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  1. I would like a Hi-MD home deck and car deck. Less restrictions on my own personal recordings, unlimited uploads and downloads if using Sonic Stage. True SP Dedicated line in and line out Bring back the NH1, or something similar for 3dr gen> Record on the remote. Don't need camera or toys on my unit, straight functionality. The ability for use on any platform,Mac, Linux, Windoze. Until my linux disc died it would see and identify my minidisc unit but wouldn;t let me do anything to it. Uncripple the world markes so anyone can buy from anyone. Bob
  2. Minidisc all the way. I-puddle, when it crashes you lose everything. Minidisc, if you lose a disc, only a few songs. Minidisc, great live recording, with HIMD you can finally get your stuff back in the computer. I-Puddle, great marketing, Sony should have used there marketers, Minidisc would be far more accepted. With the RH10 and MZ-NH1, you have an incredible looking machine, not a generic lump of plastic like the puddle. with an I-Puddle your HD will crash not if but will, how many drops before it dies. Minidisc has hit the ground many times, like a Times, still keeps ticking.(they don't like salt water baths though} have a nice paperweight now. Bottom line get a minidisc. Bob
  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Pink Floyd, Roxy Music wow, Celine Dion Getting booed, priceless, will need hours to go through the list, great stuff. Bob
  4. Ya, but today is only yesterday's tomorrow Bob
  5. " Give any species enough rope and they're bound to f**k it up" from "Too much Rope" CD "Amused too Death" by Roger Waters, Brilliant CD, Was nice to see the band together again for Live 8, maybe soon another Pink Floyd album. Bob
  6. bobt

    Cool Ipod Mod!

    Who wood want one, still an ipod, I wood be board having one. Now if the wood make one out of unobtainium, there wood be something. Or even better take one apart and put minidisc guts into it, then a good macine. Bob
  7. As Much as I like 98 SE, I think you will probably need to go to XP, preferably XP-Pro. Good luck
  8. bobt

    Wtb: Mz-nh1

    Not so much as don't want to use paypal, can't as it's a communist/amerikan plot that only a select few can use it. Theoretically visa should work anywhere that paypal can but unfortunately it ain't so. Thanks 4 the link, Bob
  9. bobt

    Wtb: Mz-nh1

    Hi all, Me with the soaked NH1, No luck getting it serviced, don't particularly want second generation, any dealers out there that will sell me an NH1, delivered to the Cayman Islands for up to a couple of hundred dollars. I see them out there, hate e-bay, paypal sucks, have a decent Visa card, will someone answer my prayer, Bob
  10. If you are handy with a soldering iron, or comfortable doing a bit of wiring modification you could plug in your cradle, see which pins have the 6 volts, get a cable from Sony, make an adapter from lighter to cable, or carry your cradle and use a lighter adapter that has variable voltage output. Bob
  11. NH1 is perfect foe you, go for it, Bob
  12. I've had so many it's hard to pick out one, like the first electronic calculator I bought, a four function Casio, in the 70's, for $150.00 Canadian, thought it was the greatest thing, now you can get a Palm Pilot for less. A neet little Casio electronic calender/ calculator that was also a perpetual calender. First cassette walkman, metal body, freedom of music. Of course my MZ-NH1. even though it's a paperweight now. My Revox Turntable, still looks like it came from the future, and it's almost 20 years old. List could go on forever. Long live gadgets Bob
  13. bobt

    Music Dvds

    My Favorites Roxy Music: Live at tthe Apollo, simply stunning Manfred Mann: Angel Station Live in Moscow, absolutely fabulous Jean Michel Jarre: Live in Moscow, wow, Procol Harum: Live in Copenhagen, incredible Depeche Mode: One night in Paris, another wow, All these are artists that have been around a while, put on excellant shows. Let's see coldplay or outkast doing a live album after 20 or 30 years, can't be done, they probably won't be around next year IMHO, Bob
  14. bobt

    Soaked Nh1

    I'm weighing my oprions right now, waithing for an answer back from Sony Puerto Rico, hoping maybe for a goodwill warranty, or a swap for minmal dollars. So far I'm not too impressed with second generation, but see what happens, need my music, and the 707 erases discs at random, so I'm a little shy about using it too much.
  15. bobt

    Soaked Nh1

    I'm weighing my oprions right now, waithing for an answer back from Sony Puerto Rico, hoping maybe for a goodwill warranty, or a swap for minmal dollars. So far I'm not too impressed with second generation, but see what happens, need my music, and the 707 erases discs at random, so I'm a little shy about using too much.
  16. bobt

    Soaked Nh1

    Ya its a DS, my favorite car, love them
  17. bobt

    Soaked Nh1

    Thanks to all, Yes it was running, was listening to a disc, tried the water route, no luck, nothing happens when I try to use it. $400.oo paperwieigh by the looks of it. Many tears, got a reply from Min disc Canada, suggestion USA or Puerto Rico. Us won't send cables or electronic units out os the country due to perceives security risks a**es. Will mail you Ishiyoshi, and see if any of your hints pan out. Thanks lots, Bob
  18. bobt

    Soaked Nh1

    Two days ago I remebered what I hated about my MZ N707 belt Minidisc holder. I was walking from one boat to another when my holder fell off my belt and into the ocean. Got the NH1 out of the water quick, but the damage had been done. Does anyone know of an international MD site that would attempt a repair? I'm trying to get hold of Minidisc Canada who I got the unit from and see what their options are. Oh sad day. Bob
  19. Use Simple burner to transfer, does it a lot faster than real time, and all information is transfered.
  20. Actually Volta Beauty is only skin TTFN Bob
  21. "The ability of a true leader in a stress situation ias the ability to make a quick decision. If it is the correct decision so much the better" Louis Wu fro Ringworld by Larry Niven
  22. Hi Andy, Thanx on the car, had a couple in the 70's, always loved them, trying to find a way to get one hee to Cayman. Good luck with the MD
  23. Hi all, Volta we are on opposite ends, although I really considered the 900 as well as the NH1 before I made my choice. What turned it for me is that rarely do I have a chance to have the flagship of any company, and at the time the price difference was about $100 Canadian which worked out to about $60 Cayman which is no real difference. yes the AA battery and outbord pack do add a lot of credence to the900, but as I have stated in other letters battery life has never been an issue for me, it's always on the cradle before the battery goes down, My I-Pod friends think mine looks better than theirs. It is miles aboe My MZ-N707 in quality and features. MP3's don't play a big role in my life, so one extra step to put the on a disc is no big thing. To anyone looking look at everything before youe make a choice. In the top three or four that Sony make you will not be disapointed. TTFN Bob
  24. You could also watch the movie "What the bleep to we know" gets you thinking. Bob
  25. Hi Daveb, You will be very happy with the NH1, I've had one for about 6 months, have never had any recording problem, the only suggestion I can offer is upgrade the headphones, Sony gives you a really cheap one, get a good portable case, I use the one from my MZ-N707, room for the unit and two or three discs, and if you feel extravagant order another battery. I can get 3 days listening out of mine. Just downloaded the manual going to see how hard it will be to add external battery pack or charging without the cradle. When you are connected to the computer the computer supplies power so battery life is increaded somewhat. Happy days to ya, Bob
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