Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd, Procol Harum, Kraftwerk, Manfre Mann (2006 excellent disc), Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, Bill Bourne, need diversity, for sure no American Idol crap, or m most top 40 Bob
  13. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that my battery guage will sometimes show a little more state of charge after being connected to the computer after a few hours of use. I try to keep the battery in the upper 3/4's range anyways, but I think that it slowly comes up through the usb port, BTW the computer does charge my Palm Pilot. Bob
  14. I don't have sp2 , or most of what ososoft says that I need, and SS3 installed quite easily onto my puter, and seems to worl relatively well. Wish it would support more file extentions. I'm running XP pro, if that makes any difference. Bob
  15. Do your discs happen to have the record lock on? I have had a similar message when I get close to full and I try to transfer too many tracks. Have you tried S?imple Burner
  16. bobt

    Mp3 Cd Transfer

    Hi all, I have an MZ NH1, SS 2.3, latest Simple burner. Is there a way for Simple Burner to recognize an MP3 CD and straight transfer it to MD. I can do it thru SS, but don't want all the tracks on the computer. Don't particularly want to straight time record, but the conversion time almost seems as long. Tkanx loads, Bob
  17. bobt

    Md To Pc To Himd

    Hi There, Another alternative, buy a couple of MD's one need not be Hi MD, direct record from one into the other, line out to line in. Don't know if optical will work, might be worth a try also. Good luck, Bob
  18. bobt

    N10 Or Better

    I Beg to differ. Compared to an I-Pod, the NH1 is built like a tank. Thae unit is solid, no flimsyness at all. 2nd generation may offer more, but with the chance of a retrograde uprade I'll chance my NH1 for a while. Again, for recording capability, bulletproof construction and ease of use, do MD. IMHO Bobt
  19. bobt

    N10 Or Better

    Hi Logicgirl, I just replaced a 707 which lost it's recording capability with an MZ NH1. The difference between the two is phenominal. It is very solid, the magnesium body is beautiful, and the recording options unbelievable. At reasonable quality you can get 8 to 9 cd's on a 74 min disc, and you have the ability to upload live recordings. If I were you, I would not hesitate to get either the 900 or the NH1. Good luck, Bobt
  20. bobt


    Hi Guys, Thanx for the tips, I'll try converting, see what happens, if not will try a CDRW, don't really need cd and md of the same stuff. Bob
  21. bobt


    Hi All, Just got my MZ NH1 last week, what a great improvement over my MZ N707. Haven't had a chance to do much with it yet, but 6 CD's on a 74 minute disc, wow. Has anyone had any luck converting albums recorded in Real Audio (Downloaded from RealAudio}. I have several, and would like to get them on Minidisc. I don't particularly want to burn a cd and try that. Any hints, Thanx, Bob
  22. bobt

    Buying A Md

    Minidisc Canada seem to be able to do the job with a minimun of fuss, will let you know how everything turns out. Thanks for the comments, Bob
  23. Hi Dex Otaku, Thanks for the correction, I have been recording for over 40 years in all medias. Again it is the quality you take. It's uderstood that frequency responce is 1/2 sampling rate, anyone who has taken an interest in the medium knows that. Also digital is not as forgiving on higher recording levels. And again, most people cannot hear much above 18 khz, sor a proper 44.1 recording should not miss much content
  24. bobt

    Buying A Md

    Thanks my friend, will let you know how it turns out. eagerly waiting to replace my MZN 707. Thanx, Bob
  25. Since most people can't hear much above 18 khz, the sampling rate shouln't be as critical as the bit rate.The easiest answer is to get a good piece of music with lots of transients and lots of dynamic range, (LP copy of Loren Maazels 1812 Overture comes to mind) and make recordings on a multitude of settings, and see if you can truly hear the difference. With analogue you were able to be much more creative with recording as it was a smoother process, and more forgiving of levels etc. I still have many reel to reel tapes that still sound great, as well as cassettes done on a quality machine. Method does not matter as much, as the care you give in recordinf
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