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  1. The actual best answer to your question is on your head, record the same song at different bitrates, put it in a player of choice, hit random playback, and see if you can tell the difference, chances are you won't be able to. If you do, choose the one that fits you best.
  2. I'll look whn I get home, think I traded it a while ago, but may still have another one
  3. Finally got the EH-900 and discs from Sergio, he is good to deal with, would not hesitate to deal with him again, just wish mail service was quicker, the unit is a gem
  4. Your ears are the ultimate judge, my take is each transcoding you do loses something, personally I would use a relatively high bitrate and go with sonic stage all the way
  5. Just got recently a unit and discs rrom Ray, have also dealt with him before, good guy recommend anyone to deal with him
  6. Seeing as this has lo line input Sonic Stage seems to be your only choice, sometime Winamp or Real player will recognize units but you still need SS, It's not that bad, really it's not
  7. Go to classifieds and see bighmw about his NH1, best unit you can get, then from here get the Ultimate Sonic Stage, get some discs and you are in busness
  8. try recording without editing and see what happens, also try recording to the NH-900 in a compatible mode and see if the 980 reads it, I think your problems lies in the editing, seem to recall this problem from a few years ago here
  9. just received the portable and minidiscs from Jeffrey, good person to deal with, unit and discs are great
  10. if you remember I bought a Sony 980 deck through you over a year ago and it arrived with a broken power supply,if your friend would have one it would be nice to have a working deck
  11. would your friend have a power supply for my unit Phillipe, would sure like to see if it works, and Stephen transformers are available, I even got on in Cayman for less than $20 CI which would be around $25.CDN
  12. Got it today, it is flawless, District Officer thought it was brand new, put a dic in great sound, Even threw in som discs, pleasure doing business with Chris, recommend him highly
  13. Thanks, appreciate it, as are you, great to deal with, will let you know when it arrives, This was the unit I wanted years ago when I got into MD, wife got me a 707 instead, looking forward to see this unit
  14. You could try ebay and see what it gets, my guess mos people would want it as a curiosity but would not want to pay a lot for it. Do you have pictures
  15. Just got the minidiscs and EH70 from Peter, all as promised, have dealt before and will deal again with him, everything as promised
  16. bobt

    PRS 600

    It won't accept my validation because it was hooked up to another computer before mine, so far it is working ok as I don't buy books, most of mine are public domain or do not have DRM
  17. bobt

    PRS 600

    Had it a while now, love it, Reader is crap, still can't figure out how to import, so far have been dragging books onto the card, seems to work ok, have had to use calibre on a couple of books, only thing it doesn't like is the combination of direct sun and head when I was trying to read by the pool in Varadero
  18. I was going through a few boxes of mine and came across an extra docking cradle for an NH1, no power supply but a universal will fit, let's see how creative we can be on offers or trades
  19. What model Hi MD do you have, if is the RH1 just use it to digitally upload
  20. bobt

    PRS 600

    From what I gather it's coming with a book like cover, not sure if wife got any memory, have a few 1 gig cards around, too bad it doesn't take minidisc, got lots of those! Can I transfer onto card and have Sony read it, or does it have to go through sonyfication first
  21. bobt

    PRS 600

    Should have my hands on this beauty in September when my wife gets back, was wondering if anyone had any experiences or heads up on this unit. I have tons of stuff on the puter, mostly .dc and PDF, has anyone had issues? Thanks Bob
  22. PhillipeC, were you ever able to find a power supply for my deck?
  23. Greetings every one, I just got handed to me a 1994 Ford F-150 that need a radio, I know some Fords came with in dash MD playes, was wondering if anyone had one lying around? Thanks Bob
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