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    How to...

    Couldn't have said it better myself. Bob
  2. You've already ordered, but the MZ10 and 100 seem like a pretty good bargain considering they come with a decent mic and headphones, as well as Mac capability. For me though I would go after an MZ-NH1 or 900, NH1 is very close to indestructable, just don't dunk it in the ocean.
  3. Need info, price range, type of speakers, room size, etc. If I was going out I would be tempted by one of the mid priced ($800 to $1000) all in one surround systems that include a cd player, Kenwood has treated me good in the past, Sony is very good as well. Bob
  4. I really hate paypal, it has to be the most useless frustrating method of payment ever devised. But if ytou look at it's parent e-bay and it's microsoft control it's easy to see it's take over. I can shop all over the world with my Visa card, but try a paypal site it wants you to be a member of paypal, if you don't remeber their password they want photo ID and a bank statement, NOT, Why can't paypal accept a # for a purchase without all the bullshit in between?? Bob And Syrius I agree with you fully, off to Iraq on a days notice, but to help your own a big delay, mind boggling. Bob
  5. Just found out my son was in New Orleans and was in the Superdome. No communications from 3 days ago according to my daughter. His name is Noah Huget if anyone comes across him Thanks in advance for your prayers. Bob
  6. Too right, this site has all the info
  7. bobt

    MZ-NH1 a lemon?

    The only new ones that are remotely comparable are the RH-10 and MZ-100. I you can get a 900 I would go with that.
  8. Was your PCM recording done through the line input, or downloaded through Sonic Stage. My understanding is only live or line in recordings can be uploaded. Bob
  9. As far as I know, no one makes one yet, my advice get a good head unit with an aux jack on the front, and plug your minidisc into it. Second choice, get an MDLP car deck, and record the car discs in MDLP mode. Hopefully soon someone at Sony will see the light and market a deck. Bob
  10. The ear buds Sony give you are crap, get a good set of phones, and it will astound you, or hook it up yo your Hi-Fi with a Y cable, and enjoy. You will love it. Bob
  11. The NH1 is very scratch and scuff resistant, I've had mine in pockets, cases etc, not a mark. Just don't dunk it in salt water. Bob
  12. You will need a program like Realplayer or Winamp (may be more around) that allow recordinds from the mic input. Hook up your MD unit hit play and voila music in the computer. Good luck, and welcome to the group. Bob
  13. The menu for the NH1 is in the remote, and you can find your music any way you want it, and quicker than the I-Pod. If you can get an NH1, get it, the best unit Sony has made. IMHO, Bob
  14. Congrats jwbry, you are the envy of many, and welcome to the board. Bob
  15. I think you have to go right to Sony for that one. You could try some of the major retailers, maybe Belkin makes one. Good luck, Bob
  16. Welcome to the forums, doubt if I'll see you on the islands unless 4 a hoiliday, but say Hi to Edmonton next time you're thru. Bob
  17. bobt

    MZ-RH10 vs MZ-NH1

    This question has been here before, but for my $0.02 the NH1 wins hand down. If you desperately need native MP3 the RH-10 has some advantages, but the few transcoded MP3's I've put on my NH1 sound good. Remember MP3 is not a fidelity format, but a space saver format. Battery life is good, if it's a big issue another battery can be purchased. The NH1 also has the ability to record in the old MDLP formats directly, so if you have a car darck or older player the NH1 has points as well. The RH-10 (and it's first cousin MZ-100) do look sexier with the oled display, and better battery options, and again if MP3 is a big part of your life, ability to play MP3's without transcoding to Atrac. Bottom line both are fine, would have been considered magick 10 years ago, but I leen to the NH1. Bob
  18. He will definately be missed. I've been to Cuba many times, and to some of the clubs that Ibrahim and the rest have played, but unfortunately nevr saw them. The music scene in Cuba is phenominal, and when I get my next MD there will be much recording. God Bless Ibrahim Bob
  19. Just got a movie from CDUniverse called L'Inferno It's a 1911 movie, Italy's fist venture into movie making, took three years to make. Some of the effects are incredible, considering the movie is almost 100 years old. The music is by Tangerine dream. Get it, you too will be amazed. Bob
  20. And yet there are some that want to say minidisc is dead. Little do they know. World domination next ha ha Bob
  21. From what I gather the accepted name for years of planet x beyond Pluto has been Persephone. I also like Pallas Bob
  22. On the NH1 you can select from album artist or song, go to what you want and press enter, that quick. ipuddle nowhere near. NH1 looks great, ipuddle what looks. IMHO Bob
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